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Brian Lent
Western Regional Aftermarket Sales Manager
1976 – 1981

Based out of Boston MA

1981 – 1998

Humboldt Decanter -Norcross GA
Based out of San Ramon CA

1998 – 2006

BAKER PROCESS – Walpole MA (Formerly BIRD)
Based out of San Ramon CA

2006 to Present

Andritz Separation Inc – Arlington TX
Based out of San Ramon CA

Buenos Aires


1 line .Long Term Maintenance of Dewatering Equipment Belt Press Centrifuge g 3 Individual footer (e. max. name of presenter): Arial 9 pt. title of presentation. gray. align center. date.g.

max.g. 1 line .Long Term Maintenance of Dewatering Equipment Dewatering Equipment like and other processing devices have there limits Centrifuge and Belt Presses both have a solids loading and a liquid loading limit Belt Press units have a basic rule of thumb 100 gpm per meter of belt width 1000 #/hr per meter of belt width Buenos Aires 4 Individual footer (e. name of presenter): Arial 9 pt. align center. title of presentation. gray. date.

Long Term Maintenance of Dewatering Equipment Centrifuges Centrifuges are sized by the Optimal capacity of the bowl configuration and volume that can be put through it at that optimum loading The solids loading is dependent on the feed solids – THE HIGHER THE FEED SOLIDS THE LOWER THE FLOW – to maintain the optimal performance The liquid loading is also dependent on the feed solids – THE THINNER THE FEED THE HIGHER THE FLOW RATE – to maintain the optimal performance This is why in the market most companies have sizes that have similar sizes and geometry The newer designs are pushing that curve to it’s limits When these loadings are exceeded the optimal performance of these machines suffers drastically – loss of % cake solids and flow through put Buenos Aires 5 .

6 .5 % DS = 1. Slide No.0 for municipal sludge) = 100 GPM = 2.250 1 250 lbs/h DS Andritz Separation Inc.How to calculate Throughput Known: Flow Rate Feed Solids Specific Gravity of Feed Slurry (use 1.0 if unknown) T = FR x 8.345 lbs/h x 60 minutes/h x FS% x SGSL S or simplified T = 5 x FR x FS x SGSL T FR FS SGSL --------- Example: Flow Rate Feed Solids SG Sludge Throughput in lbs/hr Dry Solids Flow Rate in Gallons per Minute Feed Solids in % Dry Solids Specific Gravity of sludge or slurry (use 1.0 Throughput = 1.


1 line Buenos Aires . chemical make up. title of presentation. align center.g. name of presenter): Arial 9 pt. gray. ash content. f With that thought how do we protect our equipment Most Belt Press units have 8 • Protected and coated frames • Protected bearings and sealed housings • Protected rollers • Stainless steel fasteners and fittings • Plastic and protective housings and covers • Gear boxes and drives Individual footer (e. date.Long Term Maintenance of Dewatering Equipment From the simple sketch you can see that sludge is made up of waste and that waste has the “kitchen sink” in it. The wastewater treatment plants try to remove the heavy particulate and screen most of the plastic and grit but a large amount still manages to get to the solids handling end of the plant where it is dewatered. Contrary to popular thought not all Poop is the same – each sludge has its own characteristics. settling rates t and d any other th individual i di id l componentt one can thi think k of. max. grit levels.

operating cycles and generall h housekeeping k i off th the unit it •Drives / gear boxes – there life cycle depends on lubrication changes.Long Term Maintenance of Dewatering Equipment Having said this – EVERYTHING REQUIRES SOME DEGREE OF MAINTENANCE The normal wear items for a Belt Press are • The Belts – normal wear is 2000 to 3000 hours but this depends on the grit and pressure applied to the rollers •The Rollers – the rollers have an normal life expectancy of 10 years – again d depending di on th the grit it and d pressures applied li d •Tracking and tensioning systems (either pneumatic or hydraulic) have a life cycle also – there life is dependent on the pressure. alignment and general housekeeping •Bearings and seals – these are the only items that require constant attention as far a grease and housekeeping •The frame and ancillaryy equipment q p requires q attention when it fails or is damaged Buenos Aires 9 .

