NAME: _______________________________________

Write the letter that represents the correct answer in the space on the right.
1. During a scene in a play, the actors freeze and form a motionless living picture.
This ‘motionless, living picture’ is called a
A. shot
B. reflection


C. kinesphere
D. tableau

2. Which of the following is a Caribbean writer?
A. Mary Lamb
B. William Shakespeare


C. Derek Walcott
D. Stephen King

3. The picture below is an example of a _________________________ stage.

A. Thrust
B. Proscenium
C. Traverse
D. Arena


farce 8. Past Tense __________ C. Thrust D. During a performance an actor forgets his lines.4. 1. 11 and 1V 7. ask the director for help 6. Proscenium _________ . 111 and1V D. Present Tense B. Future Tense D. Stage directions for a play are written in the A. satire __________ C. Creation of Mood 111. project __________ C. Conditional Tense 5. The play “Falling Star” is most likely a A. Black box C. especially when the main character dies. The most common type of theatre used in the Western world is the A. Revelation of Form 1V. Arena B. comedy B. 11 and 111 B. 1. 1. 11. 111 and 1V ___________ C. Illumination A. Memorising lines 11. leave the stage B. The best thing for him to do A. tragedy D. improvise D. Which of the following are functions of stage lighting? 1. Members of an audience cry during the play “Falling Star”.

Upstage left B. In what stage position is the man holding the teddy bear? A. Centre left . scene 10. act D.9. All the various things placed on the stage make up the A. Centre right D. The stage for a production was arranged to look just like a classroom. flat B. Downstage right C. set C.