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Tender Document for
Procurement of Tablet PC
[NIT No. F4(91)/DoIT/Store/2009/5012

Dated : 26-12-2011

Place of Submission of Tender:
Office of DoIT & C, IT building, Yojana Bhavan Campus, Tilak Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur

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Department of Information Technology & Communication
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in. 0141-2224855 Fax 0141-2222011 NIT No. Government of Rajasthan intends to procure Tablet PC for e-Gov Rajasthan Awards 2010. IT&C Seal & Signature of Bidder  Page 1  . IT & C Tender document can be downloaded from www.Government of Rajasthan Department of Information Technology & Communications Chapter-1 Government of Rajasthan Department of Information Technology & Communications Yojana Bhawan. this Department invites Technical and Commercial bids (two bid system) in separately sealed envelops.00 lacs Rs. 100. 3. Jaipur 302005 Ph.rajasthan. 6000/From 28/12/2011 upto 13.doitc.00 only Rs. the detailed RFP may be downloaded from the website as per details given below: as per the details given below: Cost of Tender Document (non-refundable) Estimated cost of Hardware Earnest Money Deposit Period of sale of Tender document Rs. F4(91)/DoIT/Store/2009/5012 Dated : 26-12-2011 Short Term Notice Inviting Tender Department of Information Technology & Communication. web sites Secretary & Commissioner.00 hrs on 09/01/2012 Date & time of opening of Bids hrs on 09/01/2012 Place of submission of Tender Document Office of the Secretary & Commissioner. Tilak Therefore.rajasthan.00 hrs on 09/01/2012 Date & time of submission of Bids 15.

Description Estimated Qty.Government of Rajasthan Department of Information Technology & Communications Chapter 2 Bill of Material Item No. 1. Tablet PC 8 Seal & Signature of Bidder  Estimated Value (INR) 3.00 Lacs EMD (INR) 6000/- Delivery (from the date of work order) 15 Days Page 2  .

Submit the proof of authorization by the manufacturer or country distributor in India in prescribed format. Tenders will not be accepted without the specified earnest money (Cottage and SSI units registered with Commissioner & Secretary of Industries. (Exemption certificate if any is to be enclosed). 4. any state government or PSUs/ departments. The bidder should have a local support office at Jaipur with minimum 2 support engineers on company payroll. Bidders are advised to provide EMD & tender fee in a separate envelope i.5% of the estimated tender value). The Bidder will have to submit invariably VAT/sales tax registration number from the Commercial Taxes Officer concerned without which the tenders will not be considered. Tenders received after the prescribed time and date will not be accepted & considered.T. in support of the items quoted. 2010-2011) consecutively. 10. Thereafter the technical bids will be evaluated by DOIT&C. Attested & audited copy of the company’s annual audited report and/or CA certificate must be attached along with the technical bid. ii.00 Lacs annually during the last three financial years (2008-2009. The Bidder should not be black listed by Government of India. Without tender fee. the bid shall be rejected. EMD etc. The list of such employees is to be enclosed along with Technical bid. Technical & Financial bid should be packed and sealed in separate envelopes duly marked as ‘Technical Bid’ and ‘Financial Bid’ respectively. 25. 9. In such case the bidder’s offer shall not be considered.I. outside the envelope containing the technical and financial bid. The Bidder will also submit the latest VAT/Sales Tax clearance certificate. with requisite tender fee. General Conditions i. 7. 5. 2009-2010. brochures. 2. Firm should enclose relevant photocopies of the certificates. The bidder has to submit all the pages of bid document duly sealed & signed by authorized signatory. Jaipur are required to submit Earnest Money @ 0. Rajasthan.(Certificate/Deceleration should be attached) 6. (Annexure-1) 3. iii. The Bidder must have a minimum average turnover of Rs. Tenders not submitted in prescribed form will be rejected. etc. Seal & Signature of Bidder  Page 3  . Tenders can be submitted within time period mentioned in the N. The bidder should submit an undertaking on their letterhead regarding the fairness of the documents submitted in support of their claim while submitting the bids. Technical bid would be opened first and subsequently financial bid of only the Technically Qualified bidders would be opened. 11. Tenders would be considered in the prescribed tender form/ document only.Government of Rajasthan Department of Information Technology & Communications Chapter 3 Eligibility Criteria & Mandatory Conditions 1. iv. Tenders from manufacturer or bona-fide dealer/distributor would only be accepted & considered. The technical bid will be opened as per details in the tender by the Purchase Committee or by an officer duly authorized in the presence of such Bidders or their authorized representatives who may choose to attend. catalogues. 8.e. The bidder is required to quote only single option for the required item.

