Contractors / Vendors / Bidders / Suppliers can have access to free
view of tenders by using centralizer Govt. of Madhya Pradesh portal
( ) of various departments.
To Download / View the tender notifications and corrigendum free
of cost from website, follow the steps given below:
1. Click on “TENDER” after opening the e-Procurement website.


Live Tenders

2. Provide all or any one of the options like “Tender Number”,
“Region”, “Estimated Cost”, “Purchase of Tender Date (from and
to)”,“Bid Submission E n d date” or “any key words from
Tender Description”.
3. Click “Submit” to view the results. A list of tenders will appear on
the screen.
4. Click

to print the notification.

5. Click

to view the cost free documents.


4. Contractors / Vendors / Bidders / Suppliers are requested to follow the below steps for registration: 3 Registration & Digital Signatures 1. Pay the amount of Rs. 3. fill the online registration form.For all the users it is mandatory to procure the Digital Signatures. As soon as the verification is being done the e-Procurement user id will be enabled. 4 Participation in the Tender 1. if bidder intends to participate in for verification.through Internet Payment Gateway. Send the acknowledgment copy to eproc_helpdesk@mpsdc. he has to use his e-Procurement User Id and Password which has been received after registration and acquisition of DSCs. 2. Click “Register”. For Digital Signature contact e-Procurement Help Desk. Any of the Master / Visa card will be accepted. 562/. Before making the payment the Contractor / Vendor / Bidder will have to upload the following documents in scanned form in the website:Documents to upload: (a) Request on Company Letter Head (b) PAN Card (c) Enlistment if any. After viewing the Tender Notification. 2|Page .

5 Login 2. 8. Select the Departments from the drop box with which intends to participate in the tender. Click on “Click here to login” for selecting the Digital Signature Pay the Tender Fee / Processing Fee online. 3. Click “Un Applied” to view / apply for new tenders. Click on for online request. Click “Select Department” to switch over from one department to another. To make an request for Tender Document Contractors / Vendors / Bidders / Suppliers will have to follow below mentioned steps: 6 Online Request for the Tender 1. 4. Select the Certificate and enter DSC Password. to access the Login Screen. Go to Start > Programs > Internet Explorer. click on “Go”. 7. Type www. Enter e-Procurement User Id and Password. 6. 2. 4. Re-enter the e-Procurement User Id Password. 3|Page .in in the address bar.If any Contractors / Vendors / Bidders / Suppliers wants to participate in the tender he will have to follow the instructions given below: 1.mpeproc. 5. Click / Double Click to open the Microsoft Internet Explorer (This icon will be located on the Desktop of the computer). (Note: Make sure that necessary software of PKI be installed in your system). Insert the PKI (which consist of your Digital Signature Certificate) in your System. 9. Or 3.

Attach the required documents to the concerned tenders from general document section to the tender document screen. To attach the additional documents to any tender click “Document Library” and upload the same. Click “OK” to upload the filled Technical / Price Sheet to the tender. Tender document screen appears. Click “Click here to Download Empty Document” to download the Technical / Price Sheet and fill the same without changing the “File Name” and save on to the computer. When the user finishes with the payment of EMD. Click “Click here to Upload the Filled File”. these are to be attached with tender by following steps: 9 To Upload / attach the additional documents 1. 4. Note that when the user uploads the filled Technical / Price Sheet. select the filled file which was already filled and saved in the same name. This is the important and first step to be performed to avoid disqualification. To upload the supporting documents / Vendors / Bidders / Suppliers will have the below mentioned steps: 8 Upload files – Technical Sheet / Price Sheet / EMD / mandatory documents Contractors to follow 1. 8. 4|Page . Once the supporting documents are uploaded. You can opt for OTC or NEFT to pay EMD / form fee online. Click “Click here to Attach the General Documents” to upload all the documents which are already saved in the vendor profile. 7. 2. the “Red colour” will automatically turn to “Black colour” which reflects that the user is two steps ahead for the submission. 3. 2. 2. Provide the entire mandatory documents (if any) requested by the official. Click to view the tender documents which are received by the user.After making the request Contractors /Vendors / Bidders / Suppliers will receive the Tender Documents which can be checked and downloaded by following the below steps: 7 Download Documents 1. 6. the “Red colour” will automatically turn to “Black colour” which reflects that user is ready for the final submission. Click “Click here to download” to download the documents. Click “Click here to enter EMD Details” to feed the EMD details and upload the scanned EMD. 5. 3.

10 To Submit the Tender After completing all the formalities Contractors / Vendors / Bidders / Suppliers will have to submit the tender and they must take care of following instructions: 1. Tender opening event can be viewed online. 5|Page . Prior to submission. Note down / take a print of bid control number once it displayed on the screen To participate for 11 the opening 1. verify whether all the required documents have been attached and uploaded to the particular tender or not because once submitted bids cannot be 2. Help Desk Contact Details: 12 e-Procurement Help Desk Toll free no’s : E-mail : 18002748484 / 18002745454 eproc_helpdesk@mpsdc. Competitors bid sheets are available in the website for all.