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This Project is built to model the reservation system as closely as possible. The project has been built and tested on the Oracle database. JDBC was used as the interface between the database and JAVA. and uses JAVA as the programming language.CONTENTS  Introduction  Problem definition  Need for airline system  Scope of the project  System requirement specification  System planning  DFDS ( DATA FLOW DIAGRAMS)  Conclusion Introduction Overview This Project aims to model the working of an online airway reservation system. Some features are: .

• Separate profiles for users. business and economy seats that a flight can have. and for flights. and a cargo ticket about a cargo. containing all their personal data. EndAirport). i. 5. Flight : A flight is identified by its flightid. • Separate profile type for officials.e. Ticket : A ticket is uniquely identified by a ticketid. Definitions 1. executive. and can be booked under a passenger profile or a user profile. A ticket is booked on a flight for a route that the flight is associated with. Airport: An airport consists of a name. 4. A passenger ticket contains details about the passenger. Plane type: This defines the physical type of the plane. possibly halting in between at other airports. A route is elementary for a flight if the flight runs nonstop from the start airport to the end airport. and multiple airports in one city. • Possibility of multiple bookings per profile. A flight runs over a set of routes. It dictates the capacity of first.and every route has a unique route id. A flight runs over a route only if it runs from the startairport to the endairport. • Finding flight schedule information according to various constraints and conditions. A flight denotes an unique “plane”. and its airport id. one which is scheduled to run at a certain time. Route: A route is simply a tuple of airports: (StartAirport. • Handling of different kinds of schemes for frequent fliers. the city it is in. from one place to another. 2. • Handling of flight schedules across multiple stops. • Appropriate error checking. The ticket may be a passenger ticket or a cargo ticket. 3. .

The above descriptions more or less define all the entities that are in the ER diagram of the database project. route. It has only the primary keys of each entity. Some of the important and notsoobvious relationships are explained : 1. and can find retrieve the complete list of passengers boarding a flight. Any scheme valid on this flight. 8.6. Profile: A profile denotes that a person has been verified to be genuine and can book tickets/ execute certain queries. Official: An official is a person who can book tickets for others. Problem Definition . FlightRouteScheme: This is a ternary relation that says that a flight runs over a route using a particular scheme. Number of booked seats on this flight. The attributes in this include: 1. Scheme : A scheme consists of discount percentages on various classes awarded on certain flights. A scheme is defined for a flight and for a particular route. Scheme ids have a type code defining what they are valid for. ProfileTicket relation: This consists of two relations: user profile related to ticket and the official profile related to ticket. 2. 7. but not the flight id and route id. This is done to keep the user and official profiles separate and independent from each other. 4. An official works at an airport. 2. FlightRouteTicket: This ternary relation says that a ticket is booked on a certain flight over one route that the flight allows. 3. and for certain people or round trips. Fare for the flight between the two stops given by the route specified. A flag value indicating whether this is an elementary or complex route for this flight. for this route 3. and a period code showing whether they are valid as of now or no. The scheme can be null.

If the volume of reservations is less then we can go with manual system but when the volume of reservations crosses a certain level then it becomes very tough to manage reservation system manually.The definition of our problem lies in manual system and a fully automated system. fax. There were a lot of drawbacks in traditional approach. he need not to find the last ticket number it will be done and incremented automatically. Internet etc. The technical systems contains the tools of latest computers printers. The systems with this technology are very fast. This system is more prone to errors and sometimes the approach to various problems is unstructured. This Airline Reservation System will reduce the manpower requirement . Traditionally Airline Reservation System was done manually. userfriendly and reliable. Technical system: With the advent of latest technology if we do not update our system then our business result in losses gradually with time. accurate. Manual system : The system is very time consuming and lazy . Need of Airlines system A few factors that directs us to develop a new system are given below -: 1) Faster System 2) Accuracy 3) Reliability 4) Informative 5) Reservations and cancellations from anywhere to anyplace Scope of the project This is the project to automate the work of “Airline Reservation System”. If the Airline Reservation System’s operator want to do a new reservation.

 Maintaining the system for a period of one year after installation it includes only the preventive and corrective and maintenance Enhancement and adaptive maintenance is not including it. Over view of developer’s Responsibility The Developer responsibilities are. It is meant for use by developer and will be the basis for validating the final delivered system. which describe the complete behavior of proposed software.    This SRS provides many benefits. INRODUCTION Purpose The purpose of this document is to describe the external requirement for an “Airline Reservation System”. It also describes the interface for the system. The developer is responsible for asking any classification. Developing the system Installing the S/W on the client H/W Constructing the user training that might be necessary for using the system. where permission of client. The basic goal of requirement phase is to produce the SRS. Only one operator is required to operate the system. Scope This document is only one that describes the requirement of system. System Requirement Specification SRS is a document that completely describes what the proposed software should do. Any changes mode to the requirement in the future changes approval process. some of the goals it accomplishes are:- .drastically.

Careful development of on SRS can real. Proving a reference for validation of the final product. Netbeans IDE Backend : MS Access 2007 Operating System : Windows Hardware Requirement The minimum H/W requirements are as follows Processor : Pentium Ram : 256 MB . The SRS assist the client in determining if the software meets the requirement. Hardware and Software Requirements Software Requirement The minimum S/W requirements are as follows Platform : JAVA. Reducing the development cost. Inconsistencies and misunderstanding early in development cycle. which can considerably reduce cost.   Establishing the basis for agreement between client and supplier on what the software product will do. The preparation of the SRS forces rigorous specification before the design basis.

Hard disk : 40 GB System planning PERT CPM ACTIVITY DEPENDENCY DURATION (A) Study ------------------- 15 (B) Analysis Study 9 (C) Design Analysis 15 (D) Coding Design 20 (E) Testing Design 14 (F) Implementation Coding Testing 8 Total Day’s Design Phase:   File Design. 81 . Program Logic Design.

Development Phase:    · Coding Debugging Testing DATA FLOW DIAGRAM (DFD) DFD for listing of flights Flight Flight file Flight information Display informantion .

DFD for Reservation in flight Flight file Save record in Passenger file True Taking date and flight No from keyboard False False .

Exit Exit DFD for Cancellation of Reservation Passenger file True Input ticket no from keyboard False Exit .

DFD for Cancellation of Flight Flight file Input flight no from keyboard Exit .

DFD for Enquiry of ticket Passenger file Input ticket no from keyboard Exit .

It over data size approaches this 1gb some other database the SQL server. oracle. I have take MS-Access at backhand but it has a limitation of 1 GB size . . But its overall look and feel gives rough picture of on existing automation system. can be used with ODBC to break this barrier .Conclusion Though the system still containing lot of scope of improvement in it.