ix.5 %( Half percent) of the value of the quantity offered for supply by the SSI units of Rajasthan and security deposit @ 1% of the quantity ordered to be supplied.Government of Rajasthan Department of Information Technology & Communications v. failing which no claim shall be entertained and the Tenders would be liable for summary rejection. IT Building in Jaipur within stipulated time as mentioned in this tender document. viii. They will furnish original or Photostat of Registration of SSI unit issued by the Director/ Commissioner Industries Rajasthan in respect of stores for which they registered. Tendering authority is not bound to accept the lowest tender and may reject any tender or any part of the tender or all the tenders without assigning any reason thereof. The dates for the same would be intimated separately to all the technically qualified bidders. Seal & Signature of Bidder  Page 4  . The Financial bid of only the technically short listed/ qualified bidders would be opened. While claiming any exemption. vi. vii. the Bidder is required to attach a certified copy of the recent exemption certificate issued by the appropriate authority along with the Tender Form. Delivery & installation shall be done at DoIT & C. Earnest money will be taken @ 0.

VAT/Sales Tax Registration No. Details of EMD Type : _________________ Number : ______________ Date: __________________ Please indicate Page no of related document / proof otherwise bid may be treated as cancelled. Authorization certificates (as per Annexure-1) 2. then kindly copy of the such undertaking to this 4.No. Copy of Tender Document duly sealed & signed by Authorized Signatory 6.Government of Rajasthan Department of Information Technology & Communications Chapter 4 CHECK LIST S. Seal & Signature of Bidder  Page 5  . Undertaking on their letterhead regarding the fairness of the documents 7. along with Tax Clearance Certificate 5. by any State or Yes. Eligibility Criteria for the bidder Details along page numbers of relevant documents 1. 2009-2010 2008-2009 Have you ever been blacklisted Central Government in India? If furnish the details along with the relevant letter/ docs else submit an effect dully attested by the Notary. Annual turn over (Operating Revenue + Other Revenue averaged) 2010-2011 3.

Not fulfilling minimum eligibility criteria. disqualify any bidder from the Tendering process if the bidder has a. f. c. A Bid not valid for at least 30 days shall be considered as non-responsive and would be disqualified. d. Submitted more than one bid. Submitted Tender document.Government of Rajasthan Department of Information Technology & Communications Chapter 5 DISQUALIFICATION OF BIDS 1. when sought. Seal & Signature of Bidder  Page 6  . Submitted the Tender after the prescribed date and time of submission of bids. including without limitation. by offering bribes or other illegal gratification. which is not accompanied by required documentation and Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) or is non-responsive. Made misleading or false representations in the forms. shall be disqualified from the process at any stage. statements and attachments submitted in proof of the eligibility requirements. Failed to provide clarifications related thereto. Bidders who are found to canvass. influence or attempt to influence in any manner the qualification or selection process. 3. This will cause disqualification of all bids submitted by such applicants except the last bid received. e. DoIT & C may in its sole discretion and at any time during the processing of Tender. b. 2.

No. 10 % On successful installation of items Condition/ Event Note: • No Advance payment shall be made. 90 % On delivery & Inspection of items 2. % Payment 1. • Payment would be made for actual ordered quantity supplied and installed Seal & Signature of Bidder  Page 7  .Government of Rajasthan Department of Information Technology & Communications Chapter 6 TERMS OF PAYMENT The payment to the bidder shall be made as under: S.

