1) INTRODUCTION OF SOUL:I am not the body, but a soul residing in the

body, using the body or driving the body. I am
a soul, tiny divine point of light and might, like
a small shining star on my forehead (inside the
The soul has three faculties or organsMIS(Mind, Intellect and Resolves). Mind is the
thinking faculty/power, Intellect is the
judging/discriminating power, and Resolves is
the balance sheet of the soul.
We create thoughts or think using MIND.
The Intellect judges these thoughts – whether
they are right or wrong, good or bad, etc. Then
we do actions. The effect of actions is recorded
in the soul which is similar to bank balance of
the soul. It gives the data of how much punya
(credit) is there and how much papa/sin (debit)
in the soul. What all we accept/think,
remember in our intellect- it becomes our
sanskaar/resolves. More the duration and
intensity, more is the depth of the sanskaar.
The organs of a body can be cut and
divided. But, the soul is eternal, immortal,
indestructible, and indivisible. Hence we
cannot separate Mind or Intellect from the soul.
All these- MIS are situated in the tiny point,
that is soul.
Till the soul is in the body, body would be
alive, warm. Once the soul leaves the body, it

becomes cold. We then call it as dead body.
But, soul never dies. It leaves one body and
enters womb of its new mother and takes
rebirth. In this way, a soul comes in cycle of
birth and deaths.
Body is a Car. Soul is the Driver.
Body is an Instrument. Soul is the Operator.
Body is a house. Soul is the Owner/User.
Body is a dress. Soul is the one who wears it.
Body is a shoe. Soul is the one who wears.
Body is similar to a chariot. Sense organs are
like horses. Soul is the rider.
All the nerves of the body are connected to
brain. We experience pleasure/pain when
signals from these nerves reach brain. Hence
soul is situated in brain. In the front view, its
place is middle of the forehead. Hence some
people(eg- Hindus) put a dot on the forehead.
We call someone as – “Oh/Hi great soul, Oh,
pure soul, etc”. We never call as “Oh pure
body, Oh great body, etc”. This also implies
that- we are soul and not the body.
As the resolves, we get our next birth. If
our sanskaar is good, our next birth would be
good, else bad. For example- if we donate with
good intention, then we will get birth in rich
family. If we do theft, our next birth can be at
beggar’s house.


INTO ANIMAL SPECIES:Some believe those who do bad actions will get
birth as animals. But, it is not so. For examplesome human beings would be handicapped
while getting birth itself. This implies- that
person/soul had committed a great sin in its
past birth. Still it has got human birth. The
level of intelligence in animal souls is much
lesser than animal souls. For example- an
animal can never be trained or educated like a
human being.
------------ -------3.GOD’S INTRODUCTION (ATTRIBUTES=

God is
-Incorporeal(Niraakaar)= One who is not
corporeal, has no dimensions.
-Bodyless (Ashareeri) =One who does not
have body of his own. {shareera = body,
ashareera= a_shareera= that is not body,
ashareeri= one who has no body}

-Not physical(A_vyakt) {vyakt=physical}.
-Beyond Pleasure and Pain(A_Bhokta)
{bhoga= pleasure or pain, bhokta= one who
experiences bhoga, abhokta= opposite word of
-Above Birth and Deaths (A_janma and
-A_yonij= One who does not enter
woman’s womb and take birth through
her yoni.
-Ocean of Knowledge, Love, Bliss, Power,
Purity, Peace, Happiness, etc.
-Purifier, EverPure, Liberator, Preceptor,
Guide Auspicious, etc.
-Spiritual Father, Supreme Father,
Supreme Teacher and Supreme
Sad_Guru(One who gives highest status)
of all human Souls.
Name of God is Shiva, means auspicious
-------------- --------4)DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SHIV AND

Shiv is bodyless, point of light, hence his ling is
also called as jyotir_ling, means he is neither
Pul_Ling(male), nor Stree_Ling(female), he is
just jyoti (light).
Shiv is called as TRIMURTI SHIV, means
creator of the three deities, Brahma, Vishnu
and Shankar. But, Shankar is just one among
the three deities.
Shiv does not have body, but Shankar has
subtle body. Shankar is shown as in the
meditating posture, means he is doing
tapasyaa (meditation) of someone. It proves
that there is someone higher than him whom
he is meditating. Hence obviously Shankar
cannot be God. Because God need not
------------ ------5)DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SHIV AND
CORPOREAL DEITIES:Shiv is bodyless, incorporeal. But deities
like Sri Krishna and Sri Ram have physical
bodies. They had taken birth through womb of
their mother. But, God cannot take birth
through womb. Sri Krishna is called/praised as
“Sarva_Guna_Sampanna (complete in all
virtues), 16 kalaa sampoorna (Full of 16
celestial* degrees), sampoorna nirvikaari
(completely viceless), sampoorna
ahimsaka (completely non-violent) and