3 Lubrication Location *Graphics Graphics may differ from actual machine* machine All equipment should have a simple grease chart that can be followed g these lubrication events It is up to the customer to log Buenos Aires 10 .000 hours (4 years) 1 month A B C 5. 4.1 Lubricant Specification REFERENCE SYMBOLMOBILSHELLTEXACO A .GreaseMobilith SHC 460.000 h (2 years)) 20.3.Long Term Maintenance of Dewatering Equipment Belt press lubrication 5. 6.OilMobilgear 630Shell Omala Oil 220Meropa 220C . Grease bearings monthly Grease tracking device 1 month Grease thrust rods on tensioning device Check oil level in drive gearbox Ch Change oilil iin d drive i gearbox b Repack bearings in drive gearbox Grease bull gear & drive pinion gear A A 6 months A 80 hours B 10 000 hours 10. 5 5.B .3...2 Lubrication Schedule Frequency Lubricant 1.. 7.GreaseMobilux EP2Shell Alvania Grease R3Multifak EP2 5.3. 3..-. 2.

feed ports. cake ports and conveyor tips are protected or made from a Tungsten Carbide or similar material •Most have SS liners or covers protecting the solids and liquids discharge points •Most have bearings are designed for L10 ratings and the seals are Buna or better – depending on service •Most bases are carbons steel with powder coating or epoxy coatings Buenos Aires 11 . conveyors and hard components are 316 SS or made from a casting type duplex Stainless Steel •The feed compartments. bowl heads.Long Term Maintenance of Dewatering Equipment C t if Centrifuges h have similar i il wear and d maintenance i t points i t Most centrifuges g in the market these days y are outfitted with the following g standards •Bowls.

Centrifuge Maintenance Requirements 5.feed end end 3. Change grease in drive speed inducer 5.3 Lubrication Location Quantity 20 Gr 15 Gr 100 Gr 3000 Gr see Vendor info .1 Lubricant Specification Centrifuge Technology LUBE TYPE A.2 Lubrication Schedule 1.feed end 2. Grease bearing .3. Grease bearing . & 6. Grease B. Grease SKF SKF LGMT2 SKF LGMT3 LUBRICANT LIST Mobil Shell Mobilux EP2 Alvania EP2 BP Energrease LS EP2 Mobil SHC 627 X100 30 EXCLUSIVELY Energrease PR EP 00 BP Super visco static 20w50 Frequency 200 hours 200 hours 4000 hours 4000 hours 3000 hours Lubricant A A B C A C. Grease electric motor bearings 5.3.3. Grease Quality D. Grease thrust bearing . Oil Innovative Reliability High Performance 5.

The first few years of a 4000 operating hour centrifuge is obviously less than a unit that is in service 24/7/365 unit Buenos Aires 13 . The frequency of the intervals is dependent on the operating hours per day. week and year. These type of charts can be used as guides for projected maintenance costs.Long Term Maintenance of Dewatering Equipment Maintenance Service Intervals Most suppliers have a standard chart that is used as a guide for the customers to logically project the maintenance of a particular size centrifuge (the parts cost and labor vary by size) but they all have a specific repair interval.

