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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Planning Committee for Weinland Park Neighborhood Festival

Summary of Meeting of July 21, 2014
Diane Dixon, chair of the festival planning committee, called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.
Attending the meeting were Tiffany Allen, Terry Althouse, Larry Berry, Teresa Evans, Donna
Hughes, Malcolm J, Jean Pitman, and Steve Sterrett. The meeting concluded about 6:25 p.m.
Printed below is a summary of the committees decisions and assignments made.
The festival will be held Saturday, August 16, from noon to 4 p.m. in the city park behind
Weinland Park Elementary School. The theme is New beginnings.
1. Logistics
Tent, dance floor, tables and chairs are rented from Lasting Impressions. Tent should be
set up and trucks gone by 11 a.m.
Diane will check with Michael Wilkos regarding acquisition of two smaller canopies.
Park permit, special-duty officer, access to restrooms: Steve will check with Erin Prosser
on these matters.
Map of festival site: Diane will talk with Erin regarding location of activities on the site.
2. Budget
Steve said funding is in place for the festival thanks to The Columbus Foundation, United
Way of Central Ohio, Wagenbrenner Development, Community Properties of Ohio,
Weinland Park Community Civic Association, Kroger, Godman Guild, and residents.
See page 3 for estimated expenses and donations.
3. Volunteers. Tiffany Allen and Tracie Evans are volunteer coordinators. Steve will circulate
volunteer sign-up sheet at WPCCA meeting on July 23. Volunteers are needed to assist with
the following activities:
Set-up will begin about 9:30 a.m. Godman Guild volunteers will help; others also needed.
Clean-up. Godman Guild volunteers will help; others also needed.
Popcorn machine. Volunteers identified for this.
Cotton candy machine. Volunteers identified for this.
Face-painting. Godman Guild volunteers will handle.
Bounce house. Godman Guild volunteers will handle.
Art activity. Malcolm J will direct; volunteers needed to help him.
Festival command center/festival registration/civic association representatives.
Preparing hotdogs. Michael Wilkos will direct; volunteers needed to help him.
Distributing food & water. Volunteers needed.
4. Food
Festival-goers will obtain wrist band at festival registration table that will entitle them to
free hot dog, fruit, and bottled water. Wrist bands have been acquired.

Hot dogs, fruit and bottled water donated by Kroger. Diane will pick up day of festival at
9:30 a.m. Diane also will purchase aluminum pans in which to serve watermelon slices.
Prepare hotdogs. Michael will bring grill and oversee cooking.
Food trucks. Diane will ask food trucks to be in place by 11 a.m.
Cotton candy and popcorn machines. Diane will arrange to pick up. Steve will obtain at
least $20 in change for use with each of the machines.
Corn-on-the-cob. Diane will confirm with Local Matters.

5. Entertainment and activities

Transit Arts will be asked to perform about 12:15 p.m. after opening program.
DJ Buzz will provide recorded music.
Commit To Be Fit may appear at last minute.
Donna will ask DJ Buzz about Sisters for Life possibly performing.
Bounce house rented.
Art activity. Malcolm J will ask children to draw a picture of their visions of the
neighborhood festival. He reported that Godman Guild will display the best pictures at a
later date and, perhaps, host a reception.
Face-painting. Terry will obtain face-painting supplies.
Pre-school activities. Steve will check with Jane Wiechel to confirm that the Schoenbaum
Family Center will provide activities for preschool children.
Teen activities. Steve will check with Mark Lomax to confirm whether R.I.S.E. Youth
Club will offer activities for teenagers.
Terry hasnt been able to confirm COSIs attendance at the festival this year.
6. Opening program. Program will begin at noon with brief flag ceremony by Girl Scout
troop followed by welcome and introduction of civic association officers.
7. Information tables. More than 20 organizations have asked for information tables.
8. Publicity
Flyer. Terry printed 1,200 copies of a two-sided publicity flyer for festival. Diane will
check with Michael about distributing them with the neighborhood newsletter.
Banners hung at park. Diane will arrange to hang the two banners promoting the festival
on the east and west sides of the park on the Sunday before the festival.
9. National Night Out (Tuesday, August 5, from 5-7 p.m. in city park)
Pastor Roscoe Robey will offer opening prayer. March through neighborhood. Ahmed
Ebady will cook 100 hot dogs. Jenis Splendid Ice Creams will provide free ice cream.
Flashlights are being donated for the marchers.
Diane will check with Isom Nivins regarding yard signs possibly available to announce
National Night Out.
10. Next meeting: Monday, August 11, at 5:30 p.m. at Godman Guild Association.

Budget for 2014 Weinland Park Neighborhood Festival

$ 2,800.90
$ 4,740.52

Rental of tent, tables, chairs, dance floor from Lasting Impressions

Estimate of access to school's restrooms
Estimate of park permit
Estimate of special-duty police officer for four hours
DJ Buzz for four hours
Rental of cotton candy and popcorn machines and supplies from Metro Cuisine
Estimate of supplies for face-painting
Rental of bounce house from Cool Cats Sites Entertainment
Central Community House for entertainment from Transit Arts
Wrist bands for attendees
Estimate for paper plates and napkins
One dozen Kroger $10 gift cards for volunteers from the street with most
volunteers helping with the festival
Production of buttons for festival

$ 1,000
$ 5,105

Funds remaining in a Neighborhood Partnership to be applied to the festival.

Donation from The Columbus Foundation.
Donation from Wagenbrenner Development.
Donation from Community Properties of Ohio (Ohio Capital Corp. for Housing)
Weinland Park Community Civic Associations treasury.
Donations from residents.

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