An overpass is one of the transportation facilities that can be proposed as an alternative
for solving problems. This facility is a means of reducing conflicts between vehicular and
pedestrian traffic, thus increasing the efficiency and safety of the transportation system. The
primary need for pedestrian control is to reduce the number and severity of traffic accidents
involving pedestrians and this is also considered as one of the remedies that enhances the
roadway safety.
As what we observed everytime we pass by the target location, traffic congestion is
caused mainly by the huge number of pedestrians, usually the students, crossing the road.

Cotabato City has for many years been forced to deal with the traffic delays brought
about by the narrow lanes both vehicular and pedestrian. Increased vehicular traffic causes long
delays and prevents emergency vehicles from reliable access to certain areas of the city.
As students of Notre Dame University, one of our observations is that it has been an
obstruction on the way going to school. It also serves as a hassle for workers going to their
workplace most especially when it is on rush hour.

Our research will enable people to better understand current highway interactions and to
evaluate future ecological, behavioral, and demographic changes that may result from adaptation
of highway design, traffic volume and development intensity.
Pedestrian-overpasses are appropriate when there is high speed and/or high traffic flow,
where there is considerable pedestrian delay or a high pedestrian accident problem. Proper
evaluation of these parameters resulted in identifying the most appropriate locations for installing
pedestrian-overpasses. An economic analysis was proposed in this study for the purpose of
reasonable evaluation of the required parameters that justified the installation of such costly
structures. We consider savings of pedestrian accidents and pedestrian delay as the benefits that
will be achieved after the installation of the overpass, on the other hand, construction costs shall

Railings – barrier consisting of a rail and supports 5. 6. pedestrian delay and etc. distance by which one object clears another or clear space between them. different “recommendations” will be developed: Solutions with regards to accidents along the highway. reach. Clearance – act or process of clearing. Median – lying in the plane dividing a position into right and left halves 3. qualitative interviews and informal discussions all the collected data and documents will then be critically analyzed and concluded with limited future research recommendations. Span – extent. Stairway – one or more flights of stairs usually with landing to pass from level to another. 8. Roadway – strip of a land over which a road passes 4. In creating this project proposal. D. 9. The fieldwork will provide the main data analysis accompanied by site observations. The study area and topic cover a wide range of interrelated areas from vehicular traffic to pedestrian overpass. Lane – narrow passageway between fences or hedges. SCOPE AND LIMITATION This project is more of a study and analysis of the subject matter than with finding propositions. It is also directed towards a qualitative research approach primarily based on fieldworks. considered. DEFINITION OF TERMS 1. Overpass – crossing of two highways or of a highway and pedestrian path or railroad at different levels where clearance to traffic on the lower level is obtained by elevating the higher level 2. stretch. or spread between two limits . Pedestrian – a person going on foot 7.

G D F H I. PERT/CPM ACTIVITY Excavation pouring (foundation) assemble (prestressed column) assemble (girders/beams) attach steel trusses attach steel railings & posts attach steel slab attach roof trusses & railings attach roofings paint job attach steel reinforcment (stairs) pouring (stairs) attach steel railings (stairs) ribbon cutting CRITICAL PATH B. - EQUIPMENT(S) Dump Truck Mobile Crane Transit Mixer Back Hoe Bar Cutter PREDECESS OR A B C D E.CHAPTER 3: THE TECHNICAL STUDY A. M D K L A-B-C-D-K-LM-J DURATI ON 2 21 7 7 3 4 4 4 4 7 5 21 7 1 97 77 days .

These traffic injuries reflects a country’s high pedestrian population. rapid motorization and poor state of infrastructure. Overpass is recommended before it can be replicated elsewhere. and we all know that time saved for work causes economic progress. Overpass can provide complete separation of pedestrians or cyclists from vehicular traffic. This study will evaluate socio-economic response to pedestrians and government for safety intervention in an urban trading. The project aims to let people save time. It also provides croosings where no other pedestrian is available and connect off-road trails and paths across major barriers like freeways. railway or natural barriers. and people crossing the road and mostly for easier access of the road.CHAPTER 5: SOCIO-ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENT STUDY People do not have to walk out into a busy street and get hit by a car. This is a cheaper alternative for road collision at more frequent intervals which can be more effective. for old people to cross safely. pedestrians and non motorized traffic are deliberately targeted and road casualties can be considerably reduced. By creating an overpass. to not bother the drivers. It benefits the people in a way that people will not be tempted to jaywalk to minimize accidents. Probable effect in terms of economic increase is immeasureable. Pedestrians are most susceptible representing 70% of traffic fatalities in a country and the larger proportion of traffic injuries on urbsan roads. .