Ah! What should I cook today? This presentation has made it 8 already. Aloo –(aloo will pile on
ur kilos dear, try something else- dear hubby may say). Ok, bhindi- (I don’t like it) or
may be khichdi( chalo, a compromise).
Goes to the grocery store, where there are 5 in line already, picks up the items needed in Pantry
(Pyaz, Garlic, pulses, milk) and reaches home by 8.30.
Hey, how long for dinner? But its 8.30 already. Couldn’t make it a bit sooner? If you would have
called, I must have got the sabji for you.. Yeah, tomatoes went bad last time but others
were ok na. .
Anyways, listen khichdi is ok tonight but I am calling my colleagues home tomorrow night and
make something special, ok? Tell me what u need I will get them. Don’t worry, I will
help you. But make it nice ok, not too much salt or oil. You know my mother makes such
nice Dal that people usual leave the non-veg and go for it. Do get that recipe, ok? And
yeah I will get chicken also. May be u can make chicken Biryani?
Huh? Honey, look I am really busy with Presentation.. May be we can do it over weekend?
Okay, I understand they are going to be here anyways, but may be I will make dal and some
other subji in the morning. Come back and make some rice variety, but no Biryani. What
do u mean khichdi is salty? Hey, Dal khichdi is supposed to have salt in it.. What do you
mean I cant take criticism well? I had a bad day and please don’t add to it..
Next Day:
Damn, I haven’t finetune PPT yet but I came home. My boss will rant for hours tomorrow. He is
supposed to make it Day after morning, may be I will finish it tonight when these guys
are eating.
Where were you? I came at 5. You should be home by 6 na, why are late everyday.. What do you
mean your boss clocks you every day and gives lecture about giving company your best?
He is riding your ass and you let him get away with it and you show it at home. I called
my friends home and you haven’t made Biryani or anything I asked.
This dal doesn’t taste anything like Mom’s.. But you only say we should meet more people..
Why are you crying? I am telling you dont take criticism well.. common now.. I am
calling them and telling them you are not well.. hey now, lets talk.. Don’t cry like that

its your problem only. You know. Yes I know you made the presentation but look client will expect a senior level GUY tomorrow. Mom. You know my lady boss. your jerk emailed you CCing MD & HR. you take everything so serious. Keep your issues at home.. But you are coming so late these days. Young and female. I wont fight with him.. Go and fine tune it. The other guys would worked much cheaper and with better team spirit. my husband is upset. you should give him back. I may not earn in the leagues of him yet but we need to save right? No mom. I will try and do better cooking ok. You want to know whats wrong with this? I will email you by today evening. like we had to cancel dinner with my friends because you were upset. No. job and two kids by my age but listen. Y did my mother-in. Your dal in my lunchbox today was liked but I just called and happened to tell about it. I mean.. I am not blaming you.. Why are you a tiger at home and kitten at office? Reverse the roles.. I am sorry its already 10. leave Evening: Husband: Hey honey. what does she know about programming? Just an MBA from IIM and gets 15 LPA package and rest of us minions have to listen to her lecure everyday. you cant reach my lowest level expectation. You are going to bed already? Ok. Lets go shopping tomorrow ok? Oh. Listen. Ya.. But. You know honey. I told MD you took the wrong person. HR told me you were on call since last 20 min. they are not well but listen. Work harder. What do you mean. Please don’t so this today. I know this is lunch hour but I have called you because I am not satisfied with your PPT. I told you no plans of kids yet. Mistakes happen.. Now. No. As soon as he opens his mouth and say shit about you. Well thank you but we do need my job mom. Hey. Boss: Listen. atleast I will be happy.. common I called them to dinner to thank them for helping me out at my project. I am only 28. I will call my mother-in –law and sort it out. I dint tell mom that. make Puri aloo . I never understand why they had to take you of those 5 candidates. lets watch this movie. No. Common. u had a govt. Listen. she always want it fast and no bugs. Come here baby. What is this? You are on company time.law tell all this to you? What? No I don’t put on airs and I already cooked. I have a job and Please don’t do this. I am having a bad day in the office and yeah. Yes. I know you got 97% but you left it because your parents thought you will be even older by the time you finish. I just called to get the recipe for you. U know. I am going to use the PPT we used in expo last month. I am sorry it came to that.. I am not coming home anytime soon . Learn to work in a team.Next Day: Wife: Hi mom. Ok. I got 92% in my CAT. Yes. Why don’t you forget about it. girl. How are you? Look I dint have time to call aunt or grandma yesterday. Oh.. I know mom.. Common. only if I had repeated it next year instead of getting married. Friday night na I went out with friends. I know I should have.

. common. Hey common.tomorrow for breakfast ok? Common. you know my dad would ask and mom never says no.. don’t lock me out…. why do you say I don’t help yet make demands?. you had no time for breakfast and I made omlette last night.. . Dint I make maggi Monday morning.

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