Q1) which of the following is most readily reduced to the metal by heating in a stream of

a) calcium oxide b)copper(II)oxide c)sodium oxide d) zinc oxide
Q2)an element X corrodes very slowly in air and forms a hydroxide which dissolves both
in acids and alkalis
a)aluminum b) copper c)calcium d)iron
Q3) An element X is in group VI of the periodic table. The ion will be represented by
X+ b)X2+ c) X d)X2
Q4) .In the Periodic table the metallic character
a. increases down the group and increases from left to right in a period
b. decreases down the group and decreases from left to right in a period
c. increases down the group and decreases from left to right in a period
d) decreases down the group and increases from left to right in a period
Q5)which statement about the production of iron from ironoxide in a blast furnace is
a) the iron oxide is reduced by carbon dioxide
b) the iron is obtained using carbon monoxide as an oxidizing agent
c) molten iron floats on slag at the furnace base
d) the reaction between the ironoxide and carbon monoxide liberates carbon dioxide.
Q6)which property decides the order of elements in the periodic table?
a) the masses of their atoms b) the number of electrons in the outer shell
c) the number of neutrons in the nucleus d) the number of protons in the nucleus
Q7) . Which statement is correct both for chlorine and iodine
a.. both are gases at room temperature b.. both give a precipitate with Barium nitrate
c.. both are reducing agents
d.. both react with sodium
Q8) fluorine is the first element in group VII of periodic table.which statement about
fluorine is not correct?
a) it is a gas at r.t.p
b)its molecules are monoatomic at room temperature
c)it is more powerful oxidizing agent than chlorine d) it forms ionic compounds with
Section 2
1) Look at the following periodic table
Select the letter which represents [4]



Zinc metal added to dilute HCl [1] D. Aluminum powder added to iron(III)oxide and heated in a crucible [1] E.i)A metal which produces hydrogen at a steady rate when added to water ii)A metal which floats and reacts vigorously with water iii) A gas that forms no compounds iv)A gas that is an oxidizing agent Q3Give balanced chemical equations for each of the following if reaction is possible. A. Iron metal added to copper(II)sulphate solution [1] b) chromium is below Zinc and above iron in the reactivity series predict what will happen when chromium is [3] a) heated in air b) put in cold water c) added to dilute HCl . reaction of magnesium oxide with carbon [1] B When Potassium is added to cold water [1] C.