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Great Depression Assignment (QUIZ Grade)
STEP 1: “The Crash of 1929 & the Great Depression”
America Before the Great Depression:

1. People of the U.S. had feelings of optimism for the times ahead of them.

2.The stock market helped people make tremendous amounts of money
3.Some could easily afford luxurious homes and standards of living.
4..The economy was rapidly evolving.

1. 5.The economy was rapidly evolving.
America After the Great Depression:

1. 1.Many workers lost their jobs.
2. 2.Economic growth was halted.
3.Many companies shut down entirely

1. 4.New jobs for those who lost theirs were very scarce because businesses had lost
money to fund workers.
3. 5.Families had to move elsewhere because they could not afford their current

STEP 2: “The Stories of the Great Depression”

1. The new deal was a set of fifteen laws to employ the jobless, to ensure bank
deposits, to improve the Tennessee Valley, to support crop prices, and to prevent
home foreclosures.
2. Works progress administration, further extended the national relief effort.
3. Dangerous jobs that not many were willing to do.
4. The rolling truck was a large vehicle with general store items inside.
5. By raising your own food on a farm.
6. To steal fresh foods.
7. Radios were a tool to quickly provide information on the current crisis.
8. The death of President Roosevelt.

his/her desire(s). (Choose one of the two photos used in #9 as inspiration to construct a brief poem! Choose a poetic form that allows you to provide the following required information: a fictional character from the Great Depression.gjenvick. I moved Into a generous friend’s house With my children After I was relieved of my job As a seamstress And could no longer afford To live in my home. I live in Michigan.DUE: 01/08/2015 Image 1 from: http://www. But he .jpg Image 2 from:http://www. My name Is Jeanine Jeanine Harris. the geographical location. I am 28 years ons/WPA/ResearchMonographs/RuralYo uthTheirSituationAndProspects/1938/Phot o01-WhatDoesTheFutureHold-500.jpg 9.Name__________________________ Class Period_____________ . and an important event (specific to the character’s experience during this time in history). his/her fear(s). Awful time. his/her name. 10. I am scared Of what will become of my dear children During this awful.libs. I wish To see My husband. his/her ions/wpa/wpaga428.uga.

Slamming My mug on the table And standing up My hands cupped over my mouth. Dirty.Name__________________________ Class Period_____________ . Scared. I wish to see smiles On the faces Of my children. Why are they sad? What does that mean? Is anything bad Going to happen To us?” STEP 3: “Riding the Rails” Responses (Copy and paste the questions and your answers to this page) 01/08/2015 . But they are hungry.DUE: Died In an accident At his work A few years Before the depression. I remember Watching the news that morning Sipping at a cup of coffee My son sitting next to me. My son tugged at my arm and asked “Mommy.

5. going without food for 2-3 days.. some girls were taken advantage of by people who offered them rides. They had to beg for provisions and money.. 6. What steps did teens have to take to adapt to life “on the road”? They had to become very aware of the danger around them. what kind of political responses did the Depression provoke from Americans? When they saw the current condition of the U. What effects did the Great Depression have on the everyday lives of ordinary Americans. What effect did the CCC have on the boys who joined up? What lessons did they learn? What kinds of experiences did they have? . Overall. What kind of experiences (good and bad) did teens have while riding the rails? Meeting teens like them. How could life on the road inspire young people to embrace radical political views? Overall. How could riding the rails before more difficult for the girls? How did their experiences differ from the boys? Girls were not allowed certain occupations that boys could have. How and why was the experience of riding the rails different for African Americans? They were not treated with as much friendliness as whites. 7. people desperately desired change.Name__________________________ Class Period_____________ . they began to embrace political views. they would not allow the to stay in their house 4. What were some of the reasons teenagers left home to ride the rails? They were evicted from their homes. shabby. 8. How could you describe life in one of the hobo “jungles” Unfair. Some have faith in the U. particularly young people? What did the government do to help? They felt like outsiders. getting to explore new places.S. they felt they were not a part of society. 3. 9.S.DUE: 01/08/2015 1.S. 2. others are very dissatisfied with the U. to find a better life. i.e. their schools had closed..

10.DUE: 01/08/2015 They were given a home. and were exposed to a social variety. and they did not have to face the suffering of being on the road.Name__________________________ Class Period_____________ . They felt like they had a place of belonging. They learned about the experiences of others. . How did the experiences of riding the rails shape the worldviews of these teenagers for the rest of their lives? They had a deeper awareness of the world around them.