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Farming, fishery facts for 2014-15 positive
lion grew with Canada as the largest buyer
next to the Far East purchases that were again
followed by re-processed Maine lobster valueadded-products shipped from Canada to Asia
straight off Maine trucks after purchase and
processing. Changes noted in the lobster industry are more Nova Scotia fishermen fishing
in or near Maine waters and the push from the
Maine Lobstermen’s Association to move towards better shipping and handling of larger
lobsters so that long distance markets are better developed directly from Maine shippers.




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Maine’s blueberry harvest
for 2014 surpassed 100 million
pounds for the second-biggest
harvest on record. UMaine
blueberry specialist Dave Yarborough reported that cool, wet weather is best
for a blueberry crop, and that’s what we had
last summer. Pollination was another factor,
noting that 75,000 beehives were brought to
Maine to assist. Yarborough says the harvest
won’t surpass the record of 110.6 million
pounds in 2000. He says the final tally based
on estimates was a harvest of 105 million to Elvers, which sold for prices topping out at
110 million pounds.
$1,800 a pound in 2011 and in 2012 saw exports
from just over $1
Maine potato farmers and million to $14.6
food processors benefited million from 2007 to 2013.
from a trend in which fami- The baby eels are sold to buyers in
lies in other nations are Korea and Hong Kong. All fishermen, no matadopting the American habits ter if part of the Indian tribes holding permits,
of eating out in restaurants will face a reduction in individual quotas for
more often and eating more the 2015 season as result of a fall decision
prepared foods at home, said Gordon Pow, made by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries
senior vice president at Penobscot McCrum, Commission. This year licensed fishermen can
which grows potatoes on 5,000 acres in Aroos- use assistants while fishing and dealers must
took County and operates a processing facility electronically document transactions within
in Belfast. The company is a major supplier of the season starting March 22.
potato skins, potato wedges and twice-baked
potatoes. The family-owned company, which
employs 250 people, exports between 10 percent and 12 percent of its total sales, and most
of its exports go to restaurants in Europe and Soft shelled clams or ‘steamer clams’ supports
Russia, he said.
about 1700 licensed harvesters in the state, and
accounts for about $19.2 million in landed
value. Clammers harvested about 11.2 million pounds in 2013 at about $1.58 per pound.
Seafood also repre- In 2000, the harvest was worth about $9.5
sents a big chunk of million or about 85 cents per pound.
growth. Live lobster exports between 2007 and
2013 increased 67 percent, from $145 million
In 2013, Maine wormers harvested
to $242 million, with exports to Asia driving
about 469,000 pounds valued at some
much of that growth. From 2007 through
$5.6 million, or $11.94 per pound.
2013, lobster exports increased 67 percent
are sold to fishermen for bait
despite the great recession of 2008-2010. For
by nurseries or aquatic
the third year in a row and only the third time
ever, Maine lobstermen landed more than 120 stores in both live, frozen and freeze dried
million pounds with a record overall value of form as a food for aquarium fish and frogs.
$456,935,346, an all time high, reported on They are commonly sold in tackle shops as
February 26 by the state Department of Ma- bait for saltwater recreational fishing. The
rine Resources. Maine’s fisheries were worth industry also harvested an additional 256,000
$585.3 million last year. At $3.69 per pound, pounds of sand worms worth an additional
the 123,676,100 pounds landed represented an $1.4 million.
improvement of 79 cents per pound over 2013,
the largest one-year increase in overall value
was also the largest on record and at
$86,653,573, was more than the total value of Maine’s scallop fishery also saw another year
the fishery 21 years previously. The 2007 of increased landings and value as it continues
2013 change from $145 million to $242 mil- to rebuild from an all-time low of 33,000

pounds landed in 2005. Maine’s 438 active
licensed draggers and divers landed an additional 78,335 meat pounds (without the shell)
over 2013 for a total of 584,173 pounds. At
$7,464,690, the value of the fishery increased
by more than $1.8 million.

There are three million chickens in Maine.
You go to the store, the eggs you take from the
shelf, were probably laid here in Maine.
Maine railroads bring in a lot of cars of corn
and soy” from the Midwest to the feed facility
in Leeds for Land O' Lakes (formerly Decoster). How this translates to infrastructure,
dollars for transport, groceries and farming is
difficult to measure but everyone knows the
price of eggs has doubled in recent years and
that makes Maine egg farming a notable agriculture worth millions once again.
Atlantic herring, valued at $16,352,084 was
the third most valuable fishery in 2014 for
Maine. Not counted is the amount that becomes bait for lobster fishing.
There hasn’t been any fishery for Gulf of
Maine shrimp for two years as officials have
banned the dragging season for some 120 registered boats, due to shrimp predation and a
loss of shrimp fodder phytoplankton. A new
northern shrimp fishery management plan is in
the making and comments can be submitted
via mail to Mike Waine, Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, 1005 No Highland
St., Suite 200A-N, Arlington, VA 22201 or by
emailing: comments@asmfc.org with a subject line “Northern Shrimp Amendment 3.”
While cod and shrimp landings have almost
collapsed, support for strict conservation came
with voters approving a $7 million bond issue
to fund infrastructure research, fishing and
business collaborative's to develop the whole
seafood sector with the Maine Department of
Marine Resources teaming up with the Maine
Technology Institute designing a process for
making awards to innovators in this sector.

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