A moment wasted in ones duration of life cannot be
returned even in exchange for an unlimited volume of gold. Sorry to
those who waste this valuable life. Such persons are considered madmen.
"One who desire happiness in this world and in the next (the
spiritual world) should always worship the Supreme Personality of
Godhead, Lord Hari. If someone criticizes others, including his superiors,
it means he actually wants to suffer in this world and in the next
(material world).
A person influenced by ignorance experiences extreme misery,
but when he becomes free from ignorance, he achieves the topmost
One is freed from ignorance by knowledge, not by other
processes. Real knowledge, which is nondifferent from the Supreme Person,
is achieved by hearing or realizing Vedic instuctions.
An ideal person attains this knowlege from the acarya
(spiritual master). It is true that a materially detached person can
attain this knowlege.
When all kinds of desires for material sense
gratification are irradicated from the heart of a person, he becomes
liberated, even while alive, and he realizes the Supreme Personality of
Godhead, the source of brahman.
The life of a person whose mind is always bitten by the snake of
material sense gratification, and who is bereft of pure self realization,
is always miserable.
Unlike the trees, deer (other animals) and birds who are all
living, the life of a human being is successful only if he uses it to
realize the Absolute Truth..
The only people who are glorified (by learned persons) as
successful in this world are those who will not have to take another
birth. The lives of everyone else are condemned like that of a donkey.
To those unintelligent people who consider the body to be the self,
the study of Vedic scriptural knowlege is a burden. For people who are
engaged in and attached to sense gratification, true knowledge becomes a
burden. Those who are not at peace with themselves, their mind is a
burden. Those who have transcended the mental platform, their body
becomes a burden.
In the beginning of creation, Lord Brahma created only one
catagory of woman. They were all very high quality, intelligent,
pure women who appeared naturally from him.
When the daughter of Kedara, Sri Vrndadevi cursed, at that
time the real, natural occupation was destroyed, then the angry Brahma
created a kind of woman named krtya.
That krtya woman was previously divided into three
catagories by Brahma --the topmost quality, the medium quality and the
lowest quality.

Any woman. due to illusion. she is taken to the hellish planets by the messengers of Yamaraja and a burning red hot iron club is placed on her genital. she does not accept a paramour and the defamation it would bring. She considers him (her husband) to be like poison. extrordinary greediness. Thus who can be worst than her? (Lord Narayana says) Any man who leaves his own wife due to greed or lust. touching them. therefore a wise person should not trust a cruel woman. (This is spoken by Uma. Any woman who angerly counter-argues with her husband. due to fear. father. a wise person should not trust them. Women should be protected in her childhood by her father. One should not even look at the painting or picture of a woman. Any woman. A low born woman who possesses bad character and is irreligious.). speaking with them. she becomes an owl in her next life and lives in the hole of a tree. illusion. And by cheating words (lying). and who. due to being carefully protected by her elders (husband. and quarrelsome. or enjoys them. and thus causes him to suffer various kinds of miseries. unknown to her husband. or a female jackle in a lonely forest in her next life. Any woman. is said to be of the lowest quality. cannot understand that her thoughts and activities are dirty. while hiding from her husband. in her youth by her husband and in her old age by her grown up sons because women are unqualified to live independently. the wife of Lord Siva. etc. who. Canakya Pandit says: Lying. A foolish person who trusts a woman.The highest quality woman is minutely religious (spiritually inclined) and devoted to her husband. therefore. (This is spoken by Lord Narayana) Looking at women. She always serves her paramour but criticizes and chastises her own husband. "Certainly a woman is like a leech because she always sucks the blood of man. hard speaking. uncleanliness and cruelty are the original nature of a woman. foolishness. by physical enjoyment with a man. to Narada Muni). suffers various miseries throughout his life. but a foolish man. and thus enjoys or accepts another's wife. becomes a bitch in a village. . and playing with them should always be given up. enjoys a paramour. Even at the cost of her life. A woman. hard natured. does not accept a paramour and somehow respects her husband is said to be a middle class woman. is undoubtedly degraded. with dirty intelligence. she attracts his complete mind. sucks all his semen and usurps all of his wealth. daringness. looks toward other men.

