HP/Compaq Desktop BIOS Updater Tool

The following tool will allow you to test any desktop computer to check for the latest
version of BIOS and if a newer version is available, the utility will allow you to load that
version directly onto a CD. The BIOS on this CD will be the latest available from HP for
its authorized support partners and contains some newer versions that are not
currently posted on www.hp.com.
To download the HP Desktop BIOS updater Bootable CD image, follow these steps:
• You need a browser or utility that allows you to download from a ftp site
FileZilla is a free program that works great
Download at http://filezilla-project.org/download.php
Windows users download FileZilla_3.3.2.1_win32-setup.exe
• To access the HP FTP site use these parameters:
FTP System:
Access Type:

ftp.usa.hp.com (
Optical1 (NOTE: CASE-sensitive)

FTP Access:


FileZilla would look like this:

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March 2011

BIOS Updater Tool



After it downloads. A free download of 7Zip is available from www. A prompt will ask to evoke the batch file a.ISO file inside. – Ensure that it is reset to default after the update is done. This indicates that the BIOS Disk does not recognize the disk. If no is selected – the program will terminate to a dos prompt. The files can be extracted to the same folder. Boot the disk in an HP/Compaq consumer desktop computer and follow the instructions. The program will identify if the BIOS/FW is current. Highlight the file and drag it to one of the hard disk locations to the left. Either the disk is older than the system being updated. Note: 1.com. Select “y” – the program will initiate the bios/FW upgrade. b. b. 3. whichever one you prefer and can expand it.7-zipDownload. Change the SATA setting in BIOS from RAID/ACHI to IDE. and there will be further prompts. 4.rar or the . then select “Extract files”. The updated files are: BIOSUPD_20110405. select “7Zip”from the drop-down menu. Use CD software to burn this image to a blank CD to produce the bootable disk. After installing 7Zip on your computer. March 2011 BIOS Updater Tool Page 2 . 2. Nothing is written on the PC during this process 2. Try rebooting ii. ii.7z 1. but the prompts are intuitive. you will need to expand a file on the hard disk to drag the file.zip compressed file. 7Zip is recommended to decompress the zip files. right click on the zip file. un-compress the file and obtain the . “This BOARD is not listed in the Current BIOS Disk Revision” i. In Vista or Windows 7. or there is a non-desktop consumer board in the PC being repaired – contact your HP representative for additional assistance. 3. The BIOS Disk will not load i. either the .The file you want is the BIOSupdate. Errors a.