Goal Setting

Name of Group: Working in schools (education
for kids)
What is each committee going to try to achieve this quimester? BE
Julian Cordero

Goal’s Be Specific
Create logo, update blogs with pictures, videos, etc. Raise overall
awareness through posters, etc.

Emilio Yarad

Bake Sales, Pizza Sales, Selling Gatorade in house games, Candy grahams


Jeans Day: Collect enough money to be able to donate or invest on the
Large Bake sale: Collect money to invest on the foundation
Sport related activity: Create a fun activity that the entire school will
participate, which hopefully will raise money.

Project: Joshue

Visit: Daniela
Alicia (y11)
Juan Martin
Emilio (y8)


Create a specific plan with activities and resources which will be
needed for visits
Find activities which will help kids improve their motor skills (logic
games, hand crafting)
Teach them through games and activities about colours, shapes,
Support the foundation with any financial support they may require
(will be specified once the foundation provides with certain aspects
in which we may help and contribute)

How much money would you like to raise this quimester? How would you like
to spend it ?
Amount of Money (guesstimate)
- Small Fundraisers: $120
- Visits: Money collected from the
- Large fundraiser: $150

Spend or Donate?
- Spend it on the cakes, pizzas, and gatorades
we are going to sell.
- Spend the money on the food for the kids
snacks for the next visit, and on any


resources required for the activities to be
carried out at the visit.

Do you plan on working with the same organizations as last quimester? If not,
then you need to start suggesting new ones. How could you improve the


Awareness (Julian): I’m with new kids this quimestre. I’m going to keep
my autocratic leadership style.
Small Fundraiser(Emilio):
Visits (Daniela): As I previously worked with the foundation, I decided it
would be beneficial to keep carrying our work and leadership to the same
foundation. As the group committed since day one to contribute to the
foundation, we felt it was a good idea to keep doing so. The relationship
with the foundation could be improved if there is more communication
with the place, and if we find new ways to collaborate effectively with not
only the kids but also the foundation as an organization.
Large Fundraiser(Tommy): We decided as a group to go to the same
place (education for children) due to the good relationship we had with
the children. We will improve upon these aspects:

In general how could this quimester be better than last quimester? Be specific
about what each person can do to make the community service projects better.
- Everyone could support the group more with bringing something for the
bake sale.
- Divide work into groups to better accomplish goals.
- Provide with more ideas for activities to carry out with the kids.
- Find any aspects that the organization as a whole could need help with
(either financially or support wise)
- Divide task among the group (visits):
- Daniela: I will be in charge of calling the Foundation and organizing times
for next visit.
- Ask for any support thy may require, and share with the group to be able
to plan a way in which that could be done and met.
- Planning the activities for the visits which can be age appropriate for the
5 small groups which will go.
- Alicia Y11 will be in charge of gathering resources which will be needed to
carry out the activities
- Emilio Y7 will be in charge of preparing the snacks for the kids to take to

the visit
Juan Martin Y11 will help with the organization at the foundation, help
with handing out activities for each of the 4 other groups.
- JulianY11: Julian will organize a jeans day to raise money
- Alejandro: Collect the money
- Lautaro: Advertise all the activities that will be done
- Tommy: I will organize a jeans day, or any type of fundraising activity to
raise money