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Research consultant and writer with over 10 years of professional experience in qualitative and quantitative
research methods, writing, and communication in the non-profit and academic sectors.
Extensive research and analytical experience in social policy analysis, political and historical trends, and cultural
demographics. Writing and interpersonal skills practiced in both Canada and the U.S.
Proficient at quickly finding and learning new information and communicating it to diverse audiences.
Experience with public presentations, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point. Familiarity with social media for
data analysis and information trends; including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Research Consultant, LogicalOutcomes, Resources for Results
• Researched and wrote policy reports for key stakeholders that improved program implementation and evaluation
• Performed literature reviews to assess major trends in social service program developments
• Conducted strategic policy interviews with stakeholders in the non-profit and governmental sectors
• Identified key issues and problems and articulated best practices with regard to program design, community
development, higher education, stakeholder funding, governmental outreach, and community health initiatives
• Synthesized data on targeted and achieved deliverables in over 100 program reports
• Used Zotero reference manager to compile reference collections on multiple topics in the non-profit sector
Environmental Science Writer/Researcher, Ancient Forest Foundation – WildForests Project
• Researched over 20 databases and synthesized major problems, issues, and trends in forest conservation drawn
from academic and grey literature for non-profit, Wiki-style information portal
• Wrote information narrative intended for general audiences detailing geography, biomass, forest cover,
biodiversity, and conservation history of rainforests
• Prepared annotated bibliography on literature pertaining to forest conservation
Research Consultant, Yvonne Bambrick, Toronto Cycling/Business Consultant
• Compiled and wrote a 120 page reference guide on urban bicycling in Canada and the U.S.
• Researched the latest socio-economic and legal trends on cycling and sustainable transportation in 40 cities, 19
states, and 9 provinces in Canada and the U.S.
• Synthesized data on cycling culture and transportation infrastructure researched via 100+ municipal, provincial,
county, and state websites and non-profit organizations
History Instructor, University of Calgary (UC) Dept. of History
• Researched 60+ books, articles, and documents to convey complex historical information to general audience
• Conducted 6 hours of performance enhancement workshops, which improved student writing, organization,
grammar, editing, proofreading, and critical thinking skills
• Supervised and promoted 16 hour-long group discussions for 15-20 students at a time
• Provided constructive feedback to students and colleagues on 30 written essays, 12 lectures, and 2 exams
• Created and utilized 16 PowerPoint presentations with 150+ images to convey diverse ideas and promote active
listening and learning among students
Research Assistant, UC Dept. of History


Researched 150 pages of data from digitized U.S. census for University of Virginia Press book. Compiled and
organized that data using Microsoft Office

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Project Manager, PhD Dissertation, UC
• Wrote a 6 chapter, 311 page dissertation drawn from original research conducted at 5 archives in 7 U.S. cities, and
by using 30+ online databases across a 5 year span
• Implemented plans for targeting supporting resources to evaluate posited outcomes of thesis statements
• Developed perspectives on key problems and proposed and assessed solutions
• Awarded highly competitive research grants totaling over $15,000 and presented research findings at 4
international conferences
• Developed proficiency in literature review and gained publishing experience writing long and short form reports
• Proofread and edited reports for grammar, punctuation, syntax, style, terminology, and citations
Research and Teaching Assistant, UC Dept. of History
2007- 2012
• Facilitated successful class discussions for up to 150 students at a time and helped students develop critical
reading and essay writing skills
• Lectured and mentored students of varying ages and backgrounds using self-created PowerPoint presentations
enhanced with 100+ images
• Collaborated with 6 professors to research and develop 12 lectures drawn from over 40 books and articles to
teach to classes of 150-200 students
Transcription Coordinator/Project Assistant, UC Dept. of English
• Transcribed and edited 50+ hand-written letters for academic literature book project
• Ensured deadlines and publisher’s requirements were met


Editorial Assistant, Youngstown State University (YSU) Dept. of History
• Annotated and edited 40+ documents for historical papers collection; results published by Yale University Press
• Fact-checked nearly 100 names, dates, and terms to ensure successful publishing outcome
• Proofread and edited 40+ textual annotations for grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and content
Research Assistant, YSU Dept. of History
• Supervised and assessed group performance of up to 50 students
• Facilitated group discussions to promote active listening and develop solutions to posited problems
• Used digital databases to create and coordinate learning materials, including 10 PowerPoint presentations and 5
essay assignments designed to explore new ideas and posit solutions to larger problems
• Researched and identified nearly 100 sources from newspaper archives for 2 historical book projects
Transcription Coordinator, YSU Dept. of History
• Transcribed 40+ recorded oral interviews with subjects on a wide variety of topics into grammatical and legible
documents up to 50 pages in length for use in future research
Office Assistant, Dept. of Foreign Languages & Jambar, YSU
• Designed over 50 graphic enhanced fliers, mailings, and advertisements for marketing departmental events
• Proofread and copy-edited departmental documents, marketing materials, and campus events notices
• Kept and organized schedule for all club meetings, office appointments, and department events
• Reserved advertisements via phone, e-mail, and in person

Ph.D, History, UC, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
M.A., summa cum laude, History, YSU, Youngstown, Ohio, U.S.


B.A., cum laude, English, YSU


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