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Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Teacher of Helen Doron Early English. Please read all the
enclosed information very carefully; all the details are important and also highlight the significant
advantages of choosing a career as a Helen Doron Early English Teacher.
Helen Doron Early English (HDEE) is a very special and unique learning method used to teach children
from ages 3 months -14 years. HDEE teaches in small groups of 4 - 8 children per group.
HDEE learning kits are composed of CDs, textbooks, storybooks, activity pads, and
HDEE is based on repetitive hearing and positive reinforcement.
HDEE is successful with children around the world, regardless of their mother tongue.
HDEE lessons are full of music, fun and games.
HDEE children learn the sound of the language by listening to the CDs at home. At
their weekly lessons they learn the meaning and application of the words.
HDEE is an international method with proven success for more than 25 years.
The Helen Doron Group's mission is to make a positive difference in the education of children and
youth worldwide. We help children achieve their highest potential through groundbreaking
methodologies, dedicated teachers, enjoyable programs and quality educational materials.
Encouraging childhood development through nurturing, creativity, excellence and innovation.
Applicants are required to have an excellent grasp of English and to speak it fluently.
They need to enjoy working with children.
Experience in working with children is helpful.
An academic background is an advantage.
The complete course lasts for seven days, from 8:00 to approximately 15:30 daily plus an extra half
day of marketing training on day 8 of the TTC. There is a short break mid-morning, with drinks and
refreshments provided, and a break for lunch. Participants are requested to bring their own lunch.
To ensure maximum personal attention and practical experience, all Teacher Training Courses are
limited to a maximum of 12 participants.
The course is in two stages: Stage A - two days and Stage B - five days.
Stage A - the first two days - gives you a chance to see that this is really what you want to do, and
gives us a chance to see that you are really suited to this work.

From the first day, the participant will be required to prepare and present parts of the lessons.
Preparation at home will be required and appropriate teaching aids, such as toys, dolls, hand puppets,
etc. must be located and brought to class as needed.
In order to qualify from Stage A, the teacher needs to give adequate presentations.

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Those considered suitable to become Teachers of Helen Doron Early English will be able to continue to
Stage B. Only those who successfully meet our standard in practical demonstrations, written work,
essay and general attitude at the end of Stage B will qualify as Teachers of HDEE.
For the Stage A course fee you receive the first two days of the course and the teaching set English
For All Children (EFAC). The set contains 4 books, 5 CDs and a workbook.
For the Stage B course fee you receive:
1 Fun with Flupe teaching set of 4 books, 1 DVD and 4
2 Teacher Guide to Fun with Flupe
3 Flashcards Fun with Flupe
4 Teacher Guide to English For All Children
5 Flashcards - English For All Children
6 Read & write workbook
7 Teacher Guide to Read & write workbook
8 Botty the Robot Teaches You English teaching set of
4 books and 5 CDs + extra activity book
9 Teacher Guide to Botty The Robot Teaches You
10 Botty DVD
11 Botty Teachers Phonetics CD
And, of course, a new career!
In Israel, it is our belief that, based on an estimated average income for an independent HDEE
teacher, one group of 4 children learning with you for 9 months covers the initial investment that
you pay for the course and materials! A teacher working in a HDEE Learning Centre would need
approximately 2 groups of 6 children learning for about 9 months to cover this initial investment.
And we would hope that you would have at least 10 times that amount of students! The return on
your investment is fast and easy.
To fully graduate, the candidate must satisfy the Teacher Trainer that she will be a good Teacher and
representative of Helen Doron Early English. Please note that during the course, about 2 hours of
preparation every evening will be needed to prepare for the personal presentation the next day. The
candidate will also be required to write a short essay of two or three pages explaining his/her
understanding of the Method. The essay is to be handed in on Day 6 of the course and will be
reviewed on Day 7. An adequate essay is an essential requirement for graduation.

Each Teacher is required to sign a Teacher's Agreement. The Agreement protects the rights of both
parties. If you would like to see it before registering, please contact our Office.
As a Helen Doron Teacher, you receive a range of services and support, which allow you to build your
teaching business with the backup and knowledge of a rooted and experienced organization. These
services cost you only 12% of the turnover on your lessons. Following is an outline of the support you
receive as a Helen Doron Teacher.
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Seminars Day seminars are offered regularly in which new material is learnt or
material is explored anew. Teachers with more than 30 students may attend one seminar
free. Teachers with more than 60 students may attend two seminars at no charge etc.

Annual Conference - New Teachers attend their first Annual Conference for free.
subsequent years, Teachers with more than 20 students may attend the conference for no

Email Forum Worldwide forum of HD Teachers in which Teachers may pose

questions or
offer answers and feedback. Helen Doron herself comments and answers specific
Quality Support your local franchisee will arrange for someone to watch your lessons and
give you feedback.
HDEE Teacher Portal with downloadable pedagogic materials, price lists, seminar calendar, and
Organizational and Financial

Area Meetings with your Helen Doron Franchisee and other local teachers.

Newsletters update you on all aspects of the organization, keep

you informed pedagogically, and help you enhance your teaching career.

Local Representative - Your local Franchisee works hard to develop your local market,
increase awareness of the Method, and thus add prestige to your work.

Referrals Your local Franchisee and Helen Doron Ltd. refer students to you whenever
possible. Your local Franchisee can help you seek and negotiate places of work and
additional students.
Information Management System organizes your student data, ordering of materials,
calculation of royalties, and more.
Work in an HDEE Learning Centre if there is a local HDEE Learning Centre in your
area, you may find employment there.
Website Our website contains promotional material and allows parents to view you as part
of a prestigious organization as well as gain a wealth of information, which will encourage
them to enroll their children in your lessons.
Student Gifts Once a year, your students receive a promotional gift from Helen Doron Ltd.

