1.1 Background
Language is a means of communication. By using language people can
communicate with each other by. English as an international language has been
used by most people from different nations around the word to express their ideas,
thoughts and desire communicate in spoken or in written forms. When people
learn the language, there are four skills that people need to know. The four skills
are listening, speaking, reading and writing. One of the important language skills
to learn is by writing. Writing is the most difficult language skills and it is the one
of skill which has to be mastered by students.
There are many differences between speaking and writing. Writing is not
simply speech written down on paper. Learning to write is not a natural extension
of learning. Unlike speech, writing requires systematic instruction and practice. It
is more restricted and generally follows a standardized form of grammar,
structure, organization, and vocabulary. On the other hand it is more formal and
compact than speaking. It needs hard thinking to produce idea, words, sentences,
paragraph, and composition. It involves several components which have to be
considered while a learner is writing. Different from writing, speaking language is
often preplanned, speaking language is mostly spontaneous and rapid. In the other
hand it usually involves thinking on the spot. It has simpler constructions and
fillers such as “um and er”. The intonation becomes primary subject to convey


I could conclude that the students of SMAN 2 Tanjung faced serious problem in writing a paragraph. Besides that. Based on my observation in SMAN 2 Tanjung. There were many students were lack of motivation in writing and scared if their make a mistakes in writing something. places. they forgot to add “s/es” when they used a third personal pronoun as a subject. This is mind mapping model/technique. some of them did not know what they should write. Sometime. many students face a lot of problem in writing because writing is the most difficult language skill. To solve the problems above the writer tries to apply a model of teaching to teach them. arranging paragraph. so there are many of them got bad score in writing. The students could not describe things. In fact. they were difficult to express their memoriam about things which they wanted to be described. They were still confused to determine words to describe something. “A Mind Map is simply the . especially in constructing and arranging sentences as well.2 meaning and also attitudes. using the tenses and using of vocabulary. They used to do mistake when they used simple present. They usually used pattern of past tense to make a paragraph of descriptive text. Besides that. It is spontaneous so it does not follow by a standardized form of grammar and structure. They didn’t have enough self confident to make their own sentences. and a person in detail because they do not have any ideas when they are asked to describe them. In this research the writer will focus on descriptive text. The other problems which also emerged are choosing the topic. In the other case they wrote similar description with their chair mate. They were lazy and bored if the teachers asked them to write something even it just writes a simple text. The problems above are also faced by students of SMAN 2 TANJUNG in tenth grade.

the writer chooses the X class because this class is more passive than the other class. Mind Mapping is also a technique . Why is the students' English in writing achievement low? 3. A. the writer uses Mind Mapping technique. It can be also help the students to arranging and saving a lot of information. The researcher can apply a creative strategy in the teaching learning process.3 best tool to involve your whole brain when learning” (This strategy can help the students easily to learn and remember things which they want to be described. it will make students more interesting in learning writing. Problem Solving For the need of research. the writer is interested to conduct a research entitled: USING MIND MAPPING MODEL TO IMPROVE STUDENTS’ WRITING SKILL IN DESCRIPTIVE TEXT AT THE TENTH GRADE OF SMAN 2 TANJUNG TABALONG IN ACADEMIC YEAR OF 2014 / 2015. Identification of the Problem 1. and classify them in a natural way. The writer chooses mind mapping strategy because there are several purposes such as students can enhance their writing skill and try new solution to create an effective note to make a text. To solve the students’ problem in writing. Based on the case above. How to improve the students learning activities and the English achievement? B. gives you easy and direct access (perfect memory) to whatever their want. Thus. Why is the students activities in writing descriptive text Low? 2.

C. Objective  To improve students' writing activities in descriptive text using mind  mapping model To improve students' writing achievement in descriptive text using mind mapping model E. Problem Formulation  How can students' activities of writing in descriptive texts be improved  using mind mapping model? How can students' achievement of writing in descriptive texts be improved using mind mapping model? D. . Significances  The students are happy to learn English  The students' writing activities are improved.4 that make students work in individual way.  The English teachers become more creative to make English teaching successful. this technique make the students in the class more easily to arrange the words in writing descriptive texts.  The students' writing achievement are improved.