Proximity Card Readers

Honeywell’s OmniProx™ family is a complete line of 125 kHz

OmniProx™ readers offer superb reliability and consistent

HID compatible proximity readers that delivers outstanding

read range. Installation is simple and fast with a mounting

and consistent performance in a small package with

template included in all models.

attractive styling and colors to fit any décor.
Increased security functions like optical tamper and security
All OmniProx™ readers (except the OP90) include three

screw prevent unauthorized users from removing the reader

covers: black, charcoal gray and ivory and are constructed

from the wall or attempting to compromise the system.

with rugged polycarbonate materials potted for both indoor
For locations that require a proximity reader able to withstand
and outdoor applications.
the vandal-prone environments, such as: universities,
The OmniProx™ family of readers combines unique

schools, elevators and prisons, the OP90 vandal resistant

functionality, high-quality engineering and design for a variety

reader comes standard in a zinc die-cast metal housing.

of applications in the electronic access control market.

• Variety of sizes to choose from to fit any décor:

• Potted for superior weather-resistance

- Mullion style

• Wiegand output

- Single-gang style (US)

• Genuine HID™ compatible

- Single-gang style (UK)

• Includes vandal-resistant security and installation tool with
every reader.

• Scan arriving visitors Photo ID or business card
• ADA compliant, built-in audible buzzer
• Host LED control and tamper output

• Adhesive-backed mounting template reduces installation
time and risk of mounting errors

• Optical tamper detect mechanism provides output signal
to host

• Unique bezel design allows entire face of reader to be
customized for a unique look or with custom color to fulfill
architectural and décor requirements

• Low-cost option allows your company logo to be molded

• Three bezels included with each reader: black, charcoal
gray and ivory

• Hidden mounting screws deter vandalism

• Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

com/security/uk HAS-OMNIPROX-01-EN(0407)DS-LD April 2007 © 2007 Honeywell International. compatible. compatible.0 . single tri-color (green-yellow-red) Tamper Output Open collector.16 VDC (works down to 4. compatible. / 50mA max. non-condensing Temperature -25º F to 145º F/-31º C to 63º C Colour Black. 35mA typ. / 100mA max. compatible.8mm) 5.2cm) 2" (5.25" (3.9mm x 15mm) OP90 Vandal Resistant 3" (7.33" H x 2.5" H x 3.95%.595" D (88.6cm) Environment 1 OP45 UK Gang Box OmniProx™ OmniProx™ OmniProx™ OmniProx™ OmniProx™ OmniProx™ OmniProx™ OmniProx™ OmniProx™ HID HID HID HID HID HID HID HID HID compatible.25" (3.7cm) 2. cable distance to host: 500 ft.15" H x 1.25" (5.57" W x 0. Europe: CE Mark Approval Warranty2 Lifetime Actual operating distance will vary depending upon installation environment and proximity to metal.OmniProx™ Proximity Card Readers OP10 Mini-Mullion OP30 Mullion Description Smallest proximity reader for door mullions Mini-size proximity reader for door mullions Dimensions 3.7cm) 1. See Honeywell Access Systems’ Sales Policy for complete warranty details. sink current is 16 mA Humidity 0 . UL294.59" D (114mm x 80mm x 15mm) 4" (10.1cm) 1386 ISOProx® II PVC Card 2.95" W x 0. compatible. 5.2cm) 1345 ProxKey™ II Keyfob 1. Industry Canada RSS-210.69" W x 0. RH15 9UF 01444 251180 01444 871074 www.25" (3.15" W x 0.2cm) Not recommended Operating Current @ 5 VDC Indoor/Outdoor weather-resistant 35mA typ.25" (5.7cm) 2. HID is a registered trademark of HID" (5.25 VDC) Power Supply Type 2 3. single-gang (UK) reader without logo (generic) metal.25" ( 5.2cm) 1.79" D (145mm x 43mm x 20mm) Max Read Range1 1326 ProxCard® II Clam Shell OP40 US Gang Box Switch plate size. single-gang Switch plate size. compatible. single-gang (US) reader switch plate.5" W x Honeywell Access Systems UK Charles Avenue Burgess Hill West Sussex. single-gang (UK) reader switch plate. Operating Voltage Linear type recommended Interface to Controller Max. Inc. single-gang (US) reader For more information: www.7cm) 1. compatible. active low. ORDERING OP10HON OP10GEN OP30HON OP30GEN OP40HON OP40GEN OP45HON OP45GEN OP90HON 50mA typ. single-gang electrical box style for US electrical box style for UK 4.2cm) 1336 DuoProx® II PVC with Mag Stripe 2.71" H x 1. OmniProx™ is a trademark of Honeywell International Inc./150 m (Wiegand output) Indicators ADA compliant with buzzer audio indicator. Charcoal Gray and Ivory (all three included) Regulatory Approvals USA and Canada: FCC compatible. smallest mullion reader smallest mullion reader without logo (generic) mullion reader mullion reader without logo (generic) switch plate.9mm x 88. / 100mA max. Silver .59" D (110mm x 75mm x 15mm) Vandal-resistant zinc die-cast single-gang electrical box 4. single-gang (US) reader without logo (generic) switch plate.25" (3.50" D (80mm x 40mm x 12.5" H x 3. max.