Wood Pellet Machine – from Powder to Pellet in order to Save the

Wood can be recycled and reused in order to make the environment greener and sustainability.
Pieces of wood are powdered using the sawdust machine. The powdered wood particles are
compounded together and extruded into wood pellets. All timber products like forestry residues
and other industrial wastes along with sawdust can be crushed and transformed into wood
These pellets that are produced using Wood Pellet Machine serves as a solid fuel. The wood
pellets are small in size ranging from 1 to 2 cm in length. They are generally produced in four
different diameter sizes 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm. The largest diameter in which the pellet can be
manufactured is around 25 mm.

Wood pellets were first produced in Europe and North America in the early 70’s when there was
oil crisis. As the issues of global warming increased, during the 90’s wood pellet usage was
promoted as a countermeasure. It gained popularity among the society since it was very effective
and efficient biomass fuel which reducing the environment pollution.
The wood pellets are preferred for combustion over other biomass fuel. Pellets made from wood
are highly stable due to its small size and its almost no moisture state. Boilers using these pellets
will save time and labor. The heat generated by them can be transferred over long distances as
they are of high density with 650 kg/m3 volume weight. As they are treated with heat during
production, the pellets can be stored for many years without the fear of deforming.
They generate high amount of heat with minimum being 4000 kcal/kg. The energy produced by
wood chips is only equivalent to 35% of the energy that is produced by the wood pellets which

are manufactured using Mobile Pellet Plant. There are many advantages in using the wood
pellets as fuel.

Wood pellets are of high quality and hence they are stable materials.

They are in the dry form and can be stored easily for long periods of time.

The combustion, when using wood pellets, complies with the environmental standards.

They are used for automatic combustion operation over other biomass fuels.

The energy produced by the wood pellets is higher than other dried materials and sawdust
of same capacity/weight.

Both small scale and large scale machines can be run by this energy system.

They do not absorb moisture and hence they can be easily maintained.

Wood pellets can be better used for transportation and storage due to its size and shape. Wood
pellet fuel is used for boilers which generates electric power and power for heaters and coolers.
Small scale boilers are used in hospitals and schools. Stove that run on wood pellets are used for
household activities. These cost effective stoves and boilers are easy to use and are convenient to