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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Housing Committee
September 9, 2014
Omar Elhagmusa called the meeting to order shortly after 5:30 p.m.
Mr. Elhagmusa suggested three items for the meetings agenda:
1. Concerns on North Fifth Street.
2. An update on the housing renovation along East 11th Avenue.
3. A proposal from Integrity Sustainable Planning and Design.
North Fifth Street. Mr. Elhagmusa said he has heard concerns from residents of North Fifth
Street that several properties remain unrenovated, a landlord has allowed properties to go into
foreclosure, and there is a desire to continue improvements to properties on the street.
Erin Prosser of Campus Partners distributed a map listing the ownership of properties on North
Fifth Street. She said that Campus Partners portfolio of properties in Weinland Park currently
includes 10 vacant lots, three single-family houses, six duplexes (12 units), and three four-family
buildings. Ms. Prosser said Campus Partners will renovate two of its single-family properties on
North Fifth Street.
Committee members discussed potential strategies for improving properties on North Fifth and
throughout Weinland Park. Ms. Prosser said different strategies might be employed for different
streets, depending on the particular opportunities or challenges on each street. Matt Martin
suggested another approach could be a common strategy across the neighborhood based on the
typology housing issues. For example, a common strategy could be developed for dealing with
vacant and abandoned housing.
Ms. Prosser said the Weinland Park Collaborative is reconstituting its Housing and Land-Use
Task Force. She said Mr. Elhagmusa and Rory Krupp would serve on the task force. Other
persons are welcome and should contact her if they are interested in the task force.
After further discussion, the committee members agreed that, in advance of the next monthly
meeting of the Housing Committee, Mr. Elhagmusa, Ms. Prosser, and Steve Sterrett should meet
and develop a process for the Housing Committee to consider housing strategies for the
neighborhood. Committee would review the proposed process at the next meeting.

East 11th Avenue. Steve Bollinger of Wagenbrenner Development reported that the first
renovated apartments in the Grant Commons development on East 11th Avenue should be
available for rent by the end of October. He said Wagenbrenner hopes to have all of the units on
the north side of East 11th finished by end of December. He said one new single-family house in
the Grant Park development on North Grant Avenue is in contract, a second house may be in
contract next week, and a third may be in contract soon.
No one from Integrity Sustainable Planning and Design was in attendance, so the final agenda
item was not considered. The business of the committee being concluded, Mr. Elhagmusa
adjourned the meeting at 6:38 p.m.

Summary prepared by Steve Sterrett.

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