maryaadaa purushottama(fully lawful and
best among the souls)”. But, praises of
God are “Ocean of knowledge, ocean of
bliss, Purifier”, etc.
----------- ----------6) GOD IS ACCEPTED BY ALL RELIGIONS:Hindus call God as Shiv or jyotirling which
implies incorporeal, divine light. Muslims sayAllah ek nor hai= Allah is light. Christ said God
is light. Jews say Jehova. Sikhs say- Onkar. All
these indicate that God is light, is bodyless,
incorporeal, etc. Hence, it is clear that- anyone
who has body cannot be God.
------------- -----------7)WHAT DO WE GET FROM GOD?
The highest fruit can be received only from
God. The children of a millionaire will get
property worth millions from their parents.
Then why do not we have knowledge, peace,
bliss (all being children of God)? A child need
not beg from his father. He has birthright to
father’s property. But, we beg wealth, house,
children, etc from God. This implies that we
have neither understood God or do not have
right relationship with God. Hence by
understanding about God and remembering
HIM, we will experience highest bliss, power

virtues and happiness in our life for many
-------8)THREE WORLDS:This world where we reside consists of physical
elements namely earth (soil), water, air and
heat and space, hence called as PW or CW
(Physical world or Corporeal World).
Beyond/above the PW is the subtle world
(SW), which is the world of subtle deities.
Subtle deities have subtle bodies, which are
body if light/shadow, but does not have
corporeal things.
The world beyond SW is called as the
Incorporeal World (IW).There is no body in
IW. Hence there would be no thoughts, speech
or actions. Hence there would be absolutely
silence in IW. Hence it is also called as Silence
World. It is also called as sixth element,
Brahm Tatw (brahm element) as it is beyond
the five elements, and “Sweet Silence Home
of all Souls” since all the souls reside there
and it is their original home of rest, and also
called as Supreme Abode, since God also
dwells there. All the souls in IW would be pure.

Hence IW is the greatest among the three
Pure souls descend from their sweet
original home to this PW and take physical
bodies(birth) to play their role/part in the
World Drama. Hence PW is also called as World
Drama Stage.
Since the souls are pure, they would first
experience happiness only. But, as the soul is
influenced by the company of the body, it gets
degraded and becomes impure. Then God
needs to descend from the IW to the PW to
purify all the souls. Then all the souls return
back to IW. This is one TC (Time Cycle). This
Time Cycle has been and keeps on repeating.
--------------------9a)TIME CYCLE:- Ladder Picture
The TC is divides as Golden Age, Silver Age,
Copper Age and Iron Age, each of duration
1250 years.
During the period of Golden Age, the
population in PW would be just around 9 lakhs.
Rest of the souls would be at IW. There was one
Kingdom, one religion, one language. Sri
Lakshmi and Sri Narayan were the Empress
and Emperor. All were pure, and there was no

vice like lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego
There would be 8 births in Golden Age. The
average life span would be around 150 years.
After Golden Age, Silver Age comes. The
power of the soul decreases due to continuous
company of the matter/nature/body. In Silver
Age, number of births is 12. The happiness
decreases than that in Golden Age. [Hence it
can be called as semi heaven]. But, there
would be no sorrow or vice or sin. These two
ages together constitute heaven.
Due to continuous company of the body for
2500 years, the soul power decreases
drastically and hence soul gets influenced by
the body and materials which is called as body
consciousness. Due to body consciousness,
vices enter in us and we commit sin. There
would be enough wealth and health even in
Copper Age, but there is also sorrow and hence
Copper Age cannot be called as heaven. It can
be called as semi/mild hell. The number of
births increases to 21.
In heaven, there was one religion, that is
deity religion. But, from Copper Age, other
religions come one by one, like- Islam,
Buddhism, Christianity, Sikhism, etc. By the
end of Iron Age, there would be more number
of religions and more sorrow. The number of
births in Iron Age would be 42. By the near end

of Iron Age, it would be time of climax, and God
incarnates which gives birth to Confluence Age.
Those who come in the beginning of
Golden Age, receive 8 births in Golden Age, 12
births in Silver Age, 21 births in Copper Age, 42
births in Iron Age, and hence 83 physical births
and one spiritual birth in Confluence Age, so
totally 84 births. Those who descend later will
receive lesser births.
In Golden Age, there would be complete 16
degrees, in Silver Age, there would be 14
degrees, in Copper Age, it would be 8 degrees,
and in Iron Age, it would be almost zero, hence
called as degreeless.

