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Weinland Park Neighborhood Festival

Summary of festival planning committee meeting

September 29, 2014
Present: Diane Dixon, chair, Terry Althouse, Kimberly Golden, Brandyn McElroy, Jean Pitman,
and Steve Sterrett.
Diane Dixon called the meeting to order shortly after 5:30 p.m. at Godman Guild Association.
The purpose of the meeting was to review how the festival went on August 16 and to make
suggestions for the festival in 2015.
Ms. Dixon made several suggestions for 2015 based on the experience at the 2014 festival:

More tables and chairs need to be rented.

The location of the dance floor may need to be moved to accommodate electrical needs and
the DJ.
More electrical outlets are needed. Are there additional sources of electricity from the school
building or do we need to rent a generator or two?
The COTA bus parked at the festival had a flat tire. The tire may have been intentionally

Steve Sterrett distributed a printed summary of the expenses and contributions for the festival.
The expenses total $4,407.02. The funding commitments total $5,105. Mr. Sterrett also will write
a check for $50.80 to the civic association for the profit from the popcorn and cotton candy sales.
The committee members agreed that next year two persons should be assigned to handle money
at the festival, so there is appropriate checks and balances regarding cash.
After discussion, the festival planning committee recommended the following to the civic
associations Steering Committee:
The civic association should establish a separate checking account or accounting process
for the 2015 festival. The Steering Committee committed $500 for the 2014 festival. Any of
the $500 not needed for the 2014 festival should be placed in the account for the 2015
festival. In addition, the $50.80 from the popcorn and cotton candy sales should go into that
Mr. Sterrett distributed a report with the results of the survey of festival attendees. A total of 98
completed surveys were received. Mr. Sterrett noted that the survey affirms the importance of the
information tables. The festivals activities were rated as excellent by 77% of the respondents.
Among activities people would like to see at the festival are organized games for all ages.
Brandyn McElroy said there was positive feedback regarding the festival at the civic
associations monthly meeting on September 24. Some folks suggested having additional
neighborhood social gatherings, but not as elaborate as the festival, throughout the year.

Ms. Dixon reported that she had received suggestions that the festival be held earlier in August
because people generally have more money at the beginning of the month. After discussion, the
festival planning committee recommended to the civic associations Steering Committee
that the festival in 2015 be held on Saturday, August 1, or Saturday, August 8.
Ms. Dixon said the two food vendors told her that they would like to return next year. Ms. Dixon
suggested that the festival invite additional food vendors and not give away any food. Committee
members expressed concern that a significant amount of the free food had been wasted. Mr.
Sterrett suggested that the festival continue to provide free water and that the cost of the popcorn
and cotton candy be lowered, perhaps to 25 cents. After discussion, the festival planning
committee agreed to invite additional food vendors, not give away free food, and continue
to distribute free water.
Other matters discussed by the festival planning committee:

Terry Althouse will check on the citys requirements for a license to sell food at the festival.
A local church may have an interest in selling food. Ms. Dixon will investigate other
potential vendors for the festival.
The committee will seek a DJ who will play family-friendly music. Jean Pitman offered to
help find a DJ.
Kimberly Golden suggested that a raffle be held to raise funds for the festival. The prize
would be a large basket of items whose value might total $200 or more. Individuals and
businesses would be solicited for goods, gift cards, tickets, etc.
Mr. McElroy said many people are interested in Weinland Park t-shirts. The committee
agreed that it would be good to have t-shirts for distribution at next years festival, if a
sponsor can be found to help defray the cost.
Mr. McElroy said that, as president of the civic association, he will prepare a standard letter
seeking financial support for the civic associations projects. He will provide that letter to
Ms. Dixon to use in asking for donations to the festival.

The festival planning committee will not set another meeting date until after the civic
associations Steering Committee has acted on the recommendations.

Summary prepared by Steve Sterrett.

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