The Kangi Club a promotional English teaching games website for students worldwide
with a special section that HDEE students only can access.
After successfully completing the TTC, signing the Teacher's Agreement and receiving the graduation
certificate, you become part of a national and international team. The opportunities for work are
many and varied.

Version 4, 30/05/2012

You have the option of working in your own home, or in a network of HDEE Learning Centres,
benefiting more directly from the promotional and marketing efforts of your local Franchisee. In this
case your Area Franchisee may refer work and students to you as well as offer you the option of being
employed by her/him.
During the TTC, you learn the basic principles of marketing your courses and finding students. In
addition, you enjoy the support services of your local Franchisee.
Teachers must attend at least one seminar per year to learn new and updated material as well as
courses not taught in the original Teacher Training Course.
Your income depends on many factors. The number of hours you work, the price you can charge, the
effort you expend, and your work location are all factors which determine your final income.
However, as just one or two small groups of students cover your financial outlay, the return on
your investment is fast and easy.
With an intensive teacher training course in a small group of teachers and so much high quality
teaching material, the HDEE teacher training course is excellent value for money and an
education that will serve you whether with your own children or in other spheres of life.
Your Local Franchisee is available to talk with you regarding pedagogic and business aspects of HDEE.
An excel spreadsheet is available for you to get an indication of the income you will receive which we
will be pleased to work through with you. Please contact us for more information.
Outstanding, experienced Helen Doron Early English Teachers can be chosen to become Teacher
Trainers and travel around the world training new Teachers.
Teachers with initiative may qualify to become Area Franchisees, open Helen Doron Early
English Learning Centres and build a prospering business.
To register, return the enclosed Registration Form with the required fee for Stage A,by mail to or by fax to 08-8666811.
If you do not hear from us within two weeks of sending the form, please phone us to ensure that we
have received it. Please call Tina at 050-6492019.

Version 4, 30/05/2012


First Name and Last Name Please Print

I.D. No.

Full Mailing Address


Fax No.

Email Address

Mobile phone

Date of Birth

Country of Birth

Are you a native speaker of English?



Have you any experience teaching English?

If so, to what age group?

Describe your previous teaching experience



Do you interact well with children, youth and adults?

Please cite references
Can you sing reasonably well?
What is your profession or previous job experience?
I wish to participate in the course to train as a teacher of Helen Doron Early English which will
start on __________________ in _______________. I enclose a confirmation of the:

Standard payment of 500 NIS (by cheque or Visa)

A deposit (cheque) of 3000 NIS for the 30/6/2014 for Helen Doron. If
you are still working as a HDE teacher at the end of the year (June 2014) , the
cheque will be returned.
with this form payable to Helen Doron Ltd. for Stage A of the course.
I understand and agree that this payment is non-refundable.
I understand that Stage A does not qualify me as a teacher of Helen Doron Early English.I
understand that, on qualifying from Stage A, I need to continue to give adequate presentations
and write a good essay in order to qualify from Stage B and become a Teacher of Helen Doron
Early English.
I agree that if I cancel my participation in the course 30 days or more before the proposed start
of the course I will be charged a cancellation fee of 150 NIS and the rest of the registration fee
will be refunded. Cancellation 7 days or less before the proposed start of the course will not
entitle me to any refund and the full registration fee for Stage A will be paid. Cancellation will
only be accepted if it is received in writing and receipt has been acknowledged by Head Office.
Version 4, 30/05/2012

It is clear to me that, if I qualify from Stage B:

1. I will sign the standard Teacher Agreement and I am aware that I can ask to see a copy of
this agreement before the TTC begins. The agreement protects the right of both parties.
2. I recognize that the HDEE Method is a valuable trade secret which belongs to Helen
Doron and therefore I will refrain from training and/or employing and/or recruiting and/or advising
and/or consulting for or with any other person in connection with work with the HDEE materials
and/or the HDEE system for any use whether for any fee or other consideration or not, except for
work within the framework of lessons given as an HDEE Teacher certified by HD. I undertake not
to copy or pass on any of the information I receive in the TTC to any third party or to use in any
manner whatsoever any aspect of the HDEE Know-How, which is not part of the public domain.
3. I am aware that I can only work as an HDEE Teacher in the event that I complete the
course successfully. I understand that I will only be qualified to be a teacher of Helen Doron Early
English and use the Helen Doron Early English materials for teaching, regardless of where they
were bought, once I have completed the Teacher Training Course, signed a Teacher Agreement
and received my graduation certificate.
4. I will teach only in accordance with the guidelines given in the Teachers Training Course.
These guidelines include: method of teaching, use of HDEE learning sets and size of groups.
5. I undertake to allow a representative of my HDEE Learning Centre Franchisee, Franchise
Partner or Master Franchisor to visit my lessons at any time for observation and consultation and
to help me to improve the level of my teaching.
6. I undertake to cooperate with my HDEE LCF or Franchise Partner or Master Franchisor in
reporting all places of teaching and lists of students as requested.
7. I understand that, in the event that I sign a Self Employed Teacher Agreement, I will pay a
royalty fee of 12% to my LCF or Franchise Partner or Master Franchisor for use of the system
and the ongoing support I receive. The fee is in direct relationship to how much I work; if I dont
work, there is nothing to pay.
For payment by credit card:
Visa/Isracard number_____________________________________Expiry date:___________________
Version 4, 30/05/2012




Version 4, 30/05/2012