Notable amongst the main reasons given for switching brands were prices, special offers and the

economic crisis. which were cited in 61% of the
cases, while reasons such as “I like to try other brands” or indifference between one brand or
another accounted for only 28% of the cases
Don’t know / Don’t answer
Buy according to offers
Forced by crisis
Doesn’t care about one brand or another
I like to try other brands

Purchase Intention
1. I would intend to buy counterfeit shoes.
2. I am likely to purchase any counterfeit shoes.
3. I have a high intention to buy counterfeit shoes.
De Matos et al. (2007
Attitude towards buying counterfeit shoes
1. Counterfeit shoes generally benefit the consumers.
2. There is nothing wrong with purchasing counterfeit shoes.
3. Generally speaking, buying counterfeit shoes is a better choice.
De Matos et al. (2007)
Value Consciousness
1. I am very concerned about low price, but I am equally concerned about high
2. When purchasing a counterfeit shoes, I always try to maximize the
quality I get for money I spend 3. I generally shop around for lower prices on
counterfeit shoes, but they still must meet certain quality requirements before I will
buy them.

I am intended to buy counterfeit shoes in the future as well. I found counterfeit shoes a better choice to have in the past. I often find myself checking prices. 4. (1998). Non-deceptive counterfeit shoes are available in my local area 3. 5. . 4. The low price of counterfeit shoes is appealing to me. (1993) 4 Past Experience 1. There is no legal problem in obtaining non-deceptive counterfeit shoes. I buy counterfeit shoes because the prices of genuine brands are unfair. In every shoes shop non-deceptive counterfeit shoes are available. 3.Lichetenstein et 5 Low price 1. Journal of Public Administration and Governance ISSN 2161-7104 2014. I don’t need to make much effort to buy a non-deceptive counterfeit Shoes 2. Tom et al. Tom et al. I have bought counterfeit shoes in the past. 3 29 www. 6 Easy Access 1. 3. 2. I usually purchase the least expensive counterfeit shoes 2.macrothink. 4. No. (1998). Vol. I am always attracted towards low price shoes.

73 Counterfeit products are just as good as designer products Attitude towards counterfeit product Counterfeit products are as reliable as the genuine products Counterfeit products have similar quality to the genuine products Counterfeit products provided similar functions to the genuine products Considering price.11 Buying counterfeit products demonstrates that I am a wise shopper 27. (2007).61 * * 3. de Matos et al. I would pay more for a counterfeit of branded shoes if it had status Below 15000 15000-25000 25000-35000 35000-45000 45000-55000 Above 50000 15-20 Years 20-25 Years 25-30 Years 30-35 Years 35-40 Years Above 40 Years Student Employed Businessman Unemployed Housewife Quality I would buy counterfeit products even if I could easily afford to buy genuine designer products 25.00 3. I prefer counterfeit products Generally speaking.Lee and Workman (2011). I would buy a counterfeit of branded shoes just because it has status 3. 7 Social Status 1.53 4. Yoo and Lee (2009). I would be proud to own a counterfeit of branded shoes 2. buying counterfeit products is a wise choice Purchase intentions I would think about a counterfeit products as a choice when buying something I will buy counterfeit products I will consider purchasing counterfeit products for a friend I would recommend counterfeit products to friends and family I will buy counterfeit products from peddlers I would say favourable things about counterfeit products .70 * * 3.

economy Counterfeit -products hurt the companies that 2.28 3.359 3.3077 3.2464 3.801 .Attitude Statements t Buyers Non-buyers Counterfeit products are just as -6.33 3.03 3.08 2.0387 4.10 3.3309 of designers products are unfair and gouge I buy counterfeit products because counterfeiters -3.00 3.5256 4.70 3.796 0.85 2.7023 Get back at uncaring and unfair “big business” I buy counterfeit products because the prices -8.68 4.61 3 3.058 Demonstrate initiative and ingenuity On the part of the counterfeiters Buying counterfeit products is away to -4.1775 like playing a practical joke on the manufacture of the non-counterfeit product I have a positive perception towards non-genuine products Buying pirated goods is a better choice while shopping There’s nothing 0.1986 Committing a crime I would buy counterfeit products even if I could -5.6823 Committing a crime Buying counterfeit products demonstrates -7.7256 That I am a wise shopper Counterfeit products do not hurt the -4.00 3.5871 4.8989 good as designer products I like counterfeit goods because they -5.1127 Easily afford to buy genuine designer products People who sell counterfeit products are 5.4359 2.7742 4.23 3.S.721 0.2319 0 Manufacture the legitimate product I like buying counterfeit products because it’s -1.0385 3.0652 Are “little guys” who fight big business People who buy counterfeit products are 5.7355 3.2387 2.4477 U.

654 purchase Counterfeit branded products within the next 2 years I intend to continue 0.wrong with purchasing counterfeit goods It would be desirable 0.750 to purchase and use counterfeit branded products in the future I recommend my family and friends to purchase pirated branded products. .825 for me to buy counterfeit products I consider that buying Counterfeit goods is great idea Hopefully I will 0.471 purchase nonGenuine branded products now or within the next 6 month Hopefully I will 0.