Introduction to the Overfunction

Kurt Strzyzewski
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
A spiritual introduction to the human Overfunction is presented in chapter 5: The human OverFunction and humankind’s Biomind information intelligence. It is here where the Working
Model delves into the significance of the overfunction and its effect on all idiomaterial biominds
as the product of a symbiotic relationship between star and planet, allowing for life to flourish.
The interesting story of Karen Tse and her use of "spiritual persuasion" illustrates to the reader
how Karen is the overfunction. In fact, how each and every one of us are.
The biomind overfunction is explored in Chapter 10: Interconnectivity and the 12,960,000
infinities - Sui-genesis at the T-boundary and Life in the Unum, and can be seen as a repository
of the biokind’s memories, experiences, knowledge and technologies. Ancient writings portray
this overfunction as the Akasha, which is said to be the library of all events and responses
concerning consciousness and life in all realities. Life, in the sense that the Working Model
addresses it, is a subset continuum of the Unum itself. This can be visualized as an endless
number of life "units" forming a superfunctional mode of a meta-architecture which resembles
the Unum itself in functionality - much like a bubble within a bubble. Through a process referred
to as the summative overfunction, the biokind as biomind becomes a sum total of its membership
as one metastructure of minds sharing the same software and the same operator. This idea of a
metastructure with a meta-architecture represents a collective view of how the meta-architecture
of the overfunction fits into the metastructure of the Unum.
Further exploration of the biomind overfunction revealed to us that ALL idiomaterial complex
oscillating biological entities (COBEs) are eligible to access information contained within the
biokind repository of information. This meant that any COBE "advanced" enough to take
advantage of this inherited property would find that they would develop their own overfunction
as a prerequisite for further evolution. In other words, the biomind (of a particular biokind)
through a process of self-realization, begins to put the pieces of the puzzle of life together.
Realizing that each individual entity throughout the vastness of space is not only one-of-a-kind,


is also indicated to be available to all COBE life forms capable of interfacing with thought-forms containing such information. decode. Thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to read your book. REFERENCE Bordon. across a number of important phenomena and issues. In Chapter 12: The continuing unfoldment of the Information Thought. The Coming Longevitality of the Earth Human COBE Biomind. allowing for the biomind to experience itself in the Unum and at the same time. This leads us into the very metafunction of the T-boundary: “The T-boundary’s “wish” is for COBESs to know and realize that the purpose of what at this stage of human development we refer to as “science” is to detect. allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the topic of idiomateriality. It assumes no prior knowledge of physics as such and provides the reader with many key tables and figures. by the way. become the Unum. achieving absolute oneness through share-distributability . or for that matter.the process and function of the distributiveness of the emotive . I would like to say that this book lays out the foundational concepts of the Life Physics Group's Working Model excellently. Raleigh. In Life Physics the Universe is realized as 4-spacetime and is the innermost superdomain of the Unum. or as a living relatively independent subtotality (L-RIS) of the totality of living relatively independent subtotalities specific to all life form manifest masses.or perhaps more appropriately the sum over one of all the biominds of a given biokind. This feature allows the T-boundary to experiences itself through L-RISs allowing for Tautologic Refractivity. of any biological life form that the 4spacetime universe. as you said." Therefore. The Universe is explored through what modern mainstream science refers to as the Big Bang. Human COBEs can be seen as multisuperdomain-straddling L-RISs capable of extension from 4-spacetime to any other superdomain. LuluPress.energetic sharing among the members of the human Overfunction. 2011. A. will really put things into perspective for me. 2 . "bridging" the gap between space/time and the subquantum.but are in fact one . The exploration is brief and the Working Model concludes that cosmologists must re-think their theory soon if they are to make any progress. In conclusion. R. The Coming Longevitality of the Earth Human COBE Biomind. It was both surprisingly entertaining and enlightening as well. and decipher the cumulus available as the Working Model which. We find that everything that manifests in 4-spacetime is a relatively independent subtotality (RIS) of a totality of light-reflective and dark mass or massless manifest with a 4-space/time address. Of particular importance in this discussion is the appearance of energy (as quanta) which expresses itself through vector-intentionality in 4-spacetime. the overfunction itself becomes the Unum for the idiomaterial biomind. North Carolina.