------------ -----------9B) TIME CYCLE- SHOWN AS WORLD
DRAMA WHEEL:The TC is shown as a disc or wheel. The
last period of the TC is called as AUSPICIOUS
CONFLUENCE AGE, when God incarnates, It can
be called as Diamond Age, since it is the only
auspicious age, that is- there is upliftment of
the world.

---------- -----9C)TC SHOWN AS A TREE:The TC is shown as a tree here. On cycle is
also called as a KALPA, hence the tree is also
called as Kalpa Tree. Since God fills/recharges
the tree during Confluence Age, it is shown as
the root of the tree. The trunk of the tree
represents heaven, which indicates one religion
and stability.
From Copper Age onwards, the trunk gets
split into many branches, i.e. new religions get
established one by one, eg- Islam, Buddhism,
Christianity, etc.
As time passes, each religion/branch gets
subdivided in itself and many castes or sects
arise in every religion. In this way, it would be
time of climax at the end of Iron Age, and God
incarnates to create next or new, pure tree
Since God only has the knowledge of time
cycle, that is human dynasty tree, he is called
as SEED FORM of the human
dynasty(genealogical tree).
----------- ---------

10)HOW GOD INCARNATES:God does not have body. God cannot take
birth through womb like us. Hence HE NEEDS
knowledge). Because knowledge is the seed for
transformation, that is self realization.
Knowledge is essential for putting spiritual
effort which only can build our self esteem.
Hence in 1936, God entered in a person
called Dada Lekhraj and started giving the

spiritual knowledge. Entering a person’s body
is called as incarnation. After his entrance, the
name of the chariot (the person) was changed
into Prajapita Brahma, because he becomes
media for God and best and first instrument of
God in creation (re establishment) of heaven.
Then the name of the institution was kept
as PBKIVV (Prajapita BrahmaKumaris Ishwariya
Vishwa Vidyalaya) or BKWSU (Brahmakumaris
World Spiritual University). The head quarters
is located at Mount Abu, Rajasthan of India. At
present, the institution has more than ten
thousand branches in more than 130 countries.
----- ---13)SIGNIFICANCE OF SYMBOL SWASTIK:The swastika symbol is famous in
Hinduism. That symbol is considered as
auspicious. In auspicious occasions India. In
many shops this symbol can be seen written
with “shubh and laabh (auspicious and
beneficial)”. It has spiritual significance.
Swastika symbol is nothing but another form of
Time Cycle.
It consists of four equal parts of a
circle/cycle. It means TC is divided into four
ages which have equal duration.
Usually auspicious/pure actions are
performed done with right hand and impure
actions are done with left hand. The Golden
Age(GA) is shown at top right side portion. This

implies that GA was fully pure. The second ageSilver Age(SA) is shown at right bottom. This
implies purity would be lesser here.
The third age- that is Copper age is
towards left bottom, meaning impurity or sin
begins from there. The Iron Age is top left,
meaning, the sin increases to maximum.
The knowledge of TC only is the complete
or spiritual knowledge. That only is really pure
and highly beneficial. This great significance
lies in the symbol of swastika.

----------- ------14)SHIVARAATRI= NIGHT OF SHIV:Shiv comes in night, means, he comes in hell,
Iron Age and transforms it into day, heaven.
During Shivratri, devotes observe upavaas
(fasting) and jaagaran (not sleeping on that
The real/spiritual significance of upavaas
is- Upa = near, vaas = to stay. So- upavaas
means to stay near God or to remember God,
and awakening means – to be attentive that he
does not commit any mistake or sins.
------------- --------15)GOD IS NOT OMNIPRESENT:-

Sun light may fall everywhere, but does it
imply sun is everywhere? A King is the ruler of
the whole country. But, it does not mean that
King is everywhere. King resides in his palace
at capital. When there is need, he will move to
any corner of the country. Similarly, God
resides in his Supreme Abode and when there
is need, that is- at the time of climax, he
descends to PW.
As a person or object is special, its place is
also special. We keep diamond at best place. A
Kings’palace would be special. Even today’s
Prime Minister or President’s bungalows would
be special. Then how can we say- God resides
everywhere- in stones, dirt, dogs, pigs, etc. Is
not saying so- defaming him?
If God is everywhere, then everywhere
there should have been qualities of God. Then
all and everything would have become pure.
There should not be any discrimination thatsomeone is Guru, someone is good, someone is
bad, etc.
God is called as Supreme Father
(Param_Pita) of all souls. It means mainly we
have relation of father with him. Then God
cannot be everywhere. Because no relation can
be established with something that is
everywhere. Hence God dwells in Supreme
------------ ----------

