So, we should not be using social networks but we still know the positive and negative

impacts. Activities we are not only focused on social networking but we are still concerned
with the circumstances around us, and of course do not forget the time while chatting. If we
are using social networking to good purpose and not excessive, social networking is not
going to make us apathetic.
1. Someone too busy to socialize with friends in the social networking.
Basically all forms of online social networking, have positive aimed . That is,
connect us and our relationships wherever they are as long as they are
connected to the Internet network. The question is, what happens when social
networking becomes a sort of apathetic to its users? In our country, such
apathetic began to fret, and can be categorized as a social issue.
According to expert, Soerjono Soekanto , Social problem is a mismatch
between the elements of culture or society, which endangers the lives of social
Examples of cases , when a teacher present their materials in the student's
grade laptop cool with accessing social networks, or when a business relationship
is talking to you but you are too cool to pay attention to your timeline. And next
example a child died because his mother enjoyed social networking to
communicate with the BlackBerry Messenger.
It mentioned above of course only a fraction of cases are now rife. The effects of
apathetic is not only harming himself, but also can create resentment on the
other. Apathetic to social networking may lead to the creation of personal
apathy, or do not care about the social environment in which it finds itself. Also,
apathrtic may cause a negative stereotype of your environment.
Of course we can not blame the social networking that exist, because basically it
was created and proved to a good cause. It was, in this era has become an
obligation for a person having a social networking account to keep connecting it
to their friends. However, everything that much is not recommended.
2. Can not socialize in the real world
For the development of a person's social life. They were supposed to learn
socialization with the environment has mostly spent more time It impacts of too
frequent and too long to play facebook. This is quite alarming in cyberspace with
friends facebook friends who average not discuss anything important. As a
result, a person's verbal abilities declined.
Indonesia's population is more like socializing in cyberspace than in the real
world. Thus the results of a survey released by Ipsos, a research firm quoted on Thursday (09/08/2012). No need to feel inferior if
your Facebook friends are not up to 500 or just be a handful of people follow on
Twitter. Because there are some people who are successful in the friendship in
cyberspace, but lonely and unhappy for failing to get along in the real world.
Child and adolescent psychiatrist from Soeharto Heerdjan Grogol RSJ, Dr. Suzy

Parenting factors according to Dr. So also other explanations that do not necessarily have to fit reality. pressure from parents who are too often lead can make children grow into teenagers who are always anxious and insecure. rather than socialize with the people closest around him. connect ties. When a celebrity Facebook or Twitter. also has the potential to bring a person becomes .Yusna Goddess. Similarly. Without realizing it for the addiction. SpKJ(K) admit in this day and age many teens having an identity crisis. but what about when dealing with strangers. Suzy when contacted detikHealth. Profile photos can be edited in such a way as to look as handsome or as beautiful as possible. spiritual and social. He was more excited and happy to spend long hours even a full day in front of a computer or laptop surfing the virtual world and without limit. However. rather than when dealing with people who are well known." said Dr. The social networking site has become addictive if would make a person with autism and apathetic. In addition to draining the time and reduce the activity of reading a book. The lack of opportunity for young people to develop themselves. It seems also need to reduce the activity of surfing in the world without borders and without this rule. there is pride. that we do not know the truth about these people? While the more real and closer to the people around us and then ignored. it when used in accordance with its function (make new friends. Problems in relationships make him feel confident and like are not accepted. for hours dealing with people that are not real. parenting parents should give more space for children to develop healthy physical. When hanging out in the virtual world through social networking. do not dare to deal with the real world. Suzy also influence this trend. The danger is not lost another great person will be someone else's identity Just imagine if one person has an account on social networking sites more than one with a different identity (but one and the same) and the fake accounts that relate to other people or may be related to us? The potential for cyber crime will be very big case. The solution is not difficult origin not excessive. as written on Wednesday (24/10/2012). it began to seem negative. the social networking site even shy away from social realities. Social networks like Facebook and the like became a fugitive. teens who experience an identity crisis is indeed possible to be someone else. 3. by reducing the intensity of hanging out in cyberspace and start increasing socialization in real life. Therefore. when it has become addictive. strengthen friendship) will bring good faidah. Someone can not pay attention the surrounding in the real world Social networking sites. prevention. ie. Just imagine. "A kind of social phobia. it needs to be addressed and dibijaksanai surfing needs in everyday life.

politics. as in the virtual world of social networking. In addition to the porn sites are very destructive youth. Through the internet is also the student can obtain a wide range of knowledge. forget the member money in his pocket. effort and cost.addicted and become apathetic to the situation around. if less intelligent manage internet usage then obtained only negative only. or just looking for information that has not been understood in a book with the help of internet. because fun C2C [cam to cam] the affair that runs almost the years. movies porn easily available over the internet. There are some real cases of negative effects of the site Chating : • There is a willing student is absent from school in order to play games. 4. Entertainment. Surf as needed. and more fun chat. . Internet also helps intansi and companies in developing their business. • There is an SPG mobile products are willing to lose his job because lazy go to work. spent tens of millions of laptops and internet charges just to see her show via webcam. and other information from around the globe. The time that use for online or chatting in the social networking Internet technology is a lot of benefit various parties in performing daily activities. Bersosialiasi with people in a real environment is better than dealing with individuals that are not clear. so forget about foster children. • There is also an online up to 24 hours until the laptop burn [burnt]. • A wife who are lazy to cook in the morning. the money to pay tuition spent on buying chips online games. Each product must have technology and negatipnya positive side. With the internet we know biased news economic news. games or even pictures. games and chat are also part of the reason a person experiences a loss of time. while learning his friends at school. culture.