100/. Other related details: Name of Bidder 1.__________ dated __________. 5. The rates for the supply of items mentioned as prescribed are given separately in the financial bid. Following documents are attached towards the proof of earnest money deposited. 7. Addressed to: Name of the tendering authority a. Earnest Money deposited through 1. The rates quoted are applicable up to 30 days from the date of submission of Bid. 8. V.Government of Rajasthan Department of Information Technology & Communications Chapter 7 Tender Form I. Yojana Bhawan Campus. 3. We agree to abide by all the conditions mentioned in this Tender Document issued by the Tendering Authority and also the further conditions of the said Tender Notice given in the attached sheets (all the pages of which have been signed by us in token of acceptance of the terms mentioned therein). Public Limited Private Limited Partnership Proprietary Put Tick( √ ) mark Details of TIN & PAN Number Telephone Number(s)/ Mobile Website Fax No. b. 6.(Rupees One Hundred Only) has been deposited vide cash receipt no. The validity can be extended with mutual agreement. 9. NIT Reference: F4(91)/DoIT/Store/2009/5012 dated 26-12-2011 III. The Tender fee amounting to Rs. Telephone Tele-Fax Secretary & Commissioner Department of Information Technology & Communications IT Building. Jaipur (Rajasthan) – 302005 0141-2224855 0141-2222011 II. Email Address IV. Cash/DD/Treasury Challan/ Banker'sCheque (Local Only) Seal & Signature of Bidder  Number Dated Bank Page 8  . Type of Firm 2. Address c. C-Scheme. VII. VI. Name & Designation of Authorized Signatory Registered Office Address 4. Tilak Marg. Sno.

No. We accept payment schedule as per details given below for hardware: S. On-Site Warranty: One Year from the Date of Installation XI. Specification: As per Chapter 9 3. installation & onsite warranty is given below : 1. 10% On successful Installation of Items Note: Remittance charge on payment made shall be borne by the bidder. 2. 2. 90% On successful Delivery and Inspection at DoIT & C.Government of Rajasthan Department of Information Technology & Communications IX. Place of Inspection: DoIT & C 5. %age of Condition/ Event payment 1. VAT 2. No Advance payment shall be made. place of inspection. Type of Whether tax clearance certificate Tax enclosed (Yes/No) 1. 4. The details of items to be procured. Certificate Number CST X. Items: As per details given in Chapter 2. Seal & Signature of Bidder  Page 9  . delivery. Delivery & Installation: All the items would be delivered and installed at DoIT & C with in a period of 15 Days (from the date of work order). Tax Clearance Certificates: Sno. 3.

which should be shown separately in the Format for Price Quotation only. This could be a dealer of their own or through their business associates/ franchisee. and should include all incidental charges except Central/Rajasthan Sales Tax. There should not be errors and/or overwritings. Rates shall be written both in words and figures. All rates quoted must be FOR destination/site where the computer systems and allied items are to be installed. 1966. Price Preference: a. No new partner/ partners shall be accepted in the firm by the contractor in respect of the contract unless he/they agree to abide by all its terms. 1966. 5. Tenders must be enclosed in separate and properly sealed envelopes for technical & financial bid. therefore. should be made clearly and initialed with dates. In case of local supplies the rates should include all taxes. Sales Tax Registration and Clearance Certificate: No Dealer who is not registered under the Sales Tax Act prevalent in the State where his business is located shall tender. the element of Rajasthan Sales Tax shall be excluded whereas that of Central Sales Tax shall be included. 1. The contractor’s receipt for acknowledgement or that of any partners subsequently accepted as above shall bind all of them and will be sufficient discharge for any of the purpose of the contract. Comparison of Rates: a. 8.. etc. Tender forms shall be filled in ink or typed. Price Preference will be given to the goods produced or manufactured by Small and Cottage Industries of Rajasthan over goods produced or manufactured by Small and Cottage Industry from outside Rajasthan. furnish necessary declaration for the same in the enclosed form at Schedule IV. 6. etc. Proof of authorization by the manufacturer or country distributor in India. The rates should mention element of the Rajasthan State Sales Tax and Central Sales Tax separately. They shall. "Tenders by Manufacturer/ Distributor/ bonafide dealers”: Tenders shall be given only by Manufacturer/distributors/bonafide dealers in the goods. 9. In comparing the rates tendered by firms outside Rajasthan and those in Rajasthan but not entitled to Price Preference under the Rules. Any Change in the constitution of the firm. large and medium Industries in Rajasthan and from outside Rajasthan as per Purchase of Stores (Preference to Cottage and Small Scale Industries) Rule. 2. b. 3. The element of Rajasthan Sales Tax shall be included 10. 11. 7. 4. Seal & Signature of Bidder  Page 10  . shall be notified forth with by the contractor in writing to the purchase officer and such change shall not relieve any former member of the firm. in the prescribed format at Schedule VII shall invariably be enclosed. Corrections if any. The bidder shall sign the tender form at each page and at the end. While comparing the rates in respect of firms within Rajasthan. Price Preference will also be given to the goods produced or manufactured by large and medium scale industries of Rajasthan over goods produced or manufactured outside Rajasthan or imported from abroad under Purchase of Stores (preference to large and medium Scale Industries) Rules. from any liability under the contract. conditions and deposits with the purchase officer a written agreement to this effect. etc. b. in token of acceptance of all the terms and conditions of the tender. Validity: Tenders shall be valid for a period of 90 days from the date of submission of tender. The Sales Tax Registration Number should be quoted and a sales tax clearance certificate from the Commercial Taxes Officer of the Circle concerned shall be submitted without which the tender is liable to rejection. and DOIT&C will not pay any cartage or transportation charges. No tender filled in pencil shall be considered..Government of Rajasthan Department of Information Technology & Communications Chapter 8 General Terms and Conditions of Tender Note: Bidders should read these conditions carefully and comply strictly while sending/submitting their tenders.

