EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Company's Profile Name Address Tel. # Fax # e-mail Web Date of Incorporation National Tax No.

Sales Tax No. Management Executive Directors Managing Director CEO COO Non-Executive Directors Chariman Managing Director Director 1 Director 2 Director 3 Director 4 Director 5 Director 6 Director 7 Nature of Business Agricultural Commercial Financial Manufacturing Services Any Other Corporate Status Proprietorship Partnership Public Limited Co. Private Limited Co. Any Other

Associated Concerns Name of Concern Sponsoring Directors Nature of Business

Financial Highlights (for the last one year) Authorized Capital Share Capital General Reserves / Unappropriated Profit/Loss Long Term Loans Lease Liabilities Short Term Liabilities Creditors Accrued Other Fix Assets Long Term Investments Current Assets Stock in Trade Stores & Spares Trade Debtors Advances Deposits Prepayments Bank Cash P & L Statement Turnover Gross Profit Admin Expenses Selling Expenses Financials Net Profit

Computerization Status Existing Software Title of Software Producer Licenced Module in Operation General Ledger Inventory Purchases Sales Payroll Fixed Assets Production Other Reporting System Generated In Excel Other Level of Integration

Awareness of Employees Excellent Good Average Poor Terrible Networking Enviornment Operating System Networking Type Networking Software Hub Type No. of Users Existing Hardware No. of Computers Branded Non-Branded Main Server Spec. No. of Printers Lasers Dot Matrix


Epochs' Role Computerization Scope of Work General Ledger Inventory Purchases Sales Payroll Fixed Assets Production Other Additional Services Management of Inventory Budgets Human Resource Any Other General


General Ledger
Sr. # Data Entry 1 2 3 4 Description How many types of vouchers are prepared? How many vouchers are prepared in a day? How many vouchers are prepared in one month? What kind of Voucher numbering is required Manual Auto 5 How many additional fields are required in vouchers? Remarks


What is the data entry method Online Batch


Whether printing of voucher is required Yes No


If Yes what is voucher printing requirement 1 on 1 Page 2 on 1 Page 3 on 1 Page


How many data entry locations are required?


How many persons will do data entry?

11 12

What is the coding structure currently in use Change in coding sturcture is required

Yes No 13 14 If Yes what type of coding structure is required Chart of Account Same at every location Different at every location 15 Whether change in Chart of Account Only Head Office can change User at different location can change 16 Foreign Currency accounts are required Yes No 17 18 If Yes, number of currencies in which FC accounts required Which exchange rate will be used Monthly averge Spot Transactional

19 Whether Budgets are maintained Yes No 20 If Yes what Budgeting method is followed Zero Based Flexible Fixed Any other 21 If No, does client need Budgeting

22 Whether Costing is required by Client Yes No 23 If Yes in what type of Costing they are interested in Batch Costing Job Oder Costing Process Costing Contract Costing

24 Whether existing system is integrated Yes No 25 If Yes, mention list of integrated modules


Whether Integration of Meezaan with other software modules is required

Security Management
27 Whether client has user security management Yes No 28 If Yes, what are the rights available to each user?


Is client maintaing log of transactions?

Yes No 30 If No, do they require log of transaction to be maintained


Does client need user security management Yes No


If Yes, what will be the user security structure?

33 34 What are the existing reports at Clients? Whether different reports are required for different levels? Management Auditors Statutory Bodies Any other 35 36 Whether GL module will be on one unit or more? Whether units are related to same business or in different business?


Whether Consolidation of different units engaged in same busiess is required?


Whether consolidation of all units engaged in different businesses is required?


Whether client requires only consolidated financial statements?

Data Syncronization
40 Does client's existing system has data syncronization feature? Yes No 41 If Yes, how they handle data syncronizaition

42 43

If No, do they require data syncronization What is the frequency of data syncronization Daily Weekly Monthly Quarterly Any other


Sr. # Supplier Record Maintenance Description Remarks


Is there any method of keeping supplier history?


Is there any exercise of vendor rating or vendor evaluation being maintained?


What is the procedure of any quotation, enquiries & vendor registration?


Please write down the procedures for purchase enquiries


Please write down the procedures for quotation evaluation


What is the procedures for bulk orders and rate contracts (attach formats)?


Please define complete mapping of organisational heirarecy

Product recording and evaluation procedures.


Please explain the procedures of following input forms Purchase Indent Purchase Order

Purchase Invoice Purchase Return Purchase Requisition Purchase Oder Entry/amendment/Cancellation/Order Level 9 Please attach format of the following input forms Purchase Indent Purchase Order Purchase Invoice Purchase Return Purchase Requisition Purchase Oder Entry/amendment/Cancellation/Order Level 10 Please explain recording of the following input forms Purchase Indent Purchase Order Purchase Invoice Purchase Return

Purchase Requisition Purchase Oder Entry/amendment/Cancellation/Order Level

11 Please enquire whether the following reports are being prepared Order histroy Analysis Period-wise Vendor-wise Item-wise 12 Current Order Analysis Period-wise Vendor-wise Item-wise 13 Aging of Current Order Period-wise Vendor-wise Item-wise 14 Order Status - Tracking of information 15 Please attach all formats of the above said reports


Sr. # Multiple Stores Description Remarks



Whether client's existing system is Manual Computerized What type of stores are being maintained?