16)RajaYog:Raj = King= Highest, Yog = “relation,
communion”, another meaning is “effort”. SoRajayoga means HIGHEST RELATION or
HIGHEST EFFORT/STUDY. There are lots of
relations and efforts or studies in this world.
But- all have limited extent, duration and
value, maximum for one birth. And- in case of
dangerous situations, all pray to God even
while having all these relations or salvations.
Rajayoga means to consider self as soul
and remember Supreme Soul. This recharges
the soul.
--------- -------16a)PRACTICE OF RAJAYOG:Now, let us try to feel the following
thoughts with maximum concentration and
“I am a soul, a tiny point of divine light
shining like a star on my forehead. I am not the
body, in fact, totally different than it like a
driver in a car.
The body is like an object or dead
substance, because it is due to me the soul it is
alive. So- now, I am going to feel the whole
energy in the soul/myself, in the tiny point.
Now, I imagine I am leaving the body. I the
point have come outside the body. I am seeing
my body from outside as a third person. Now, I
begin to fly above this world, above sun,

moons and stars, and even beyond the subtle
world, I have come to my SWEET SILENCE
------------- -------16b):- CONTINUED:The IW is a self luminous light of Golden
yellow, i.e. it is fully pure. This is my original
home and my most beloved god father also
resides here. Now, I am with my sweet father in
this land of peace.
I have birthright to my father’s property. To
think fo father is a great joy to self. It gives
immense peace, happiness and power.
Father is ocean of knowledge; I am getting
rays of knowledge from HIM. Father is ocean of
peace; I am getting rays of peace from HIM.
Father is ocean of purity; I am getting rays of
purity from HIM. Father is ocean of power; I am
receiving power from HIM. Father is ocean of
bliss, I am merged in bliss. In this way, I am
receiving the treasure of great knowledge,
power, virtues and bliss.
Now, in this world, no knowledge or
information can influence me. I have no hunger
of love of anyone since I have already got the
highest one. My mind and intellects are now
full and stable in ShivBaba (most beloved
father Shiv).
I have understood that my role in this TC is
great and special. I am a fortune soul. I have

come to know that I had been a deity for the
first 2500 years. Even in Copper Age, ether
would be enough happiness. In a TC, I would be
happy for around 4500 years. This gives me
power to face any problem in my life in future
and also builds the highest personality in me.
This also frees me easily and naturally from all
the temptations or bondages of this world and
keeps me in liberation in life. Because my
bright future is in front of my eyes. Hence even
while working I can be in this conscious in
future. I will be in conscious of Shivbaba,
Shantidham and heaven. It is like ShantiDham
in one eye, and heaven in the other. That issometimes I feel super sensuous bliss of
ShivBaba in Shantidham and sometimes I
experience heavenly divine happiness………
ShantiDham and SukhDham, Home and
Heaven, father and the property, ……….Om
------------- ----It is not that one should follow these steps
sequentially. These are just guides. One can
practice in any way he likes or finds. Only thing
is he should feel lighter. It would be better to
practice this a minute in every hour.
Shantidham and heaven are like two wings of a
bird or two tracks for a train. If we are on track,
then we are safe and comfortable. Our mind is
so wandering that- it is wise to do this practice

intermittently whenever we get time or feel
that I am wandering. Like a in a heavy traffic,
the vehicles are halted for a while, similarly,
when we feel the traffic of our mind is high
(losing control), better do this practice of
If you feel difficulty in practicing while
sitting, you may practice this while walking
slowly. It is good to do meditation 5 minutes as
soon as we wake up from sleep and just before
going to bed in the night.
For more knowledge, you may contact
BKWSU (BrahmaKumaris World Spiritual
University) which gives knowledge freely. Some
classes are also available in TV channels likePeace of Mind, Om Shanti Channel, Jaagaran,
etc. There are also various web sites. You may
also have one or two pictures pasted in your
room, so that when you get time or feel useful,
you may see those pictures and your mind may
get refreshed. As we practice well, then there
would not be dependency of any of these
instruments or materials.

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