public companies. Financial reporting In order to operate efficiently in the constantly changing regime. We help you manage your financial recording and business bookkeeping needs—so you can focus on running your business. It offers you.Accounting and Booking Keeping Support Service The Kiran Consultancy and Advisory’s (KCA) team has expertise in all aspects of accounting and taxation. or plan for the future. joint ventures and public sector entities. and leave the more complex accounting to us while you focus on making your business thrive. entities need to have a sound grasp of the international and domestic standards and an understanding of the upcoming financial reporting developments. a strategy.  Ind-AS reporting. Combining our knowledge of the profession and your business ambition with our expertise and consulting tools will help you achieve more than you ever imagined possible. We are ready to provide advice to you regarding any technical matter dealing with:  Accounting Standards application and interpretation. and  Adequacy of disclosure. We assist you in staying at the forefront of developments and how they impact on your organisation. 2013 and Ind-AS applicable from 1st April 2016. We are now operating in this new environment of the Company Law. Our consultancy services are unbiased and independent. We bring a fresh pair of eyes with current knowledge of the profession and the latest trends to your practice. trusts. an ongoing and immediate access to all your checking account balances for an up-to-the-minute picture of your cash flow. 2013. a new purchase. We’ll meet you at your place or at ours and we’ll do whatever we can to get a better understanding of your business and personal goals. SPEND MORE TIME MANAGING YOUR BUSINESS (AND LESS TIME ON BOOKKEEPING TASKS!) .  Preparation of financial statements. We’re here all-year-round if you need a sounding board to talk over a new idea. KCA prides itself on its ‘can do’ attitude and will go the extra mile for our clients.  Revise Schedule VI as per Companies Act. private companies both large and small. and it helps you complete your bookkeeping with speed and accuracy. you can handle your day-to-day bookkeeping needs easily. that provides many challenges in implementation of this. KCA’s technical team is actively involved in providing advice to listed companies. We are not influenced by prior events or personalities that are often too close to the situation. its industry and environment. With our team support.

We know we can assist you in implementing the right solutions for the best results. Together. intelligent team on board. We deliver value-added services to improve your business performance and help you achieve your objectives. we implement the necessary changes and business strategies required to achieve your goals and provide long term growth. At KCA. Our Business Advisory team gives you the confidence and perspective you need to refocus on your business goals and objectives. With persistent advisory experience behind us. we also understand the benefits gained from the insight and support of a perceptive. Whatever your stage of development – from initial start-up ventures through to established corporate enterprises and succession planning – our Business Advisory team has the experience. . enhance your business drivers and identify any potential weaknesses and risks. maximising your wealth and the value of your business.Innovative solutions and trusted advice for your business needs KCA team understands the needs of your business. insight and solutions you need. we understand business owners face unique pressures. We work with you to develop key business indicators and performance goals. Our key areas of service include:  Business Compliance  CSR Implementation and related services  Business value maximization  Systems review and process reengineering  Sustainability  Strategic planning  Financial diagnostic analysis  Cash flow and profitability Knowledge is essential – timing is critical. Whatever your stage of the business cycle.

specific industry regulations and corporate governance can all presents challenges. is a well versed in the field of taxation. The team of KCA. partnerships and LLP’s  Central Excise and Custom Duty Compliance  Service Tax planning and Compliance  State-based VAT taxes and Compliance  Tax litigation support including prudential audits  Management of disputes with the Tax Department and other revenue authorities  Taxation solutions for individuals and executives KCA’s taxation expertise and resources ensure that you will meet your compliance obligations and benefit from well considered tax-planning opportunities. Experience. Consistent training ensures that we are always up to date with evolving legislation and current taxation issues. we see as an opportunity.frequent and ongoing legislative changes. KCA’s Taxation team is skilled in working across a range of industries and businesses including public and private companies. Our proactive approach means we deliver innovative. What some may view as a challenge. partnerships. we are wellresourced to present you with a range of options in meeting your tax commitments. Our Taxation team delivers a full range of service offerings including advice on:  Tax compliance – preparation of financial statements and tax returns for companies. we add value by providing specialist taxation solutions and effective business strategies that will build and protect your business.  Tax effective distributions by trusts. trusts. initiative and individual focus you need to stay one step ahead. . Over time your business and personal circumstances will change . trusts and partnerships.Expert taxation advice – turning challenges into opportunities At KCA. foreign owned entities and family-owned businesses. ongoing training and global reach ensure we have the perspective. penalties for non-compliance. Regardless of the size or complexity of the issue. We are refreshingly different. individuals and self-managed superannuation funds  Corporate and commercial tax planning and tax minimization. technical knowledge. tailored solutions to ensure you are not just up to date but well prepared to maximise new opportunities with strategies that cater for future obligations.