Item Database


List down the input forms and attatch their formats


5 6

What is the existing item coding structure? Does client require any change in existing Item Coding structure? Yes No If Yes, what will be the new Item Coding structure? What is the procedure for checking the quantity in hand of any material?e.g. Bin Card etc, also obtain their format (if any).

Quantity on Hand, on Order, Shortage, Usage Pattern


Write down the procedures for giving orders to vendor, Is any contract being made before ordering?


What type of emergency measures are being taken to evaluate shortages (if any)?


How the inventory levels are being maintained?

10 what are the alarming procedures in case inventory reaches minimum or maximum levels?

11 What are the lead times for high value items


Whether Costing is maintained by the Client

Yes No 13 If Yes, what type of Costing method they are using Batch Costing Job Oder Costing Process Costing Contract Costing
14 If No, does client require Costing

Yes No
15 If Yes, in what type of Costing they are interested in

Batch Costing Job Oder Costing Process Costing Contract Costing
Material Issue System - Latest, FIFO, Average or Standard

16 What is the standard procedure of makig Store Issue Requisition (SIR)? Who prepares it and who approve it etc. Please attach format of SIR.

17 Is there any manual register of SIR also being prepared in stores? 18 Is there any separate entry of SIR in accounts?
19 What is the costing method used by the Client

Latest FIFO Average or Standard 20 Is there any two costing methods are simultaneously running? 21 Is there any duplication of work being done in different departments? Yes No 22 If Yes, how many personals are involved in it.

Scrap Handling

23 What is the procedure of scrap handling?

24 How scraps are being valued?

25 Are there any different catagories of scraps

26 How many personals are handling scraps, what are there job responsibilities?

27 How many registers are being maintained at each store of scrap?

28 What type of management reports are being prepared for scrap?

Bounded Warehouse

29 Does client use to keep their stocks in bonded warehouse?

30 List down the registers and there contents keeping the records of items in bonded warehouse items.

31 what is the procedure of valuing the items in bonded warehouse?

Multiple Grouping of Items

32 List down the multiple groups of items.

33 At what levels the existing software handles the multiple groups of items?

Facility to convert Items to different Units of Measures

34 Is there any facility in the existing system to convert items in different units of measure at the same time?
Handling material returned from shop floor, scraps, etc.

35 What is the procedure of sale return in case of scrap sale?

36 Does client issue credit notes ? Yes No 37 If Yes, what is the format and who is resonsible for issuing credit note?

38 Is the credit note adjustment is being maintained in sales tax return?

Handling identification, disposal, destruction - obsolete items

39 What is the system of items identification?

40 Is there any bar codes system, if any other please describe in detail.

41 what is the disposal system of items?

42 What type of vouchers are being mainteianed for disposed items?

43 How disposed items are recorded and reported to management?

44 In case of any destruction, what is the procedure of inventory: Handling Recording Reporting

Handling of Multiple Locations

45 List down all the locations at which inventories are being carried down. (Separate paper can be used for additional write up) 46 Write down the number of record keepers working at each location.

47 write down the job responsibilities of each worker.

48 List down the flow of documents at each location.

49 What type of data handling system is used by Client? Manual Computerized 50 In case of manual system, what type of registers are being prepared?

51 In case of computerised system,what is the procedure of data syncronization?

52 How the data is integrated with main module in the head office?

53 What are the security levels of data handling at each location?

Facilitates Perpetual Inventory System for Physical Stock Verficiation

54 What type of Inventory System is used by Client? Periodical Perpetual 55 In case of perpetual inventory system, is there any procedure of physical stock taking? 56 If any bin cards are being prepared, please attach photocopy.

57 Is the existing system gives closing balance of all items at any cutt off date for physical stock taking purpose?
Control on Batch No. / Lot No. for Receipts and Issues

58 Does the client have proper Batch/Lot management system.

59 Write down the complete flow of documents also attach copies of formats.

60 Write down any flaws in the client's existing system

Stock valuation on LIFO, FIFO, Latest Rates, Purchase Orders, Standard

61 Does client require stock valuation on the following other than average rate LIFO FIFO Latest Rates Purchase Orders Standard 62 Does the client require all the facilities of stock valuation?

