Level Measurement

Æ It can be defined as the determination of the location of the
interface between two fluids separable by gravity with respect
to a fixed detum plane.
ÆThe most common liquid measurement is that of the
interface between a liquid and a gas and other are the interface
between two liquids, between a granular or fluidized solid and
a gas, and between a liquid and its vapour.
Level Measuring Devices

SIGHT GLASS LEVEL INDICATOR Open tank Sight-glass tube Liquid scale .

Liquid level is measured by this. . The liquid is filled in The tank in the tank. This glass tube is fitted with Tank.SIGHT GLASS LEVEL INDICATOR Sight glass instrument consists of glass tube.

000 PSI Range.SIGHT GLASS LEVEL INDICATOR Advantage: Direct reading is possible. . Disadvantage: It is not useful for heavy. viscous liquid. It is available in 316 °c & 10.

When the level of liquid increases. The device which is measure Capacitance is fixed with probe & metal tank. Probe. Water (Liquid) Metal Metal tank tank CAPACITANCE LEVEL INDICATOR .CAPACITANCE LEVEL INDICATOR It consists one insulated capacitance probe. The Probe is fixed near metal tank. the capacitance Electrical Wires Insulated Insulated capacitance Probe.

level. This increasement & decreasement is measure in the capacitance. . the capacitance is decreases. In the reference of liq. it is indicated on the calibrate indicator.CAPACITANCE LEVEL INDICATOR Increases & the level of liquid decreases.

HOOK TYPE LEVEL INDICATOR Scale Vernier Clamping screw 60°c taper joint .

The wire have ¼ inch (0.HOOK TYPE LEVEL INDICATOR Hook type level indicator consists Corrosion resisting alloys wire.063 mm ) dia. Which is bending in “U” shape. .

FLOAT TYPE LEVEL INDICATOR Level indicator Counter weight Tank Liquid Float .

or phosphorous bronzes flexible cable. . float’s movement is transmit to pointer from s.FLOAT TYPE LEVEL INDICATOR Float type level indicator display simple float operated mechanism.s. in this case.

52 mm (easily ½ to 6 ft level.FLOAT TYPE LEVEL INDICATOR Float is made from stainless steel It measures easily level from 152mm to 1.) .

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