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A Practical Marketing Guide


By John and
Linda Stanley
The fastest growth in
tourism is the food tourism sector. Farmers’ markets, taste
tours, agri-tainment,
glamping, restaurants,
farm shops, wineries, and
boutique food retailers …
food tourism has become
an important part of holiday and business travel.
Growth in food tourism is occurring in most developed countries with tourists seeking taste experiences throughout the world. This new book
provides practical direction for food tourism operators and farm retailers to develop their businesses and cater to tourists needs. It also includes a section on the future of this fast moving
trend. This a vital new study in a vibrant and
growing field that should be required reading for
tourist boards, owners and managers of retail
farm operations, farm marketing associations.
The authors, John and Linda Stanley are always
at the forefront of change in the horticultural and
agricultural industry around the world. Considered by many to be the world’s leading horticultural consultants due to the sizeable economic
returns they help clients achieve, John has often
been described as “The Retail Guru”.
241 pages
Printed by CAB International, UK in limited quantities. Get yours today!

Do the Tough Things Right...how to
prevent communication disasters in
family business.
By Elaine Froese
“Are you having a hard
time starting the conversations about who
gets the family business, and when?" This
book is designed to
help you nail down the
key challenges you
need to talk about.
It's a workbook style,
so you can write your responses to the tough
questions certified coach Elaine Froese
asks. Her expertise in solving the people
communication problems for family business,
particularly farm families, will help you avoid
the mistakes that others typically make.
162 pages

Zingerman’s Staff Guide
Zingerman’s was founded in 1982
by Ari Weinzweig and Paul Saginaw as a small corner delicatessen in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Today
they are a community of eight
unique businesses, with almost
600 employees and over 45 million dollars in annual revenue.
They’re still in Ann Arbor, and their
long-term vision is to grow to include 12-18 businesses, all in the
Ann Arbor area. During their 30+
years in business, Zingerman’s has been
recognized nationally for their exceptional
products and customer service as well as
their unique business model.

Road Signs
Message Flags


Resource Books


Recipe Cards





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The Staff Guide is full of the business recipes and tools that support the success of the
Zingerman's Community of Businesses and
can be applied to your business as well.
68 pages

Employee Manual Template
This handbook was created by Cindy Ashton
of Ashton Consulting for the 2013 OFFMA
Summit. It was done as a starting point for
you to create a customized Employee Manual for your farm business. You can also
download a WORD version from the OFFMA
website under resources/sample-employeemanual.
$7.00 each

Ontario Farm Fresh Fun Activity
These useful little books have been very
popular. The activities are targeted at 7 & 8
year olds and cover a variety of agricultural
commodities. Stock up and use them as give
aways for school tours or special visitors.
No minimums $.20 each, $60.00 for a box of

March Madness Sale—half price on
individual booklets and boxes until
the end of March. Stock up!
Under a Sunflower Sun
Share the rhythm and joy of children’s poems enhanced by vibrant,
evocative illustrations that take you
through the seasons on Straggle the
Scarecrow’s farm. Connect with the
natural pace of rural life through poems and illustrations of wonder,
whimsy and humour.
A beautifully done book that is a
dream realized for the author and illustrator
team both from Ontario. Together, they have
created a book to catch the imagination of
parents and children as they explore Straggle’s farm.
34 pages
$6.50 (suggested retail price is $9.95)

The Ontario Table
Two time Canadian best-seller! The latest
cookbook by Niagara native Lynn Ogryzlo.
A sensationally beautiful coffee table book
that pairs the stories of approximately 125
Ontario farmers and the products they
grow with incredible recipes. The photography is stunning and mouth-watering at

the same time. Great value for the cost.
approx. 320 pages
New price $12.00 wholesale (sug. retail
price is $29.95) Boxes of 8.

Approximately 13”x17”, 12 pt. coated
card stock paper. Four colours, varies
with food item, printed one side with
fade resistant ink. Check order form
for list of specific types of fruits and
vegetables available.
Cost: $3.00 each or $2.50 each for 10 or more
(any combination of 10 signs).

Each nylon flag is 3’x5’ with bright, eye-catching
colours. Cost: $35.00
Open Flag
Let customers know you
are OPEN for business.
Bright red, white and blue
Vegetable Flag
Bright orange and
yellow bands with black lettering.
Sale Flag
Help get the word out about your sale. Red,
white and blue with black lettering.

