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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Summary of civic associations monthly of January 29, 2015

Brandyn McElroy, president of the civic association, called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. in
the Schoenbaum Family Center.
Billboard project. Jean Pitman, educator for youth programs with the Wexner Center for the
Arts, presented a series of artists images that are being considered for posting on the large Clear
Channel Communications billboard located on North Fourth Street just north of East Fifth
Avenue. She has worked with Weinland Park teenagers, who participate in the R.I.S.E. Youth
Club (a joint program of Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbus and Godman Guild Association), and
a team of local artists to develop images that reflect on Weinland Park. Some of the images
incorporate a possible mural below the billboard on the side of the Cer-Tech building. Four
images will be chosen with each to be posted for three months beginning in April. She said a
public event to celebrate the unveiling of the first billboard is scheduled for Saturday, April 11.
Jen Mankin, vice president of the civic association, said the billboard designs should be viewed
as a gift from the teenagers to the neighborhood. Ms. Pitman asked for comments about the
images. Among the comments were:

One resident was really impressed with the solid design and variety.
Another resident said there was not a bad image among all the designs presented.
A resident suggested that the neighborhood provide a designated space for graffiti artists.
One resident asked if Ms. Pitman had talked with the teenagers about how the designs might
represent the teens or represent the neighborhood.
A resident questioned whether a sign for a fire equipment company would remain in the
sightline for the Cer-Tech building.

Health insurance. Julie Orban, co-chair of the Food and Wellness Committee, introduced
Rashid, who works with Ms. Orban at Capital Park Family Health Center, 2365 Innis Road near
Cleveland Avenue. Mr. Rashid will assist people with enrolling in Medicaid or with private
insurance through the Affordable Care Act. Enrollment requires an ID, Social Security number,
and proof of income, such as pay stub or W2 form.
Refinancing. Omar Elhagmusa announced that Huntington National Bank is offering
homeowners in lower-income neighborhoods, including Weinland Park, the opportunity to
refinance their mortgages at the current relatively low interest rates. Huntington will pay the
refinancing costs. The program will improve Huntingtons standing under the federal
Community Reinvestment Act.
Godman Guild programs. Terry Althouse announced Godman Guild Association programs
open to the neighborhood:

Free income tax preparation services by appointment on Friday nights and Saturdays during
the day. Call 211 to make an appointment. Students in Ohio States Fisher College of
Business will prepare the returns at Godman Guild.

A new series of tai-chi begins again on February 22.

Godman Guilds Weinland Park Community Garden will offer 16 plots to neighborhood
residents at no charge, although there is a volunteer service expectation. Volunteers are
needed in April to build new raised beds in the garden.
Godman Guilds annual Pictures with Santa program will be revamped as a winter
festival. The event will still include family portraits with Santa. In addition, Godman
Guilds annual November potluck will be changed to a family reunion picnic on Friday,
May 15, at Camp Mary Orton. Everyone is invited to the picnic.
Godman Guilds Blue Bowtie Food Service has begun serving food weekdays.

Logos. Jen Mankin explained that the civic association had received a Neighborhood
Partnership Grant to engage a graphic designer to develop a logo for the neighborhood. She
presented six logo images labeled as A through F and she invited discussion. Among the
comments that people made were:

Logo E is best because it shows people.

E has a human aspect to it.
The color schemes for logo F represent the diversity of the neighborhood.
E has motion and energy.
The font used in logo E should reflect the font used in the existing signs that welcome people
to the neighborhood.
Logo A is not appealing because it seems to focused on identifying the neighborhood through
Logo D is not appealing, but C, E, and F are good. Logo F is strong and undivided.
Logo E is too cartoony.
The colors from logo F should be incorporate into logo E.
The colors in the logos should reflect the different pigmentation of the people in the
Logo F is appealing because the color schemes can be changed, but the logos form would be
Whatever logo is selected, it should function well in black-and-white, as well as in color.
Logo E is a little mysterious and a little elegant.
The typefaces in E and F are very generic. A more distinctive font should be used.
Logo F is an icon that jumps out. The font on logo D is distinctive.
The wording Weinland Park in the logos should be upper and lower case, rather than all
upper case.

Civic association members each received three red peel-off dots. Following the discussion, the
members voted by placing one or more dots on the logo or logos that they liked best. The results
of the voting were:
6 for logo A
2 for logo B
14 for logo C

1 for logo D
41 for logo E
53 for logo F
Ms. Mankin said she will talk with the graphic designer about the interest in logos F and E and
possible revisions to the fonts and color schemes based on the comments during the meeting. She
will bring back the designs for further discussion and a decision at the February meeting of the
civic association.
Treasurer. Mr. McElroy introduced Ross Antonacci as a candidate to fill the unexpired term of
treasurer. After Mr. Antonacci spoke briefly, Joyce Hughes moved that Mr. Antonacci be elected
treasurer. Anna Soter seconded the motion. The motion was adopted by a voice vote.
P & G product. Mr. McElroy said that free products from Proctor & Gamble have been
provided through the Schoenbaum Family Center for distribution at the close of the meeting.
Product may be available in future months.
Festival. Steve Sterrett announced that the neighborhood festival planning committee will hold
its first meeting on Monday, February 2, at 5 p.m. at Godman Guild. The festival is scheduled for
Saturday, August 8, 2015.
4th Street Farms. Woody Drake announced that a potluck lunch meeting will be held at his and
Evelyn Van Tils home on February 8 at 1 p.m. to plan for 4th Street Farms in 2015. Everyone is
Black History Month. Kimberly Golden, secretary of the civic association, announced the City
of Columbus will celebrate Black History Month on February 7 from 2 to 4 p.m. at the King Arts
Complex, 867 Mt. Vernon Ave. The celebration will include visual art, music, and dance.
The persons in attendance introduced themselves.
The business of the civic association being concluded, Mr. McElroy adjourned the meeting at
7:50 p.m.

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