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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Housing Committee
April 8, 2014
Rory Krupp and Omar Elhagmusa called the meeting to order about 5:40 p.m. at Godman Guild
Association. Others attending the meeting were Joe Williams, Anna Soter, Susan Colbert, Sheila
Billingslea-Moser, Laura Bidwa, Michael Wilkos, Sean Storey, and Steve Sterrett.
Michael Wilkos asked the committee members to discuss the recommendations from the Greater
Ohio Policy Centers housing market study for Weinland Park and to consider possible priorities
among the recommendations.
Laura Bidwa asked about the Weinland Park Collaboratives ongoing commitment to Weinland
Park. Mr. Wilkos said The Columbus Foundation doesnt have an exit strategy. Because there
has been quite a few successes in Weinland Park, people have wanted to stay involved. He spoke
about the changes coming to Weinland Park Elementary School in the next school year.
Ms. Bidwa expressed concern that Campus Partners role in Weinland Park and the universitys
support may be diminishing. Steve Sterrett and Joe Williams said that the university and Campus
Partners do remain committed. Anna Soter said her understanding is that the change in
leadership of Campus Partners doesnt mean a change in the universitys commitment.
Mr. Wilkos proposed that Amanda Hoffsis, president of Campus Partners, and Keith Myers,
Ohio States associate vice president for physical planning and real estate, be invited to a
Housing Committee meeting to discuss Campus Partners roles and priorities in Weinland Park.
Mr. Sterrett suggested the committee consider a process for reviewing the housing reports
recommendations that would include representatives of the Housing Committee and of the
Weinland Park Collaborative (WPC). For example, the WPCs Housing and Land-Use Task
Force could be reconstituted with representatives from the WPCCA Housing Committee and the
WPC's key housing stakeholders to review the report's recommendations.
Mr. Wilkos said that, as a resident, he felt the most relevant recommendations in the housing
report were 4, 5, and 6.
Mr. Elhagmusa thought the housing report would spark dialogue with neighborhood residents
about housing issues in the neighborhood.

Ms. Soter reported that the citys official responsible for sidewalk maintenance is canceling a
number of recent citations for sidewalk repairs because the current work on the natural gas lines
in Weinland Park would interfere with sidewalk repairs. The official may revisit the need for
sidewalk repairs at a later time.
Mr. Williams said that Wagenbrenner Developments role in Weinland Park is changing, so he
expressed concern about what entity will take the lead on housing issues in the neighborhood.
Sean Storey said the neighborhood needs private investment. He said the neighborhood must
determine what is happening with the vacant properties in the neighborhood.
Mr. Wilkos suggested one step for the Housing Committee would be to accept the housing
reports recommendations. He also suggested that the recommendations in the housing report
could be placed in an easily understood template with the proposed strategies under each
recommendation and a listing of agencies or organizations that may be working on various
strategies. The template might facilitate a wider discussion of the recommendations.
After discussion, Mr. Wilkos agreed to work on a template, and Ms. Bidwa agreed to review the
template for its clarity.
Mr. Wilkos proposed that the template might be presented at a civic association meeting,
followed by giving people dots to place next to specific recommendations and strategies to
determine their interests and priorities.
Ms. Bidwa suggested another option in which the Housing Committee comes forward with a list
of 10 activities that the civic association could do related to the housing recommendation and
then ask residents to vote with dots on those activities.
Mr. Wilkos suggested the Housing Committee ask folks what they care about. He expressed
concern that there is some volunteer fatigue. Not as many folks are showing up to pick up litter
or to deliver the newsletter. What could we be doing better? How can we reward people socially
and emotionally to support the volunteer spirit?
Ms. Soter said the civic association meetings have become more about announcements of
activities, rather than building a sense of togetherness.
Mr. Storey said new residents will be coming into the neighborhood, and they should be
encouraged to become involved in neighborhood activities.

Mr. Elhagmusa said he valued the participation of Mr. Williams and representatives of
Wagenbrenner Development in the meetings of the Housing Committee.
At the conclusion of the meeting, Ms. Bidwa expessed the appreciation of the committee for the
leadership of Mr. Krupp and Mr. Elhagmusa as the committee co-chairs for the past two years.
Mr. Elhagmusa adjourned the meeting at 7:09 p.m.

Notes prepared by Steve Sterrett.

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