Just About Everything a Retail Manager
Needs to Know—2 copies left
By John Stanley
This is the bible for retail managers. By distilling
just about everything relating to successful
management practice in the retail industry into
practical and immediately accessible ‘how-tos’,
this book provides answers to all your management problems and questions in straightforward language with the minimum of fuss.
255 pages

Project Seasons
From Shelburne Farms, Vermont
A must have for anyone doing school
tours. Project Seasons is a collection
of seasonal, interdisciplinary activities and teaching ideas developed by
teachers for the pre-k and elementary
school classroom. Investigation and
hands-on activities help students
discover the agricultural and ecologi-

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cal world around them. Lessons encourage exploration, develop process skills and emphasize
inquiry-based learning. This is a great resource.
Most of the activities use everyday readily available items.
Soft cover

Fresh Grown Company Picnics and
Events—limited quantities


Jane Eckert and Bill Mauk
It’s not often that the words guaranteed income
and farm appear in the same sentence. Take
Notice! Fresh Grown Company Picnics and
Events contains step-by-step instructions on
how to establish and grow your company picnic
The book goes through a natural progression
beginning with offering event space for rent,
and then advancing through various considerations: tent rental or purchase, providing food
services by caterer or your own kitchen, and at
the top of the income list, providing a turn-key
event where you do all the planning and scheduling, and charge accordingly.
Checklists, sample contracts, and even a telephone script are provided to give you every advantage in understanding and embracing the
business of company picnics. Each book also
contains a CD recording of Eckert’s 2006
Teleseminar on Corporate Events and Picnics,
which includes questions posed by participating
60 pages

So You Want to Hold a Festival?
By Patricia Mestern
The A-Z of Festival and Specials Event Organization. Including chapters on: Choosing the Proper
Event; Committee Organization; Concessions;
Fund Raising; Emergency Preparedness; Marketing & Promotion; Security; Sponsorship; Fee
Structures; etc.
Soft cover
132 pages

Birthday University Workbook
—5 copies left
We have a few copies of the workbook that was
used during the Birthday University Workshop in
March 2011. It is an valuable resource if you
are doing or thinking about doing birthday parties on your farm. You won’t find this resource
anywhere else and we won’t be printing additional copies. Act now if you doing or planning

on offering birthday parties at your farm.
Soft cover

89 pages


Human Marketing, a 3 CD Audio Seminar
The Donald Cooper Corporation
“We are all human beings selling something to
other human beings. How complicated should
that actually be?” Whatever business you’re in,
your #1 problem is simply this...there are too
many other people selling what you’re selling!
Too many competitors and not enough customers, that’s your biggest problem. The solution is
to create, deliver and communicate, compelling
customer-owning value that clearly differentiates
you, ‘grabs’ your target customers and grows
your bottom line.
This 3 hour CD is complete with 34 page Implementation Guide.
Cost $50.00
Innovative Merchandising and Display to Increase Your Bottom Line, John Stanley’s 2010
Pre-convention Workshop
An audio recording of John’s workshop along
with a workbook to fill out as you listen to the
CD. Great way to share information with your
employees as well. The one day workshop discusses
- retailing with the customer in mind
- how to play the image game
- merchandising for success
- building displays that work
- the role of the team in increasing the
average sale per customer
- implementing new ideas
Cost $40.00

Bus Tour Photos
Couldn’t make the bus tour but curious what you
missed. This CD is the next best thing. It contains over 200 photos taken on the bus tour as
well as the scouting tour. A coloured thumbnail
sheet is included to making identification easier.
Pictures available for the 2006, 2007, 2008
and 2009 tours. Indicate on order form which
year you would prefer.
Cost: $15.00 per year
Bus Tour Library 1988—2008
Almost 20 years of pictures from OFFMA bus
tours all on one CD. Over 2,000 images that

for orders
is March
31, 2014.
Get yours

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have been catalogued according to year of the
tour as well as headings like signage, displays
etc. Truly an invaluable collection.
Cost: $60 for the complete set

