Vinay Kumar Reddy Gade


Professional Summary:

7 years experience as a Clinical SAS Programmer in pharmaceutical and clinical research industry in Data
Analysis and Reporting.
Statistical programming related to the design, programming, implementation, maintenance, and validation of
Clinical trial information for the submission to the FDA during various phases.
Highly skilled in using SAS/STAT procedures.
Extensively used Proc Anova, Proc Corr and Proc Reg.
Good experience producing high resolution graphs using SAS/Graph.
Experience working with SAS/ODS and SAS/ACCESS.
Thorough experience in data extraction from large database/data warehouse, sorting from database like
Oracle, using SQL Pass through facility, library reference statements, Proc dBload etc.
Strong fundamentals in Business Statistics, Mathematical Statistical Analysis and financial mathematics
Thorough hands-on experience in using SAS/ODS to generate different files including XML, RTF, MS Excel,
Hands on experience in SAS Programming activities like merging SAS datasets, developing SAS procedures,
data cleaning, report writing, macros, formats, informats, functions, storing and managing data in SAS Files.
Experience in using SAS to read, write, IMPORT and EXPORT to another data file formats, including
delimited files, Spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel and access tables.
Experienced in developing SAS Procedures, Macros, SAS Formats & Informats, SAS Functions and
applications for data cleaning, reporting and documentation.
Good at creating, reviewing, retrieving, validating Datasets and to read, write, import and export to another
data file formats.
Developed programs to generate derived datasets from raw data imported from sources; modified existing
SAS datasets using Data Step, Set, Modify and Merge statements.
Knowledge of drug development process and clinical trials with strong experience of analyzing and reporting
in phase I-IV of clinical trial data.
Extensive programming experience with Proc Report, Proc Tabulate, Proc Format, Proc Transpose, Proc
Print, Proc Append, Proc compare, Proc Sort, Proc Freq, Proc Import, Proc Export.
Design reporting templates and create report mock-ups and final reports illustrating the results of analytic and
programming processes
Familiar with terminology in Biology, Cell/molecular Biology, Oncology, Chemistry and Biochemistry.
Extensive exposure on every steps of entire project life cycle including data collection, query, modifying and
analysis, summary of findings, communicating strategic insight and presentation of results and documentation
of the processes.
Developed new or modified existing SAS programs to load data from the source and create study specific
Strong ability to write SQL queries using PROC SQL.
Quick learner with ability to understand job requirements employs new ideas, concepts, methods, and


SAS/STAT. Developing and designing SAS Programs/ Macros to analyze financial data. Professional Experience: Fidelity Investment. 2007. tables and reports using SAS ODS for ad-hoc report generation.3 Certified Professional. Implementation of Credit Risk Analysis reporting system based on credit Scores and data management principles. Has a strong understanding of the regulatory process and detailed understanding of the analysis and reporting process and implications on programming Ensure analysis data and programming code meet regulatory and company standards and are consistently structured to permit efficient programming and reporting Develop/re-use SAS programs to produce Safety and Efficacy Tables. Sort. multiple records per case. : Proc Print. HTML listings. data aggregation. SAS Certification August. Word. SPSS. subsetting. creation and modification of views. Excel and PowerPoint. New Castle. Tabulate. Univariate.Northumbria University. SAS/GRAPH. and interactions within and across data sets. Generate SAS reports. Means. SAS/SQL. MI SAS Programmer/Analyst Dec’13 to Present Responsibilities:            Development and analysis of dataset specifications and SAS based utilities. Technical Skills: SAS Tools SAS Procedures Languages Office tools Operating Systems : SAS 9. Summary. : Windows XP/2000/98 and Mackintosh systems Certification: BASE SAS 9. SAS/ODS.1. : SAS/SQL. listings.2. Copy. Transpose. R : MS office 2003/2007/2010. Data capture design review and input into data standards. . SAS/BASE. UK. Freq. record selection. Format. correlations. Statistical analysis files. Report.1/9. and graphs. creating RTF. Listings and Figures without assistance Ability to perform advanced level activities using application based reporting environments (including high complexity dataset creation and study specific macros) as per the intended and most efficient use of the application Perform comprehensive exploratory data analyses to identify/quantify trends. SAS/ACCESS. Presented numerical information in various formats. mainly including joining data set. tables. indexing. Gplot. Compare. 2012. Analyzed and interpreted numerical data from various sources organized and summarized data for analysis. Created SAS customized reports using the DATA_NULL_ technique. Post Graduate in Health Science.