the bidder shall. such replacement either in whole or in part. Where necessary or prescribed or practical. In case of those dealers who have newly entered in business. b. 15. Inspection: a. 14. if the supplies are not made to his satisfaction after giving an opportunity to the bidder of being heard and recording the reasons for repudiation. a.Specifications: a. etc. 18. refer the same to the Purchase Officer and get clarifications. b. The rejected articles shall be removed by the bidder within 3 days of intimation of rejection. specifications. however. of the goods to be supplied. etc.Government of Rajasthan Department of Information Technology & Communications 12. damage. The bidder shall be responsible for the proper packing so as to avoid damage under normal conditions of transport by sea. 13. c. at the bidder’s risk and on his account. is not considered feasible. All articles supplied shall strictly conform to the specifications. 17. The supply shall be of very best quality and description. The deduction so made shall be final. The decision of the purchase officer/ purchase committee whether the articles supplied conforms to the specifications shall be final and binding. The contractor shall not assign or sub-let his contract or any substantial part thereof to any other agency. Supplies when received shall be subject to inspection to ensure whether they conform to the specifications. those articles should conform strictly to those specifications/ certifications. a letter of introduction from their bankers will be necessary. c.. drawing. In the event of any loss. The approved supplier shall be deemed to have carefully examined the conditions. deduct a suitable amount from the approved rates. d. If he has any doubts as to the meaning of any portion of these conditions or of the specification.Rejection: a. Articles not approved during inspection or testing shall be rejected and will have to be replaced by the bidder at his own cost within the time fixed by the Purchase Officer. 16. due to exigencies of Government work. Seal & Signature of Bidder  Page 11  . Testing charges: Testing charges shall be borne by DOIT&C. trademark laid down in the tender form and wherever articles have been required according to ISI/ISO/other specifications/certifications. tests shall be carried out in Government laboratories. Inspection shall be made centrally at DoIT & C. before signing the contract. The bidder shall furnish complete address of the premises of his office. the supplier shall change the whole lot but with in the stipulated delivery period. properly sealed in the presence of the supplier's representatives. If. In case of Test. In case of test results showing that supplies are not up to the prescribed standard of specifications. can be repudiated at any time by the Purchase Officer. make and drawings. size. No extra cost on such account shall be admissible.. and the cost of the test will be borne by the supplier. after which Purchase Officer shall not be responsible for any loss. reputed testing house like STQC(ETDC) and the like and the supplies will be accepted only where the articles conform to the standard of prescribed specifications as a result of such tests. 19. rail and road or air and delivery of the material in the good condition to the consignee at destination. breakage or leakage or any shortage the bidder shall be liable to make good such loss and shortage found at the checking/ inspection of the material by the consignee. The Contract for the supply. the Purchase Officer after giving an opportunity to the bidder of being heard shall for reasons to be recorded. The Purchase Officer or his duly authorized representative shall at all reasonable time have access to the suppliers premises and shall have the power at all reasonable time to inspect and examine the materials and workmanship of the goods/ equipment/ machineries during manufacturing process or afterwards as may be decided. go-down and workshop where inspection can be made together with name and address of the person who is to be contacted for the purpose. shortage or damage and shall have the right to dispose of such articles as he thinks fit. Samples shall be drawn in four sets by giving the serial numbers on random basis of the sets supplied.