Great corn
activities and

Developed by OFFMA with OAFE,
A teacher’s guide to Ontario corn. Do you
know a teacher or a class that might benefit from this guide? Also an excellent resource if you are doing school tours. List of
curriculum connections, lots of activities
related to corn and corn plants.
Soft cover
24 pages
-also available as a free download from
Flexible Ice Packs
Approximately 6”x6” made up of
2”x2”connected squares. Printed with ‘Get
Fresh. Visit a Farm.’ Great idea to sell or
use as a giveaway to help keep coolers
Cost: $1.50 each, no minimums
Window Decals
Approximately 6” x 4” contains the “Get
Fresh. Visit a Farm.” tagline. White background with green and red lettering. No
minimums, $.18 each, 100 for $10.00

Zingerman’s DVD’s
3 Steps to Giving Great Service
Zingerman’s share their core customer service concepts from The Art of Giving Great
Service Seminar in a fun and memorable
lesson that will get your organization started building great service skills and culture
into every single element of your business’
Length: 22 min. weekly rental
3 Steps to Great Finance
At Zingerman’s they believe that Open
Book Management has been a key to their
financial success and one of the "secrets"
behind how they are able to thrive. This
DVD is all about Zingerman’s rules of fi-

nance, keeping score and sharing the success. You'll see Zingerman's staff in action
and hear them explain in their own words
why creating an Open Book organization is
a much better way to work— and the way of
the future.
Length: 26 min. weekly rental $50
5 Steps to Effectively Handling a
Zingerman’s service recipe will help take
the stress out of one of the most challenging encounters in customer service. With
practice, and using Zingerman's easy-tofollow recipe, you can start seeing complaints as gifts rather than as trials.
Length: 20 min. weekly rental
FISH! DVD—Catch the Energy, Release
the Potential
Imagine a workplace where everyone
chooses to bring energy, passion and a
positive attitude with them every day. An
environment in which people are truly connected to their work, to their colleagues and
to their customers. FISH! is a tool to help
you lead people toward creating that environment.
1 week rental
Winning at Retail—VHS Video
John Stanley & Pete Luckett
A dynamo team presents their ideas around
retail merchandising.
1 week rental
Strawberry Recipe Flyers Kit
Created by the North Am. Strawberry Growers A package of 20 photo-ready strawberry
recipe flyers that can be personalized and
used to make a variety of flyers. Approximately 80 recipes in total.
Cost: $25/kit
Recipe Cards
We have decided not to print any recipe
cards this year. We are working with
Foodland Ontario to produce recipe booklets for the spring, summer and fall seasons. These will be shipped free of charge.
If you want to make sure you get some, let
the OFFMA office know how many and
which seasons you are interested in.
Recipe card stock from previous year still
available while quantities last.

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These banners are made of heavy duty 8 mil
white polyethylene material, all edges are
hemmed. They are 8’x3’ and are reinforced full
length top and bottom with ties that extend 4
feet on either side of the banner. See order
form for specific options.
The banners are two colours (red, green, black
or orange depending on the particular sign),
with a picture on the side and large, legible
Cost is $55.00 each or 3 or more for $50.00

Eco-banners—ON SALE

Heavy duty banners for Sweet Corn &
Fresh Strawberries ONLY
These banners are 13 oz. vinyl, all edges
are hemmed and grometted every 2 ft.
Cost is $115.00 each or 3 or more for
$105.00 each.
Both types of banners are fairly sturdy and
will perform well against a building where
the wind is not a problem. If they are
placed out in the open, they will be affected by winds. We cannot guarantee the
banners for wear.

Eco-banners are corn-based, biodegradable, non-toxic, weather
proof and durable.
Eco-banners are an earth friendly alternative to plastic.
These banners were produced with Ontario information about
production and crop varieties.
Members who had them last year, reported that they held up
very well with little to no fading of the bright colours.
Size: 2’ x 3’
Cost: reg $40.00 each, now—$20.00 3 for $50.00

Ontario Farm Fresh Marketing
2002 Vandorf Rd.
Aurora, ON L4G 7B9
ph: 905-841-9278 fax: 905-726-3369

Looking for a particular item that will
help you with your
farm market. Let
Cathy know, she can
keep an eye out for
it as well. OFFMA is
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products. If you
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works, pass it along
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