Intercede with Us for the Muslim World!

The Lord has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all (Ps 103:19).
Islam means “submission” to God. A right concept—but the wrong kingdom. Pray this week that Muslims will hear of and
consider the true God, who rules His kingdom with love and to whom they can submit without fear.

Today's Prayer Requests: From Students, Alumni, and Missionaries
GHANA: An alumnus asks us to pray for the churches in Ghana, that they would focus on being the Church, doing
missions, and discipling. He points out that “if the 72% of the faithful [the percentage of Ghanaians who claim to be
Christians] should be active Christians, a lot could be achieved” in evangelism. His church, as well as others
throughout the country, is planting new works in Muslim-dominated areas. Pray for these efforts, and that the Lord
would strengthen true believers, that they may faithfully represent Him before Muslims and others.
LIBERIA & SIERRA LEONE: Praise God, Ebola cases have declined dramatically in these Ebola-stricken nations.
An alumnus in Liberia reports, “Liberia has gone more than 21 days without a single new Ebola case.... Months ago,
when there seemed to be no hope, I said prayer was the most assured solution to the Ebola pandemic. Was I right or
wrong?” In Sierra Leone, 55 new cases were reported last week—the lowest number since June 2014. However,
according to a church leader there, some people—mainly Muslims—continue to hide infected people and to wash the
highly infectious dead bodies. Please continue to pray for an end to this scourge. Pray for the affected Muslims and for
open doors to help them. Also, intercede for all those who have come to the Lord during this crisis, that they would
continue and be grounded in their faith.
NIGER: Assemblies of God congregations are rebuilding the churches that were damaged in attacks by Islamists in
January. A worker there writes, “Continue to pray that God will provide for them to replace everything in their
churches.” She notes that they have kept a good spirit throughout this ordeal. Pray that many Muslim hearts would be
touched as they watch and consider their reactions, and for more opportunités for the pastors and believers to testify to
them about Jesus' love and forgiveness. See a video of the work and needs in Niger at

From Global Initiative*
Pray for Christian believers in Mozambique, Africa to be bold in witnessing to their Muslim neighbors. New mosques
are being constructed throughout the country. Of Mozambique's 26.5 million people, some 18% follow Islam. About
9% are evangelical believers, and Pentecostal churches are growing. Pray the Lord would call more Spirit-filled
believers to reach the Muslim communities, especially in the coastal areas and in the north.

For Muslim Women**
Please pray that the growing number of Latino women who serve in Muslim contexts will know the fruit of their labor.
About 13% of Christian workers sent out from Latin American countries serve Muslims. They can access areas that
most Westerners cannot and share many cultural values, giving them open doors to witness.

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