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The Crimson Pirate is a 1952 film directed by Robert Siodmak. The color film stars Burt Lancaster as "The Crimson Pirate" Capt. Vallo. The film centers on Vallo and his equally acrobatic side kick Ojo (Nick Cravat). Ojo is mute in the film because Cravat had a thick East Coast accent. This mean pirate skull is so tough he has a knife in his mouth. Captain Vallo (Burt Lancaster), a pirate known as 'The Crimson Pirate', and his crew capture a ship of the King's navy. The ship is carrying Baron Gruda (Leslie Bradley), the special envoy to the King, who is on his way to the Island of Cobra to help crush a rebellion by rebels opposed to the King's rule. Vallo proposes to make money by selling the weapons on the ship to El Libre, the leader of the rebels. Baron Gruda then proposes to pay Vallo money if he can capture El Libre and bring him to him. Vallo accepts and Baron Gruda and his crew are released, Vallo keeping their ship and releasing Gruda and his men onto his own. While some of the pirates complain that this is not pirate business, they soon come around when they find out the amount of money to be made. Vallo and his crew sail to Cobra, where Vallo and his lieutenant Ojo (Nick Cravat) go ashore to meet the rebels. They eventually meet the rebels who are led by Pablo Murphy (Noel Purcell) and Consuelo (Eva Bartok), where they learn that El Libre has been captured and is in a military prison on the island of San Pero. The meeting is interrupted when they are discovered by the King's guards. Consuelo leads Vallo and Ojo to safety, then they all go to the ship. Vallo tells the crew he will rescue El Libre, though Consuelo only believes Vallo is interested in selling weapons to him. She promises him he will get the money. Consuelo also tells Vallo El Libre is her father. They sail to San Pero. Vallo, dressing in the clothes left on board the ship, pretends to be Baron Gruda and goes to a dinner held in honour of Gruda by

the Colonel of the garrison (Frank Pettingell). The Colonel shows Vallo El Libre (Frederick Leister) and another captured rebel, Professor Elihu Prudence (James Hayter). Vallo orders the prisoners to be released into his custody and leaves with them. They all go to the ship which then leaves for Cobra. Consuelo is grateful to Vallo for rescueing her father but is distraught to find out that Vallo intens to sell her, El Libre and the Professor to Baron Gruda. Ojo suggests to Vallo that he is in love with Consuelo. Vallo denies this but decides to release them instead of selling them to Gruda. Consuelo begs Vallo to come with them but he refuses. Unknown to Vallo, his first mate, Humble Bellows (Torin Thatcher), overhears them. Bellows plots against Vallo, sending one of the pirates ashore with a message for Gruda. Vallo lets El Libre and Consuelo go first, but the King's guards are waiting. El Libre is killed and Consuelo is captured. The pirates mutiny and Humble Bellows is elected Captain. Baron Gruda promises Bellows money for dealing with Vallo. Vallo, Ojo and the Professor are cast adrift in a boat to die. Gruda proposes a toast, giving the pirates a barrel of rum. Unknown to the pirates, the rum is drugged and when they fall asleep, they are captured, transferred back to Vallo's ship and held prisoners for Gruda to sell them to the King. Baron Gruda tells Consuelo that she will marry Herman (Eliot Makeham), the Governor of Cobra or he will kill the people of Cobra. Consuelo agrees, Gruda then announcing the date of the wedding and forcing the people to attend. Meanwhile, Vallo, Ojo and the Professor manage to escape back to Cobra where they find out about the wedding. Vallo intends to rescue Consuelo but the Professor tells him he needs the help of the people. Vallo agrees, and along with the Professor builds weapons and trains the people how to use them. They make nitroglycerin bombs, tanks, flamethrowers and a hot air balloon. On the day of the wedding, the people revolt before the ceremony and overthrow the guards. Baron Gruda manages to escape to his ship, taking Consuelo with him. Vallo and Ojo go after them, taking the hot air balloon. They spot their ship, climb down to it and release the pirates. They then go after Gruda's ship. When they get close to the ship, Vallo orders the pirates below deck, making Gruda think they are about to launch a broadside. They sneak out the back of the ship, and swim underwater to Gruda's ship. Gruda launches a broadside against Vallo's ship, destroying it. Vallo and the pirates then board Gruda's ship and fight with Gruda and his guards. The guards are defeated and Gruda is killed. Vallo and Consuelo embrace. Red as blood, the crimson pirate flag wards off any attacker.

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