The amount should be deposited in the form of Bank Draft/Treasury Challan/ Bankers Cheque of the scheduled Bank (drawn) in favor of Commissioner & Secretary. Refund of earnest money: The earnest money of unsuccessful bidder shall be refunded soon after final acceptance of tender & placing order to successful bidder. The bidder whose tender is accepted shall arrange to supply the ordered material as per specifications within a period of 7 days from the date of issue of supply order as per schedule VIII. Extent of quantity-Repeat order: If the order is placed in excess of the quantities shown in the tender notice. etc. replace the goods etc. Earnest Money: Tender shall be accompanied by an earnest money as per details given at chapter-2 of the tender document. otherwise the bidder shall pay such damage as may arise by the reason of the breach of the condition herein contained. payable at Jaipur. b. 24. guarantee as mention in clause (b) above the bidder shall during the guarantee period replace the parts if any and remove any manufacturing defect if found during the above said period so as to make machinery and equipments operative. DOIT&C. 21.e. Nothing herein contained shall prejudice any other right of the Purchase Officer in that behalf under this contract or otherwise. 25. Direct or indirect canvassing on the part of the bidder or his representative will be a disqualification. All goods must be sent freight paid through Railways or goods transport. The bidder shall also be responsible to ensure adequate regular supply of spare parts needed for a specific type of machinery and equipments whether under their annual maintenance and repairs rate contract or otherwise. Transportation i. the bidder shall not be entitled to claim any compensation.. the bidder shall be bound to meet the required supply. 23. shall apply.. The bidder shall also replace machinery and equipments in case it is found defective which cannot be put to operation due to manufacturing defect. One years on site warranty on supplied items b. The bidder shall if so called upon to do. on such rejection the goods/articles/ stores will be at the seller’s risk and all the provisions relating to rejection of goods etc. If the bidder fails to do so the Purchase Officer shall be free to arrange for the balance supply by limited tender or otherwise and the extra cost incurred shall be recoverable from bidder.. Repeat orders may also be placed on the rates and conditions given in the tender provided that the repeat orders are up to 50% of the quantity originally purchased and the period is not more than one month from the date of expiry of last supply (i. The bidder would give comprehensive onsite warranty/guarantee that the goods/stores/articles would continue to conform to the description and quality as specified for a period of one year on supplied items from the date of installation of the said goods/ stores/ articles to be purchased and that notwithstanding the fact that the purchaser may have inspected and/or approved the said goods/stores/article. If the Purchase officer does not purchase any of the tendered articles or purchases less than the quantity indicated in the tender form. d. delivery). Seal & Signature of Bidder  Page 12  . In case of change of model he will give sufficient notice to the Purchase Officer who may like to purchase spare parts from them to maintain the machinery and equipments in perfect condition. 22. the said goods/ stores/ articles be discovered not to conform to the description and quality aforesaid or have determined (and the decision of the Purchase Officer in that behalf will be final and conclusive). Warranty/ Guarantee Clause : a. the freight together with departmental charge @5% of the freight will be recovered from the supplier’s bill.Government of Rajasthan Department of Information Technology & Communications 20. If goods are sent freight to pay. if during the aforesaid period of one years on supplied items.Delivery & Installation: a. In case of machinery and equipment specified by the Purchase officer the bidder shall be responsible for carrying out annual maintenance and repairs on the terms and conditions as may be agreed. In case of machinery and equipment also. a. or such portion thereof as is rejection by Purchase Officer. the purchaser will be entitled to reject the said goods/ stores/ articles or such portion thereof as may be discovered not to conform to the said description and quality. without which tenders will not be considered. c.