Aging of Stocks

63 Does existing system of Client provide aging of stocks? Yes No 64 If No, does client require aging of stocks?

65 List down any related reports required by client.

Minimum, Maximum, Re-order Level Control

66 Describe the client existing inventory levels

67 Does client require any modification in the existing system?

68 List down the existing related reports and formats for the required reports.

Consumption quantity and value information

69 List down all the existing consumption reports

70 Specify all the other required reports relating to consumption

Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)

71 Whether the client has build its farmula for EOQ Yes No 72 If Yes, give the details, and also specify whether the client require EOQ from our package.


Sr. # Store Order Description


Write down the client's sales order procedure and obtain its format


Mention authorised personals for sales order.

Payment Terms


What are the procedures for handling payment terms?

Product Classification & Configuration



What type Sales System is used by Client? Manual Computerized Write down the client's Finished goods classifications and configuration.


Mention in detail in both cases, how client handles product configuration? Manual


Sales Enquiry


How client handles sales enquiries, please mention the complete procedures



Does client make any record for sales enquiries? Yes No If No, does Client require it now?

Sales Enquiry

10 Does client has any process of comapring its qoutations? Yes No 11 If No, does Client require it now?

12 Does the client keep record of quotations?

13 List down the reports in this regard prepared by Client

Delivery Challan

14 List down the procedure involved uptil the prepartion and recording of delivery challans. 15 Please obtain a copy of format of delivery challan.

Invoice Generation

16 How does Client generates invoice Manual Sales System 17 Is invoice integerated with Inventory and GL module. Yes No 18 If No, does Client require it to be integerated with other modules?

Product-wise Sales Posting

19 Mention the processing system of sales invoice recording

20 Whether it is online or Batch processing

Sales Return

21 Write the procedures involved for sales returns

22 Whether credit notes are being prepared or not

23 Please mention whether any separate books are being prepared for sales tax purpose
Credit Handling

24 Mention the credit policies of client

25 How credit policies are monitored Manual Sales System
Customer Analysis

26 Whether Client presently makes any reports for customer analysis

27 Please obtain formats, also get Client's further requirements in this regard

Sales Forecasts

28 Does Client prepares any budgets or sales forecasts? Yes No 29 If Yes, obtain any previously prepared forecasts

30 If No, obtain Client's requirements in this regard

Reduced Cost

31 List down any extra cost involved in clients sales proceudres

32 Mention how it will be reduced by the application of our system.

Increased Sales Force effectiveness & Productivity

33 List down the points how our package will increase sales force effectiveness and productivity. 34 Mention how our package will Reduce Sales Cycle times Co-ordiante team selling Track Invoices to Payment




Sr. # Description Payroll generation for various Pay Periods Remarks


Write down complete details of shifts, number of working days etc.


Write down the method of payments


List down the flaws in the existing Payroll System


Write down the complete requirements of client in this regard

Payslip Printing



Whether Client's existing Payroll System Manual Computerized If computerised, whether payslip printing option available or not


Obtain formats of payslip, also discuss any changes required by Client

Income Tax


List of staff members whose tax is being deducted.


Obtain the bifurcation of employee's salary on the basis of which tax has to be deducted.

10 Obtain the detail of all allowances available to employees.

Payment Components

11 List down the pay components of all the employees.

Deduction Components

12 List down the deduction components which will be available in the system for net salary calculation
Full & Final Settlement

13 List down the procedure of full and final settlement of employees.

14 What are the stages involved in this procedure?

15 Attach the format (if any) made by the client for full and final settlement of employees.
Monitoring of Earnings & Deduction of an Employee effectively

16 List down all the reports generated by payroll system or department to evaluate the overall efficiency.
Monitoring of Salary Component like HRA, DA, etc.

17 List down the procedures laid down by the client to monitoring components of salary like HRA, DA etc.
Employee-wise & Grade-wise Salary Component Settings

18 Obtain the farmula how the client will set employee wise and grade wise salary component
Provision for Leave Encashment & Gratuity Calculation

19 List down the rules for leave encashment and gratuity calculation.

20 Also mention what type of retirement benefits client provide to satff and what documents are beng prepared for their maintenance.
Attendance Monitoring

21 Write down the procedure for daily attendance.

22 Whether it is manual or through any machine.

23 If attendance is through machine whether it is integrated with payroll package or not.
Shift Handling & Employee-wise Shift Setting

24 What is the current shift handling procedure?

25 How the current system provide employee wise shift setting?

Loan & Advances

26 Write down the procedures for loan and advances to employees.

27 Mention how these laons and advances will be adjusted against monthly salaries.
Payroll Process

28 Write the time of client payroll process and its frequency.

Bonus Process

29 Write down the client policy that when and how bonus will be calculated.

Automatic Calculation of Pay Cheques

30 Does the client require automatic calculation of paychecks or bank transfer slips.
On Line Payroll Enquiries

31 Does Client's existing system provide online payroll enquiries that Any employee salary at any cut off date Number of Days worked during the month / Shift / etc. List down all other enquiries required by Client