English Department

: Dictation and Reproduction
: 2 (two)
: Even Semester 2014/2015
: Gindho Rizano, S.S., M.Hum
Dictation and Reproduction is designed for students with basic and lower-intermediate listening
skills to help them understand English spoken at a slow and moderate speed (‘clear’ English as
opposed to ‘mumbled’ English). The main goal is bring students’ listening skill to higher levels
(upper-intermediate and lower-advanced). This course will also help students with their
pronunciation and communication skills as they are expected to be able to actively reproduce
the audio materials that they listen to in both passive and active manners. Main activities in
class include listening to audio-visual materials, stating the main idea of the materials, analyzing
them and taking notes, reproducing some key parts, discussing how the key parts can be used
in conversations and speech, practicing communication skills.

At the end of the semester, students will be able to
1. Read and use English-English dictionaries. This includes the ability to read IPA symbols.
Acquire a habit of always referring to good dictionaries.
2. Understand spoken English; especially when it is spoken at a slow or a moderate speed.
3. Have a preliminary or basic understanding of ‘natural’ or fast spoken English.
4. Reproduce spoken English dictated by the lecturer
5. Reproduce spoken English heard on the listening materials
6. Use words and expressions correctly in speeches and conversations. Be a more fluent
7. Enjoy and understand some cultural products of English-speaking society (e.g. cartoon
shows, short speeches, certain types of movies, vlogs, etc)
Individual Oral Report (How-Tos or Information Sharing), plus Group Role Play and active
participation in class
Journal of Pronunciation and Word and Sentence Usages. Students are expected to write at
least three pages of notes a week. There should also be a “Word and Expression of the Week”
every week.
Mid Term Exam


An intellectual property of Gindho Rizano. Padang, January 2015

Padang.Recording: Reading A Children’s Story and What I Learned from the Story. Includes an introduction to a movie.com/ From the Lecturer Gindho Rizano’s English Skill Courses on Facebook (Note: All students are required to join this group) https://www.com/user/atsusana69 Dictionaries Oxford’s Learners Dictionaries http://www.facebook. January 2015 .com/ A. students should hand in the script of the story and the video of a native speaker reading it.esl-lab. A.com/ Audio-Visual Learning Learning English Through Pictures http://www. E-Book Say it Better in English: Useful Phrases for Work and Everyday Life. Along with the recording.youtube. short videos.blogspot. Non-Online Materials Audiobooks Various audiobooks including Improving Your American English Accent and Learning English Via Listening to improve listening and overall English skills provided by the lecturer.com/ Merriam-Webster Dictionary http://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.merriam-webster. An intellectual property of Gindho Rizano.com/groups/473081289458662/ English Eduweb (Nash & G’s Notes) on Blogspot http://englisheduweb. and the theme or cultural notes. Online Materials Audio Learning Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab http://www.com/groups/1478417232411663/ English Eduweb (Nash & G’s Group) on Facebook https://www. top 5 words and top 5 sentences. and children’s stories videos. Final Exam 30% Recording: What I Learned from this Movie. a List of Children’s Stories Videos Some educational videos.facebook. provided by the lectures . cartoon shows.

(2) realize the importance of good pronunciation. (3) break down and study the materials in details to improve their overall English skills. (2) listening correctly and intensely as the Evaluating Our Listening and Speaking key to improve their overall English Skills. When Do Use this Expression? Say it Better in English. January 2015 . skills. (2) understand the general content of the materials. Passive Students are able to use the Loop reproduction and creative reproduction Method to improve their listening skill and speaking skill. Actively Using and Reproducing Words/Expressions in Different Contexts Meeting Topics Activity / Target 9 The Rhythm and the Intonation of the English Language: Sentence Stress 2 An intellectual property of Gindho Rizano. (4) take notes effectively 4 5 The Vowel Sounds of English Language The Consonant Sounds of the English Language 6 The Rhythm and the Intonation of the English Language: Word Stress 7 The Rhythm and the Intonation of the English Language: Sentence Stress 1 8 Mid Term Exam [Constants: Learning English Via Listening. (5) Know to understand and be understood? what to be expected of them in this class 2 Dictation and Reproduction Methods: Play Interactive Dictation and Reproduction and Expansion Method / Students are equipped with a powerful method to enhance their listening skill and fluency 3 Dictation and Reproduction Methods: Audio Discussion on How to Study Audioand Video Loop Method: Listening for Video Materials Effectively / (1) content and specific words. (4) know the and are we understood? What’s the importance keeping a journal and connection? Why not? What should we do referring to dictionaries.Part One (Dictation Emphasis). (3) have a clue as Question: Do we listen correctly? Do we to how to improve their listening and say things correctly? Do we understand pronunciation skills. “Word and Expression of the Day” in Journals Part Two (Reproduction Emphasis). Breaking Down Cartoons. Padang. Listening to the Sounds of the English Language and the Keys to Understanding Spoken English Meeting Topics Activity / Target 1 Introduction: (1) Dictation and Reproduction Lecture and Syllabus Socialization / as the Foundation of Language Acquisition Students (1) know the importance of (Rethinking of How We Study English).

Breaking down short informative videos and talks. Say it Better in English. January 2015 .Alternate: Mid Term Exam Discussion IPA Test 1 (Ticket to Final Exam) Using English to Share Information and Ideas: Individual Oral Report 1 12 Using English to Share Information and Ideas: Individual Oral Report 1 13 Using English in Specific Situation: Group Role Play 1 14 Using English in Specific Situation: Group Role Play 2 15 IPA Test 2 (Ticket to Final Exam) 16 Final Exam Preparation Final Exam Constants: Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab. Padang. “Word and Expression of the Day” in Journals 10 11 NOTES Further information is to be informed in class Dictation An intellectual property of Gindho Rizano.

How To / Oral Report 2 An intellectual property of Gindho Rizano. January 2015 . expressions and knowing how to reproduce them Small: including IPA.1st Half Constants: Via Listening. Sentence of the Day . passive reproduction.intro Problem and Target: Not good at listening and talking. Break down cartoons. creative reproduction .vowel sounds . Sentence of the Day .audio and video loop method: content. specific words.IPA Test 1 . When do we use this?.Sentence Stress 2 .sentence stress 1 . usage .How To / Oral Report 1 . level of correctness. Padang.consonant sounds . words.word stress . Good at them Big: Paying attention to sounds. Break down Ted Talk.play and expansion method .midterm exam: 7 Words and Pronunciation + 7 Sample Sentences (Notes) 2nd Half Constants: Randall. When do we use this.

Padang.English Studies Faculty of Humanities Andalas University An intellectual property of Gindho Rizano. January 2015 .Enacting 2 .. M.Final Exam Preparation final exam: 10 Words and Pronunciation + 10 Sample Sentences (Recording) Gindho Rizano.Hum ------------------------------Lecturer / Researcher Literary Studies .IPA Test 2 .Enacting 1 .

January 2015 . Padang.An intellectual property of Gindho Rizano.