Exemption from Security Deposit a. The decision of the Purchase Officer in this regard shall be final. Rajasthan in respect of Stores manufactured by them subject to their furnishing registration certificate in original or a Photostat copy or a copy thereof duly attested by any gazetted officer along with a Competency Certificate from the Commissioner & Secretary of Industries.5% (half percentage) of the value of the quantity offered for supply by them in respect of items for which they are registered as such. (war.Government of Rajasthan Department of Information Technology & Communications b. When he fails to commence the supply of the items as per supply order within the time prescribed. b. 28. The bidder shall pay the expenses of stamp duty for execution of agreement. Rajasthan. Seal & Signature of Bidder  Page 13  . When bidder does not execute the agreement if any. 27. e. Successful bidder will have to execute an agreement on a Non-Judicial Stamp of Rs. These certificates shall be accepted at surrender value. Notice of reasonable time will be given in case of forfeiture of security deposit. d. 29. b. under exposure to whether or otherwise viz. flood. No interest will be paid by the department on the security money. 26. d. by fire. Exemption from earnest money: Cottage and Small Scale Industries registered with Commissioner & Secretary of industries. Rajasthan. The form of security money shall be as below:i. The earnest money/ security deposit lying with Department/ office in respect of other tenders awaiting approval or rejected or on account of contracts being completed will not be adjusted towards earnest money/ security money for the fresh renders. When the bidder fails to make complete supply satisfactorily. be taken into consideration in case tenders are re-invited.. if he so desires may insure the valuable goods against loss by theft. The security money shall be refunded immediately after expiry of satisfactory warranty period and provided there is no breach of contract on the part of supplier.Agreement and Security Deposit : a. Draft Agreement is enclosed at schedule VII. Jaipur shall make payment of Earnest Money @0. subject to their furnishing registration certificate in original or a Photostat copy or a copy thereof duly attested by any gazetted officer along-with a Competency Certificate from the Commissioner & Secretary of Industries. d. c. 30. ii. if the same can be pledged. When bidder withdraws or modifies the offer after opening of tender but before acceptance of tender. Cottage and SSI units which are registered with the Commissioner & Secretary of industries. The earnest money deposited at the time of tender will be adjusted towards security amount. Forfeiture of earnest money: The earnest money will be forfeited in the following cases: a. The Security amount shall in no case be less then earnest money. Kisan Vikas Patras or any other script/instrument under National Saving Scheme for promotion of small savings. c. Insurance: The goods will be delivered at the destination go-down in perfect condition. riot. 100/within a period of 10 days from the date of work order and deposit security equal to 5% of the value of stores prior to signing of agreement. c. rebellion. The earnest money may however. prescribed within the specified time. Defense Savings Certificates. The Central Government and Government of Rajasthan Undertakings need not furnish any amount of earnest money..) The insurance charges will be borne by the supplier and Tendering Authority will not be required to pay such charges if incurred. 31. etc. b. iii. Post-office Saving Bank Pass Book duly pledged. Central Government and Government of Rajasthan’s Undertakings will be exempted from furnishing security amount. When the terms and conditions of contract is breached. b. destruction or damage. Forfeiture of Security Deposit: Security amount in full or part may be forfeited in the following cases :a. When the bidder does not deposit the security money after the supply order is given. c. will be partially exempted from earnest money and shall pay security deposit @ 1% of the estimated value of the tender. National Savings Certificate. Rajasthan. Cash/ Bank Draft/ Bankers Cheque duly discharged in favor of DOIT&C. The supplier.

if necessary arises to institute may by any of the parties (DOIT&C or Contractor) shall have to be lodged in courts situated in Jaipur and not elsewhere. d. Amount may also be withheld to the extent of short supply. Delay exceeding three fourth of the prescribed period / completion of 10. 39. 43. Fraction of a day in reckoning period in supplies shall be eliminated if it is less than half a day.5 % completion of work b. All the terms & condition accepted under Hardware/mentioned under networking category shall be binding for all the vendors. No Advance Payment will be made. his tender is liable to summary rejection.5 % period / completion of work d. Department of Information Technology & Communications. All remittance charges will be borne by the bidder. In case of disputed items. the matter shall be referred to by the Parties to the Secretary. If the supplier requires an extension of time in completion of contractual supply on account of occurrence of any hindrance. In case recovery is not possible recourse will be taken under Rajasthan PDR Act or any other law in force. short supply. 45. Payment in case of those goods which need testing shall be made only when such test have been carried out. which are in addition to or in conflict with the conditions mentioned herein. e. All legal proceedings. 40. breakage. Delivery period may be extended with or without liquidated damages if the delay in the supply of goods is on account of hindrances beyond the control of the bidder. 34. Liquidated damages: In case of extension in the delivery period / completion with liquidated damages the recovery shall be made on the basis of following percentages of value of Stores / work completion which the bidder has failed to supply / complete the work: No Condition LD % a. breakage. In any case none of such conditions will be deemed to have been accepted unless specifically mentioned in the letter of acceptance of tender issued by the Purchase Officer.Government of Rajasthan Department of Information Technology & Communications 32. Income Tax may be deducted at source as per rules 44. The maximum amount of liquidated damages shall be 10%. meaning and breach of the terms of the contract.0 % period / completion of work c. 37. rejected articles shall ordinarily be made from bills. b. delay exceeding one fourth but not exceeding half of the prescribed 5. 33. The time specified for delivery in the tender form shall be deemed to be the essence of the contract and the successful bidder shall arrange supplies within the specified period. which has placed the supply order. Government of Rajasthan who will appoint his senior most deputy as the Sole Arbitrator of the dispute who will not be related to this contract and whose decision shall be final. If a bidder imposes conditions.Payments : a. Recoveries: Recoveries of liquidated damages. 38. Unless otherwise agreed between the parties payment for the delivery of the stores will be made on submission of bill in proper form by the bidder to the Purchase Officer as per the details given at Chapter 6 of the tender document. 10 to 25% of the amount shall be withheld and will be paid only after settlement of the dispute. reject any tender without assigning any reasons and accept tender for all or anyone or more of the articles for which bidder has been given or distribute items of stores to more than one firm/supplier. for the same immediately on occurrence of the hindrance but not after the stipulated date of completion of supply. c. he shall apply in writing to the authority. 41. 36. 42. rejected articles and in case of failure in satisfactory replacement by the supplier along with amount of liquidated damages shall be recovered from his dues and security deposit available with the department. Delay up to one fourth period of the prescribed delivery period / 2. test results received confirming to the prescribed specification. Seal & Signature of Bidder  Page 14  . The Purchase Officer/Tendering Authority reserves the right to accept any tender not necessarily the lowest. If any dispute arises out of the contract with regard to the interpretation.0 % work 35. delay exceeding half but not exceeding three fourth of the prescribed 7.

