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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Neighborhood Festival Planning Committee

Summary of Meeting of March 2, 2015
Present: Diane Dixon, Terry Althouse, Jean Pitman, Michael Wilkos and Steve Sterrett.
Diane Dixon called the meeting to order at 5:05 p.m.
The festival is scheduled for Saturday, August 8, from noon to 4 p.m. in the city park behind
Weinland Park Elementary School.
Food. The committee will invite food trucks to provide food and beverages at the festival. Ms.
Dixon has contacted a variety of food truck vendors. She hasnt heard from Red Snapper, but
Mikeys Late Night Pizza and the Mojo taco truck are interested. She also is waiting to hear from
the pastor of Grace Baptist Church and Local Matters about their interest in serving food at the
festival. Terry Althouse said Godman Guilds Blue Bowtie catering is interested. Ms. Dixon
reported the woman who owns the Italian Ice truck suggested that between $50 and $100 would
be a fair price for the festival committee to charge a food truck for space at the festival.
Budget and logistics. Steve Sterrett reported he has asked to meet with the civic associations
president and treasurer to discuss the budget for the festival, but the meeting hasnt been set yet.
Mr. Sterrett expressed confidence, however, that funds would be available to support the festival.
He also said that he has not yet heard from Erin Prosser regarding her willingness to handle
logistics again this year. The logistics include obtaining the park permit and access to restrooms
and electricity, and renting the tent, tables and chairs. Mr. Sterrett will follow up with her.
Festival activities:
Ms. Dixon said Mt. Carmel Hospital will bring its large van to conduct mammograms. The
festival committee should publicize this and encourage women to bring their insurance cards.
A separate Mt. Carmel Hospital department will have an information table.
Ms. Dixon has reached out to the DJ suggested by Jean Pitman, but Ms. Dixon hasnt heard
back from him.
Ms. Dixon talked with Mark Lomax of Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbus who has teenagers
who may be willing to help with games for youth. Ms. Dixon said teenagers could qualify for
service hours required for graduation if they volunteer at the festival.
Michael Wilkos suggested a pie booth where residents could throw whipped cream pies at
willing adults.
Mr. Sterrett will check again with Malcolm J about any art supplies left from last year.

Ms. Dixon said the library van will come to the festival.
Mr. Wilkos suggested asking the Ohio History Connection whether a costumed character
from Ohio history might appear at the festival.
Terry Althouse said the zoo is coming to the festival at 1 p.m. for an hour.
Ms. Dixon will ask Donna Hughes if the Girl Scout troop will present the colors as the girls
have done in the past.
Mr. Sterrett will contact Pastor Roscoe Robey about the Weinland Park Warriors football
team and cheerleading squad appearing at the festival.
Jean Pitman is working with a graduate student at Ohio State who is interested in assisting
with entertainment at the festival, particularly with large puppets and puppet-making and,
perhaps, a small marching band. Committee members agreed that they would welcome the
students participation.
The committee discussed the parks shelter house as a possible place for games.

Volunteers. Ms. Dixon said teachers and staff members at Weinland Park Elementary School
and Schoenbaum Family Center will volunteer at the festival.
T-shirts. Ms. Pitman said the unveiling of the Weinland Park billboard will be April 11. The
Wexner Center for the Arts is planning to distribute a number of t-shirts at the billboard
unveiling. The committee discussed have enough of the billboard t-shirts to distribute both at the
billboard unveiling and at the neighborhood festival.
Information tables. Ms. Dixon and Susan Colbert will coordinate the information tables.
Next meeting. The committee agreed to meet again on Monday, April 6, at 5 p.m. at Godman
Guild Association, 303 E. Sixth Avenue.
Ms. Dixon adjourned the meeting at 6 p.m.

Meeting summary prepared by Steve Sterrett.

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