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Young farmer of the year
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learned what work ethic really
means from my parents and uncles," said Robbie. "I was on the
planter when I was maybe twelve,
before school and then after
school until dark. It was real
work, but it was also the best
learning experience for a kid."
After graduating from Washburn
High School he attended Husson
University in Bangor, majoring in
business administration. "My parents didn't push me into staying
on the farm. But once I graduated
from college, becoming involved
in the family farm just seemed to
click. Being a part of our growing
operation and having the opportunity to get a few decisions under
my belt, I knew this is where I
wanted to be." Robbie is vice
president of Irving Farms Inc. as
well as logistics coordinator for
Irving Farms Marketing and
North State Transportation. He
also serves as food safety coordinator for Irving Farms Inc. and
has HACCP certification as well
as the SQF 2000 practitioners certification.
"At Irving Farms we have tried
to be at the forefront of the newest
technology available to the industry, including GPS and X-ray
equipment for internal defects to
ensure we are sending the best
possible products to our customers," said Robbie.

Largest Crash
in Maine history
State police investigation
revealed that speed, tail gating and
weather contributed to 142 vehicles
and 149 occupants colliding like
dominos from mile 172 to 4 miles
back on Interstate 95 Feb. 25 before 7
a.m. One SUV started the chain reaction on a slippery downgrade right
curve between guardrails on the
northbound road. One school bus, 2
tractor trailers, 39 cars with only 26
reports of injury and no deaths were
the result. Approximately 34 EMS
personnel responded with 17 ambulances, 28 firefighters and 29 law enforcement responders were on scene
before traffic was allowed 18 hours
later and all vehicles removed.

Irving Farms photo-Facebook

The Irving operation raises
1800 acres of potatoes and
grains. Robbie and his family
grow, handle and pack all sizes of
white, russet, red, and yellow potatoes for the fresh market, and
distribute and market processing
potatoes and all varieties of foundation and certified seed and
grain from Maine and other Eastern growing origins. The flagship
operation (Irving Farms, Inc.) also grows processing potatoes for
the french fry market.
Robbie also is involved with the
industry on a policy level, serving on support committees for the
Maine Potato Board, including
appearing before the Legislature's agriculture, forestry and
conservation committee last year
on LD1557. As well as his industry involvement, Robbie is an
active participant in his community and is a member of the Bessie Grey United Methodist
Church in Caribou.
Today's young farmers are in a
good place for the industry to be
sustained and healthy, according
to Robbie. "We young growers
from multi-generational families
are fortunate to be double-educated. Not only do we have college
educations, we were taught by
our parents, uncles, grandfathers
to love what we do, to see the
future in farming, and to be enththusiastic about the satisfaction
of a job well-done." He credits
much of this entusiasm to his
grandfather, Bob Irving. "Without him, none of this is happening. I have never met a greater
man, nor a greater mentor, and
someone that shows what it takes

Yoder’s Sawmill
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to be successful in this industry." Robbie
clearly is positive and enthusiastic about the
industry's future. He shared a favorite quote
from Ralph Waldo Emerson:
"I am enthusiastic about the future and the
young farmers who will lead us there," says
Robbie, "…using that foundation we were
taught by our families, our industry offers
good business opportunities and has a great future. Today's growers are
more business savvy plus
we have that work ethic
we learned at an early
age. The industry is in
very good hands."
Don Flannery, executive director of the
Maine Potato Board, expressed confidence
and enthusiasm for the industry's latest
"young farmer" honoree. "The selection of
the Young Farmer of the Year covers a number of criteria, and Robbie rates high in all of
them," he said. "We're truly pleased to recognize Robbie as an industry leader. He's an
excellent representative of the future of the
Maine potato industry."

Blueberry Queen

The 2014 Maine Blueberry
Queen attended the Ag Trade Show to
help promote this agriculture in January.
Elly Baubonis is recent graduate of Medomak High and attends a pre-med program at USM and was selected at Union
Fair last summer with her sponsor, Coastal Blueberry.

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WESTBROOK Smiling Hill Farm
has been using nontinseled, old Christmas trees to supplement the diets of 100
sheep and goats
claiming the treat is
a natural wormer
and has a lot of vitamin C serving as a
supplement to a regular use of hay and grain.
When it comes to sheep, the most minimum supplement beyond salt or minerals free choice is at least crimped oat with
ample good hay and plenty of fresh water. Most shepherds
feed a pellet mix, whole corn and barley with a sweet feed,
especially in times of bitter cold. A same routine for goats.

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The following sugar houses were recently judged
by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and
Forestry for their outstanding maple syrup, and were awarded
in several categories for exceptional products made from sap.
The Best in Class went to Hilltop Boilers LLC of Hollis Grade A: Golden Color/ Delicate Flavor.
These syrups were also awarded: Grade A: Golden Color/
Delicate Flavor 1st Place - Hilltop Boilers LLC, 2nd Place PM Larivierre of St-Zacharie Qc. CN; In the catetory: Grade
A: Amber Color/ Rich Flavor 1st Place - Jillson Farm of
Sabattus; 2nd Place - Springbreak Maple of Smyna; and 3rd
Place - Hilltop Boilers LLC.
For the: Grade A: Dark Color/ Robust Flavor 1st PlaceHilltop Boilers LLC, 2nd Place - Springbreak Maple, 3rd
Place - Kinney's Sugarhouse of Knox.
In the: Grade A: Very Dark Color/ Strong Flavor - 1st Place
- Hilltop Boilers LLC; 2nd Place - Moonlight Maple of Mt
Vernon and 3rd Place - PM Larivierre.

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