scrapers (D7L). support brgs. Inspect elastic coupling 17. Inspect vibration isolators (shock absorbers) X 16. Inspect / dismantle of reducer X X 11. * Lubricate both support bearings EVERY 200 hrs 3000 HRS 4000 HRS 6000 HRS 8000 HRS 9000 HRS 12000 HRS 15000 HRS 18000 HRS 24000 HRS X X X X X 2. Inspection of nozzles X st 8. ti When 24000 hrs is reached. revert back to beginning of chart. DESCRIPTION 200 HRS 1. Renew grease in cyclo & thrust brg. & seals X X X X X X X X 19. Inspect feed & discharge ports ( where applicable) X X 14. & nozzles X 20. Inspect / overhaul of torque limiter X X 12. Mechanical inspect of feed brg. Inspect scrapers. General inspection X X X X X 4. Inspection of bearings & seals X X 10. deflector rings (D7L only) X X X X X X X 5.Andritz Centrifuge Features 12 Centrifuge Maintenance Requirements 12. Inspection of drive belts X 6. Inspect deflector X X 13. block X X X 7. General complete mechanical overhaul & inspection X *…E Exceptt it item 1 1. Replacement of drive belts. Inspection of feed tube 18. Inspect drive belt tension X X X X 15. th the iintervals t l above b are ffrom b beginning i i operation. Replacement of deflectors.    Previous Slide . X X 3.. Renew grease in REDEX pulley after 1 200 hrs X X X X X X X X X 9.

Long Term Maintenance of Dewatering Equipment Simple rules of thumb for operating any piece of equipment The Harder you run it the more it will cost you to maintain it The Faster you operate and unit (above its performance optimum speed) the more wear you will have The more solids you put through a unit (above it’s optimum performance range) the more wear you will have in the unit The more grit or non biological particulate you have in the sludge the more wear and plugging that will occur The lless h Th housekeeping k i you perform f on a piece i off equipment i t tto ffaster t th the surfaces and housing will deteriorate The less Electrical upkeep that is performed on the controls and electrical components of a ssystem stem the faster they the will ill fail Buenos Aires 15 .

Long Term Maintenance of Dewatering Equipment YES .I SAID CONTROLS How many times have you heard – “It’s a Mechanical problem” – when the motor won’t start or the panel does not function function. Electrical components have a shelf life and in today’s market they have a Factory support life as well Most PLC units are good for 10 years OIT or HMI units are about the same or a little less Instrumentation seems to have a better cycle if taken care of VFD drives are supported by the factory for 10 years but some parts can be recycled to extend the life by a few years Buenos Aires 16 .

Andritz Centrifuge Features 11 Centrifuge Control System 11. NEMA 4X Stainless Steel 316L Control Panel with Color Touch Screen    Previous Slide .

If the conduits into the panels are not sealed off then what ever can get into the conduits is inside the panels If the air conditioners (and most do have them if they have VFD’s) filters and inlets are not serviced and the efficiency of the conditioned air is affected the heat generated inside the panel can reach 150 deg F and the function of the PCL and HMI (along with other controls) can fault.Long Term Maintenance of Dewatering Equipment CONTROL PANELS This is the heart of the operation – if the controls are poor then the machine operation p and p performance are p poor If the Control Panels are left open and allowed to have a poor quality air into the panel the wiring. If the controls on the machines are SO cord with plastic grommet fittings they are in direct contact with the operating atmosphere. possible damage and the big feet of most Maintenance people (OPS) – these need to be inspected at timely intervals for damage and wear. Buenos Aires 18 . instruments and controls can prematurely fail.

oil. water and screens.Long Term Maintenance of Dewatering Equipment GENERAL NOTES General Housekeeping is never a bad thing All lubes and oils should be changed at least twice a year – regardless of operating hours Filters are always changed with the oils .these include air. erosion i or corrosion i replace l it d do nott operate it Motors need love too – they have lubrication intervals or life cycles (sealed bearings) and the loads on the shafts req require ire alignment and the they sho should ld be checked during required service Belts – the forgotten band – belts do not last until the break – they should be checked for cracks and replaced ar specified intervals Buenos Aires 19 . Never operate a unit that one does not feel comfortable operating – if a guard is missing or left off after a service – report it and correct it If something thi iis showing h i signs i off wear.

g. date. max.Long Term Maintenance of Dewatering Equipment QUESTIONS: There are NO dumb questions – Buenos Aires 20 Individual footer (e. name of presenter): Arial 9 pt. title of presentation. 1 line . gray. align center.

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