SAP Note 1743455

SAP NFE - Communication to SEFAZ using PI 7.31 AEX
(Java-only) - Documentation of Manual Steps

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The new adapter modules read and store. ccBPM processes are used for government communication. To enable the NFE scenarios to run on a Java-only PI installation.31 it is possible to run the system as an AEX (Advanced Adapter Engine Extended /Java-only / single stack) installation. add. In the current release of the PI content of SAP NFE. These ccBPM processes are not supported on a Java installation since they are based on ABAP.Approach With the release of SAP Process Integration 7. Copyright/Trademark . new adapter modules replicating the ccBPM logic in combination with the existing RequestResponseBean and ResponseOnewayBean are used. acknowledgement handling is achieved by using specific adapter modules. Furthermore. it is described how to configure the SEFAZ communication in PI. In the remainder of this note. and remove values from the payload.

For doing this open NWA (http://[HOST]:[PORT]/nwa) -> Configuration -> Infrastructure -> Destinations and maintain the HTTP destination GRC_NFE_WAS with the following URL. open the Model Configurator and ensure the ‘Configuration for Advanced Adapter Engine’ flag is checked. NWA Destination Configuration Configure NWA Destination for delivering acknowledgement to the SAP NFE backend. PORT and CLIENT values of your SAP NFE backend In case you have multiple SAP NFE backends you need to define separate destinations (destination name is arbitrary) per backend. Complete configuration 1. Select the Web AS Template swim lane and choose your SAP NFE backend. Configure Integration Scenarios Open the Integration Directory and create a configuration scenario based on integration scenario from ESR. For AEX PI configuration integration scenarios with the infix “AEX” have to be used. Configure integration scenarios 3. First. the integration scenario NFESC_AEX_WebAS_Outbound_NFeStatusCheck is configured. Manual post processing 4. Use ‘Without Header Mapping’ option for the second group of colons. In the following sections. 2. the NF-e Status Check (NFESC) is used as an example. Copyright/Trademark . create the Configuration Scenario and select the relevant Process Integration Scenario. Then. Configure NWA Destination 2. In this case.Configuration Steps The configuration of AEX PI contains of several steps: 1. http://[HOST]:[PORT]/sap/xi/engine?type=entry&sap-client=[CLIENT]&sap-language=EN Use HOST.

Select the second connection and complete the channel configuration. Copy ‘response’ Integrated Configurations Generated integrated configuration objects in request-response scenarios need to be post processed. For every SEFAZ system there will be a separate integrated configuration. Manual post-processing 3.1. Use templates to generate communication channels. In addition there will be one integrated configuration with the SAP NFE backend as the sender. Save the model and perform the generation using ‘Integrated Configuration’ scope.Select Government System swim lane and add all required SEFAZ systems to the swim lane. The sender channel AEX_WAS_XI_SND can be reused across all scenarios. Select the (first) connection from Web AS to government system and maintain the Communication Channel. List of affected scenarios: Copyright/Trademark . Please create communication channels with template using the New button. Close the generator wizard and switch to the Objects tab in the configuration scenario. When you create AEX_WAS_XI_SND channel check the tab “Acknowledgement Handling” tab. You can reuse both sender and receiver channel across all scenarios. 3. It contains a name of an NWA HTTP Destination pointing to the SAP NFE backend for delivering XI acknowledgements (see previous step). the receiver channel is scenario specific.

Copyright/Trademark .com/xi/CTE/104  CancCTB2B_WebAS_Outbound_B2B_Cancellation  CTB2B_WebAS_Outbound_B2B_CTe Open the integrated configuration. 3. Click on ‘Copy Object’ toolbar  ETB2B_AEX_WebAS_Outbound_B2B_Event  NFE10_NTB2B_AEX_WebAS_Outbound_B2B_NFe http://sap.http://sap. Copy Integrated Configurations for B2B Generated integrated configuration objects for B2B scenarios need to be manually post  CTESC_AEX_WebAS_Outbound_CTeStatusCheck Open the ‘response’ integrated configuration having SEFAZ as sender party/service. Click on ‘Copy Object’ toolbar button and provide the NFE Backend system as virtual receiver. Assign the resulting integrated configuration to the configuration scenario. Assign the resulting integrated configuration to the configuration scenario. Enter * (asterix) as value of virutual party and  BATCH_AEX_WebAS_Outbound_Batch  BATSR_AEX_WebAS_Outbound_BatchStatusRequest  EVENT_AEX_WebAS_Outbound_EventReceipt  EVENT_CANCR_AEX_WebAS_Outbound_EventCancellationRequest  EVENT_OPPRG_AEX_WebAS_Outbound_EventOperationProgressRequest  NFEDL_AEX_WebAS_Outbound_NFeDownloadRequest  NFESC_AEX_WebAS_Outbound_NFeStatusCheck  SKIPR_AEX_WebAS_Outbound_SkippingRequest http://sap. Delete original integrated configuration. List of affected scenarios: http://sap. Delete original integrated configuration.2. Select “Sender uses Virtual Receiver” checkbox.

4. Copyright/Trademark . Complete Configuration Save and activate all changes.

Assign the new RFC destination to the Sender IDs of the NFE interfaces in the Integration Engine Configuration as shown on the screenshot below (Sender ID = Subparameter). How this can be done is described in the How-To Guide “How To Set Up the Communication between ABAP Backend and SOAP Adapter using XI Protocol” in the SCN (http://scn. for performance reasons) by creating specific Sender IDs in transaction sxmb_adm (Configure Sender/Receiver ID).g. The proxy connection for the other interfaces would then remain the standard ABAP to ABAP connection. Copyright/Trademark . you can use the AEX connection ( or in SAP Help under Process Integration  Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (AEX).sap.Settings on NFE WebAS ABAP Configure ABAP proxy communication to call the AEX (Java-only) directly.31 double-stack system. A sample screenshot for the required RFC destination of Type G is given below: Path Prefix: /XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet?ximessage=true In case of a PI 7.