3. sorting and merging techniques and wrote SAS code accordingly. Used PROC REPORT to generate reports. Activities include importing/exporting data. reformatting raw data client specified analysis standards. SAS/GRAPH. PA SAS Programmer Responsibilities:   July’10 to Sept’12 Experienced in validating programs and in writing competing codes to re-check the statistical values of tables. Generated graphs using SAS/GRAPH and SAS Graphics Editor. and Define documents. Resolves issue escalation for lower level programmers. BI. Experience in Modifying existing SAS programs and creating new SAS Programs using SAS Macro to improve ease and speed of modifications as well as consistency of results. Whippany. NJ SAS Programmer/Analyst Oct’ 12 to Nov’13 Responsibilities:              Providing clinical data management and biostatistical programming support for various phases of clinical studies.3. SAS v9. Develop SDTM data mapping and create SDTM datasets per CDISC standard for FDA Communicates effectively within a multi-disciplinary project team to complete assigned tasks on time and within budget. which gave the nurse care coordinators a head start in working with those individuals. SAS/MACRO. Listings. tables. Windows NT HM Insurance Group. Summaries. graphs. which analyzed the data to facilitate correction. Performed Data Analysis validation and Created the programs to as per the specifications required to run in the SAS drug Development (SDD). TLGs / TLFs and Ad-hoc reports.1. SAS/STAT. MS Excel. SAS/GRAPH.g. efficient programming) and other in-house reporting systems Prolifically generated SQL queries for the reports. Developed SAS Macros for data cleaning. Reviews and makes recommendations for process development and improvement. SAS/MACRO. Pittsburg. Experienced in transforming raw data into datasets that are in accordance with SDTM and ADAM standards. SAS/SQL. Experience in working closely with statisticians to provide SAS programming in analyzing clinical trials data and generating Statistical Analysis Files. reporting and to support routing processing. Client. Halo pharmaceutical. Successfully identified problems within the data. macros. Assists Data Management and Biostatistics with developing tools and techniques for improving process efficiencies. programming and/or validating analysis data sets. SQL. SAS/EG. SAS/SQL.2. listings and figures. tables. Environment: SAS/BASEv9.Environment: SAS/BASE 9. . Tables. produced derived data sets. SAS/ODS. Develop expertise in the use of SAS (e. Creation of specifications files for creating analysis datasets. Extensively used SAS Data Step functions and descriptive statistical Procedures to process large amounts of customer response and sales data. Prepared flowcharts indicating the input data sets. and Graphs. Stratification of patients into standard and high risk categories through monthly predictive analysis of claims data to help identify patients who are likely to experience a significant health care need within the ensuing 6 to 12 months. adhoc reports and regulatory submission deliverables such as ISS. SAS/ACCESS and MS Access Database. listings.

Performed competitor and customer analysis. Proc Tabulate. SAS/Connect. Extensively used SQL procedure for join and union of tables. Environment: SAS 9. Proficient in indicating the input data sets. CSV.0/4. SAS Management Console. Facilitated and managed meeting sessions with committee of SMEs from various business areas including Mortgage Servicing. Windows SAS. Transferred and migrated data from one platform to another to be used for further analysis.2. setting. Kent.1. SAS/SQL. Hobson Prior.3. risk and pricing analysis and forecasted results for credit card holders on demographical basis. Generated highly customized reports in the form of listing. TERADATA 12 13. Developed data base objects like tables.) into SAS library and exporting SAS data sets as external files using Import/Export Wizard. summarizing accounts by Fico bucket. SAS Add-in Microsoft office. Maintained and enhanced existing SAS Reporting programs using PROC Tabulate.3. well versed with creating HTML Reports for financial data using SAS ODS facility. Worked on pre-existing macros for data validation by checking data distribution and comparison to standard empirical distribution. SAS v9. Enterprise Guide (EG 4. HTML. txt. PROC Print. Prepared graphs using the modified tables for analysis. Performed data manipulation by merging several datasets and extracted relevant information Used SAS datasets to create reports using Proc Print and Reports. Successfully used SAS/STAT to perform ANOVA. SAS Web Report Studio. Also used Proc Transpose. MANOVA and Contingency Table analysis. PROC REPORT. UK Mar’07 to April’09 . stored procedures and user defined functions as per the business needs in SAS Analyzed the loan data to generate portfolio statistics report using SAS. SAS EG 4.1 4. sorting and merging techniques Generated Ad-hoc reports and browser viewable reports using SAS/ODS. Wilmington Trust Company. PROC VARCLUS was used to check the colinearity among explanatory variables. Proficiency in importing different types of external files (Excel. Development and analysis of dataset specifications and SAS based utilities. etc. Access Tables. HTML and PDF files using SAS/ODS. views. Assisting in the Vendor Goal Setting process for the Sales Strategies Team. PROC IMPORT. Environment: SAS/BASE. indexes. SAS/ODS. RTF and PDF using SAS/ODS. ODS RTF. PROC Report. Proc Import. Created customer mailing lists for Direct Mailing and Telemarketing using PROC Forms. Access. Macros were employed for data transformation and filling up missing values. Extensively used PROC Import and PROC Export procedures for importing and exporting PC files and Microsoft office files such as Excel Spreadsheet.           Used PROC SQL LIBNAME and PROC SQL Pass-through methods to access data on Oracle database. SAS ACCESS. Windows 2003. Excel. PROC TABULATE. SAS/Access. Proc Freq and Proc SQL Experienced in producing RTF. PROC EXPORT and SAS DATA steps. Calculated risk factor for individual clients based on hierarchical demographical information.1. NJ Data Analyst – SAS May’09 to Jun’10 Responsibilities:        Responsible for the development of SAS programs for clinical use.2). Loan Monitoring and Asset Management. and ODS PDF for marketing campaigns. market segment and account status Imported data from SQL Server and Excel to SAS datasets.

Position: SAS Analyst Responsibilities:        Produced quality customized reports by using PROC REPORT. Designed flowcharts indicating the input data sets and the techniques that would be used (sorting. SAS SQL Windows. merging. Imported/Converted randomization data files from Excel. SUMMARY and also provided descriptive statistics using PROC Means. SAS/GRAPH.CSV data files into SAS data sets for analysis. SAS Macros. SAS ODS. .) to get the desired output. . etc. Wrote SAS code for data management and reporting. Environment: Base SAS. and Univariate. Developed routine SAS macros according to the given specifications. Generated graphs using SAS/GRAPH and SAS Graphics Editor. and performed validation. Wrote statistical sections of Clinical Study Reports and assisted in preparing integrated Clinical/Statistical reports. SAS/STAT. Frequency. including testing SAS code.