support price negotiations and improve your return on investment. the risks inherent in any transaction. transaction structure and post-deal implementation. cash flow dynamics and working capital requirements.  assessment of forecast performance including business model drivers. last twelve month (LTM) analysis and comparison to previous years. disposals. Financial due diligence is an integral part of the investment appraisal process.DUE DILIGENCE Tailored support for new. These reports are used on a range of transactions including acquisitions. and can also support the valuation and business plan analysis. due diligence provides leverage during negotiations by identifying issues for inclusion in the legal documentation prior to completion. flotation’s and bank re-financing. . due diligence often identifies areas of risk. financial due diligence reviews can include:  analysis of historical trading. Client benefits Financial due diligence is a critical aspect of transaction planning as it can affect the purchase price for a business or even the decision whether to proceed with a transaction. As an example. The KCA team prepares financial due diligence reports on acquisitions and disposals. and act on. net assets and operating cash flows.  review of recent trading. Our reports inform decision-makers. and  management reporting systems and internal controls.  identification of completion issues such as quantification of earnings and net debt analysis. errors or misstatements which allow a purchaser to renegotiate the terms of a transaction. Financial due diligence is a detailed investigation into a target business providing information to assist pricing decisions. as these issues are rarely disclosed by vendors at the start of a transaction. growing and established businesses. As an example. In addition.  covenant reviews and headroom against facilities. The results are presented in a report to help potential acquirers evaluate.

In addition. interim presentations and final reports issued to agreed timescales. financial modelling and advice on sale and purchase agreements to improve client’s returns after completion. . A vendor due diligence report is typically prepared during an auction process and made available to a number of potential acquirers rather than a single potential buyer. gaining a full understanding of underlying earnings. Data packs: a summary and numerical financial analysis without supporting commentary. we provide valuations. The provision of reliable information throughout a transaction is critical to its success so we keep clients informed with regular updates. In particular. explanations for variances. Vendor due diligence reports: a report commissioned by the vendor of a business rather than the purchaser. The outsourcing of this process to experienced professionals allows clients to focus on management actions and benefit from advisers’ expertise in this area. Detailed reports: a comprehensive investigation into the financial performance of a business including analysis of material account balances. Tailored reporting KCA provides a number of reporting formats tailored to the circumstances of a transaction. Our approach to due diligence Our approach to due diligence provides comprehensive and timely feedback for potential acquirers and financiers. underlying EBIT and EBITDA) and potential issues in the sale and purchase agreement. normalized working capital and completion issues requires specialist expertise prior to completion.e. our work can range from an executive summary style report to a detailed long form report used on a flotation as described below: Executive summary report: a high level summary of the material issues arising from our work such as price negotiation points. commentary on business trends and key performance indicators.The due diligence process requires financial analysis and fieldwork which is time consuming for management teams to complete. sustainable earnings (i. For example.

Core to the risk-based audit methodology is an understanding of the risk profile of organizations and assessing where internal audit work can add most value.  Provide clients with access to experts on various subjects.  Provide dedicated internal audit professionals without the day to day managerial requirements. consequently internal auditors are assuming a more strategic role that is linked to the overall assessment of risk. They can provide a range of support including fully outsourced solutions. Internal Audit Focus Areas  Focus internal audit resources on areas critical to the success of the organization. Businesses will benefit from experienced.  Monitor key areas of the client’s organization. KCA works with businesses to identify areas for improvement and explore ways to meet their objectives.  Meet all professional standards and requirements.Internal Audit How we can help? The increased focus on governance and controls has raised the profile and responsibility of internal auditors in both private and public organizations. independent professional evaluations on the quality and effectiveness of their risk management. All three of these delivery models give the advantage of scalability and flexibility.  Provide clear opinions linked back to the risk profile. governance and control arrangements. which is especially beneficial in the current economic climate. or the supply of specialist services. KCA’s provides internal audit services of the highest quality to suit the needs of businesses and their stakeholders.  Allow in-house resources to be used more effectively. working in partnership with in-house internal audit teams. .  Provide stakeholders and managers with assurances that their key systems and controls are in place and working effectively.

We offer a breadth of services for specific industries. Independent Directors and Remuneration Committee meetings Compliance. The managers of a business and its board of directors must cooperate fully with each other in an environment where high performance and ethical behavior are the key attributes of success. in a robust commercial manner. including internal audit. regulatory compliance. in the key areas of the SEBI and MCA principles of recommendations. performance monitoring.  Corporate governance advice  CSR committee. advice on best practice corporate governance. We provide risk management services that offer a customized and flexible approach based on the client’s requirements. different risk models and understand the issues affecting growing organizations. Corporate governance Underpinning business success and performance is the foundation of sound corporate governance. environmental. project and tax audit  Partnering with in-house teams  Helping establish an internal audit function  Internal audit quality assessments. remuneration and indemnification of directors. . related party dealings and sensible and transparent decision making.Internal Audit & Related Services  Fully outsourced internal audit services  Provision of specialists in fields such as IT. KCA provides. We help clients implement structured and effective assurance mechanisms that deliver genuine competitive advantage.

Business Advisory .Services and Specialties Assurance Management Consultancy  Internal Audit  KPO  Cost Accounting Record Maintenance  Accounting & Book Keeping  Due Diligence  Financials Preparation and Reporting  Investigation  Financial Analysis  Business Valuation  Business development consulting Taxation  Direct Taxation Income Tax Wealth Tax  Indirect Tax Excise Custom Service Tax VAT Assurance . Bangalore – 560 086. Nagar. Kiran Kumar No. Rajajinagar. Mobile : +91 94811 80809 E-mail : kiran@kiranca.Tax Contact Us: Mr.Risk Advisory .C.Corporate Finance Financial Services . 2. Mahalakshmipuram. .