Registration Number and year of registration in case partnership firms is registered with Registrar of Firms. Attested copy of Partnership Deed in case of Partnership Firms. Address of residence and office. IV.Government of Rajasthan Department of Information Technology & Communications 46. Registration issued by registrar of Companies in case of Company. II. telephone numbers in case of Sole Proprietorship. III. Seal & Signature of Bidder  Page 15  . Inspection of material can be held at any place within the municipal limits of Jaipur as per decision of Purchase Officer. 47. The bidder shall furnish the following documents at the time of execution of agreement:I.

Government of Rajasthan Department of Information Technology & Communications Chapter 9 Technical Specification Item No. Speakers Min. capacity 6.9 inch Having TFT Technology with 1280 x 800 WXGA resolution Multi-Touch Rear (3MP) & Front camera (1.000 mAh Tablet PC Cover Page 16  . WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n 8.3 MP) 16 GB Integrated Microphone Headphones. -1 Particular Form Factor CPU Memory Operating System Internet Connectivity Wireless capabilities Screen Size Display Touch Screen Technology Camera Storage Capacity Audio Input Audio Output Battery Cover Seal & Signature of Bidder  Description Tablet Dual-Core 1 GHz Processor or Higher 1 GB Andriod Latest Version Wi-Fi + 3G Bluetooth.

Government of Rajasthan Department of Information Technology & Communications Financial Bid Seal & Signature of Bidder  Page 17  .

) (Inclusive of all govt. 2. Reproduced / re-word-processed formats or Bidder own formats for the price quotations will disqualify the tender. Financial comparison would be done on the basis of price quoted for total items. 6. (In Rs. Page 18 . then the amount calculated from unit rates multiplied with qty would prevail. In case of Any Discrepancies between unit rates multiplies with qty & total amount. 3. Item Description 1 1. 4. If VAT/CST is/are exempted. VAT & CST Qty 7= 4+5+6 8 Total Amt. service tax) except VAT & CST) 4 VAT % CST % 5 6 Total Amount incl. Make & Model 3 Unit Price (In Rs. and other levies (e. 5.g. Rates in percentage and amount of CST and VAT should be mentioned against relevant items. All rates quoted must be FOR destination and should include one Years comprehensive on-site warranty.) (In figures & Words) 9=7X8 8 Total Amount= Rs. then exemption certificate(s) is/are to be enclosed.Chapter 10 Government of Rajasthan Department of Information Technology & Communications F i n a n c i a l B i d F4(91)/DoIT/Store/2009/5012 dated 26-12-2011 Name of the Company/Firm: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Address for Correspondence: __________________________________________________________________________________ Item No. 2 Tablet PC Total Amount in words: 1.

(Signature with seal / stamp of the company) Name: Designation: Page 19 . (name of the product(s) ) until date _______. (Distributor / Dealer / Channel partner) for the sale. city) are our authorized …………. complete address. (Name.Annexure Authorization Certificate to be issued by the Manufacturer of the product in the favor of distributor/dealer/channel partner on the company letterhead This is to certify that M/s …………………………. We also undertake that we would provide the support for the above product(s) during the warranty period. support and services for the ……….