Name of the Product

An overpass (called a flyover in the United Kingdom and most Commonwealth countries) is
a bridge, road, railway or similar structure that crosses over another road or railway.
An overpass and underpass together form a grade separation.
Properties of the Product
Uses of the Product
Overpasses are used where roads cross at different levels without intersecting. When first
creating a overpass it’s not important which road passes under or over the other road, but it is
important to make sure the two roads don’t create an intersection where none exists.
Overpass is used as a safer alternative. Using overpasses allows for unobstructed rail traffic to
flow without conflicting with vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Rapid transit systems use complete
grade separation of their rights of way to avoid traffic interference with frequent and reliable
Major users of the product
Overpass indicates how they become meaningful at the neighbourhood scale through the spatial practices of
marginal population in the area: namely, the use of space for economic, social and recreational activities. The
economic activities act a sponge that absorbs large numbers of surplus labourer from the informal settlements
next to it.
It gives insight into array of multiple usages for the users of this product: informal market sand street vendors
spring up in the mornings, selling from tea to chicken, fish to fruit; food stalls and shop are set up in the late
evening, children occupy part of the space after school to play cricket, badminton and other games; and some
eventually fall asleep in the vacated spaces.
Geographical Areas of Dispersion
Traffic congestion is on the rise in this city alongside the increase in vehicle population.
Everyday residents of this city and vehicle users are forced to waste time waiting at traffic
signals while attempting to cross roads. Lauding the efforts to construct a grade separator in
Cotabato City, vehicle users say that it is high time the city gets more grade separators in order to
access to multiple directions over existing junctions.
Overpass would benefit vehicle users. It would make regulating traffic easier too.

They use the flyunder voids intensively for all kinds of economic activities such as high speed and with less time. What is most promising about these marginal people is that they find innovative ways for fulfilling their needs at different sections of the flyover and their ingenuity extends to parts of the flyunders which then become places to wait. commuters from the opposite direction have to move in the wrong direction. Fiscal and monetary policy have a profound effect on the financial marketplace.Demand Traffic jams are a routine affair. work. And their makeshift uses are notonly distributed in space but also in time. The highway along CCSPC is one of the busier junctions in the city and it has been reeling under traffic snarls for the past few years. risking their lives. Interestingly. chat. production and provision of services. Making lemons out of lemonade can benefit certain types of businesses in a weak economy--a strong economy can be negative for others. Governments hold much sway over the free markets. the whole stretch. gather. . One of the factors affecting the market is the government. The road is accident-prone. Due to absence of flyovers. the flyunders become a roof for the socio-economically poor households. play. Even before the formal institution’s premeditated use of flyover for vehicles. marketers may be affected positively or negatively by a strong or weak economy. Price Study Factors affecting the market The economy always has an impact on marketing--whether it is weak or strong. Supply Demand Supply Analysis The formal institutions target at the flyovers for serving the transport facilities for the middle to high income groups. sleep. The bottom line: it pays to understand the market and the effect the economy will have on them. The demand for an overpass is at high stake since one can see the growing number of vehicles on overpass.home or work. The overpass delivering distant communities to their destinations. but one can hardly foresee the growing number of diverse activities that evolve from the migrant workers entering into the city every day. and the marginal people on the other hand search for their fortune in the flyunder voids overlooked by the formal institutions. themselves become a destination for countless migrant workers in the city and capture the time beyond. and live. users and activities. rest.

Asking for approval and funding for the proposed overpass are needed to urge the government to fund the project. .