all become useless. playing with . because any of these activities can disturb his mind and cause him to fall down from the pure yogic platform. and in its presence. austerity. the association with anothers wife may seem pleasurable for a moment. fame. he must go to a ferocious hell and suffer for as many thousands of years as that woman has skin holes on her body. For a man there is nothing that will destroy his duration of life more quickly than the physical association of another's wife (illicit sex). Similarly. (This is spoken by Vrndadevi) Anyone who forcibly breaks the chastity of a chaste woman. ghee remains hard. To be celibate. Who can actually be very dear to a woman? Anyone whose mind is not disturbed by the beautiful eyebrows and eyes of a woman. but this moment of sense pleasure will cause misery for many many years. talking about her. but in her association becomes disturbed with lust. she thinks lustfully of even another person. breasts. the wife of Gautama Rsi) If a person's mind becomes attached to another's wife. Similarly. A woman talks to one person. whoever is not tied with the rope of greed. (Spoken by Ahilya. and charitable nature. If a man engages in illicit sex with some woman.Along with his previous ten and future ten generations of family members. looks at someone else with lusty eyes. (This is spoken by the messengers of Dharmaraja) For sense gratification. He becomes as sinful as the killer of one hundred brahmanas. if a woman. eyes and smile of a woman because they are all seeds of ones ruination. one should give up eight kinds of sex indulgence. whoever does not feel misery when sense gratification enters within the mind. due to lust. he should never remember a woman who he had previously known. face. whoever's heart does not burn by the heat of anger. she also achieves this same result. ghee becomes liquified. and he should never talk about women to others. (Lord Sri Krsna said) One should not look at the waist. The very form is always the cause of miseries. (Lord Brahma said) Any man who desires to attain the ultimate benefit of life (liberation) should never speak to a woman. his religiousity. and the man is like a pot of ghee (butter). accepts another man after giving up her own husband. intelligence. such a sober and steady personality wins over the three worlds. he should never look at the picture of a woman. respect. and in her mind. The woman is like fire. Due to the absence of fire. a man who does not associate with women remains fit (for self realization). education. Remembering the woman. is called the enjoyer of his own mother. he goes to hell.

engaging in secret talks to others about women. Oh Madhusudana. who is that wise man who will spend this uselessly in collecting wealth? Giving up thinking about sense gratification is the mantra to remove the cholora of hankering. please be pleased upon me. Oh friend of the grief stricken. Please save me. please be merciful upon me and please do not show me dirty dreams. his father is a great spiritualist who has kept the two lotus feet of Lord Janardana in his heart. It [lust] is nectarean in the beginning but in the end is like poison and takes one to the house of Yamaraja (hellish planets) and it makes one forget the gate of liberation. I'm drowning in the ocean of lust. if it is taken away from him. is claimed to be a devotee of Lord Visnu. (Cupid said) The body of a woman is my house. Because even the great sages become attracted and maddened by the character of a woman. Oh Lord Hari. This human form of life is a gateway to liberation to heaven. as the boatman of my intelligence. Of this there is no doubt. Oh Lord of lords. His mother is greatly fortunate. It is just like a winter season which increases the miseries of a person and destroys the . It does not matter what it is. Who is that foolish person who will give up the service to the lotus feet of Govinda. Oh Lord. to serve the feet of a woman? By the worship of the lotus feet of Lord Janardana. Material hankering is like a thunderbolt to the green vegetation like good qualities of a person. looking at her again and again. Whosoever has overcome her (a woman) within this world. and deliver me from this world. I always live in it. it becomes the cause of great distress. similarly. give me realized knowledge. Living there.her. making plans to be with her. Oh omniscient one. because they are the solace for everyone in this world and in the next (the spiritual world). These are the eight limbs of sexlife explained by the learned personalities. Oh Lord. being determined to get her. one becomes free from the cycle of repeated birth and death. I destroy the consciousness of every man. Giving up this thought is the root of happiness and thinking of this (visaya) is the root of unhappiness. A wise man should engage his mind at the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Even after receiving such a form. O Lord from this dangerous struggle This ocean is full of infamy and is very difficult to cross. When somebody obtains something and becomes attached to it. a small amount of greed destroys a famous person's fame and a qualified person's good qualities. and engaging in physical enjoyment. As a little spot of leprocy contaminates a beautiful body. Govinda. Oh ocean of mercy.

It is the enjoyment of a maddened female elephant of distress and anxiety. It is a shackle to tie a maddened elephant of illusion. . Not only this. It is a vine climbing on the banyan tree of this creation.fields of vegetation. death and distress. it (hankering) is just like a box which accumulates the ornaments of wealth of old age. It is just like great ignorance of the long night of the winter season. This hankering is also like hail which falls on the lotus flower and destroys it. It is like the moon of a blossoming lily flower of distress.