Namaste friends

We discussed the chart of US presidential candidate Mitt Romney at our
Monday Boston Jyotish class on 2012 Jan 9 (last Monday). The audio will
be uploaded to by the students
soon. It is free to download and listen to.
Mitt Romney's birthdata is: 1947 March 12, 9:51 am (5 hrs west of GMT),
Detroit, MI, USA (83 W 2' 45", 42 N 19' 53"). It is rated AA by
AstroDataBank. It explains past events quite well.
We mainly used Sudarsana Chakra Dasa (SCD) of D10 and drew a few
conclusions. If you listen to the audio, you can see the following
points discussed in a great detail:
(1) 2011 March 12 to 2012 March 12 is great for Romney. But the next one
year after 2012 March 12 shows fall, disappointments and setbacks. If
Romney is nominated, he will lose the election. If the primaries drag
on, he may not even be nominated.
(2) Based on pratyantardasas of SCD, we concluded that Jan 10-13 was
awesome for Romney and he will take New Hampshite comfortably and nobody
would catch up with him at the last minute like at Iowa.
(3) Based on antardasas of SCD, 2011 Dec 14 to 2012 Jan 13 is awesome
for Romney. It shows rise and fame. Jan 13 to Feb 11 shows some
slowdown. Feb 11 to March 12 shows some improvement.
Overall, it seems like Romney will do well, but unable to close the
deal. If primaries drag on into March, Romney may even lose nomination.
We concluded that the commentary of pundits that Romney could be
coronated if he won NH too was premature. This race seemed like a
marathon rather than a 100 metre race to us.
Jon Huntman's chart does not show much promise. He will serve the
purpose of splitting moderate vote and pulling down Romney a little bit.
Though the vote of [social] conservatives will be split by Santorum,
Gingrich and Perry, one conservative candidate may emerge in February.
Perry's chart does not show promise. So it will be either Santorum or
Gingrich. Santorum's birthdata is unavailable and Gingrich's birthtime
is rated DD (i.e. unreliable) by AstroDataBank. So we will leave them

he may be reborn to fulfil that!). but just wants to debate Obama and do well in the debate. He will also keep referring to Obama's debating skills and warn that Romney will be no match and only he can debate Obama! Best my guess is that Obama is the re-incarnation of Abraham Lincoln (if a dying Lincoln's last thought/desire was "I freed blacks. *** Based on a correlation of Lincoln's punya chakra. Gingrich will do ANYTHING to get a chance to debate Obama again. It's almost as though he doesn't care about presidency.wikipedia. It is my feeling (partly based on Jyotish) that Gingrich is the re-incarnation of Stephen Douglas (of the famed Lincoln debates of 1858 .see http://en. Narasimha . but can a black ever become US president". If this conclusion is correct.out for now.