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Weinland Park Civic Communications Committee

2013 February 11 Meeting Minutes

Compiled by Jen Mankin, 2/16/2013
In attendance: Matthew Adair, Anthonio Barno, Laura Bidwa, Jennifer Mankin, Jean Pitman, Stephen
Sterret, Evelyn Van Til
Year-End Review
This will be compiled by Wed. No one had any additions.
Graphic Stories Project
A request will be made at the Steering Committee meeting on Wed to add time to the Civic Association
agenda to announce this project and do a small activity with attendees.
Third Weinland Park Sign
The 3rd sign has been installed at Courtland and 5th. Some money remains for future signs, and we
continue to pursue various options.

Media contact email will be for now. This will appear in all
editions of the newsletter. The option of creating inboxes for each of the committees under the domain will be pursued.

A timeline for producing the newsletter established:

Second Monday of the month: Deadline for stories to be submitted; content will be
finalized at the Communications Committee meeting that evening. This deadline will be
published in every edition of the newsletter alongside the contact email.

Second Friday: Finalized content will be ready

Third Wednesday: Layout will be complete

Fourth Monday: Printing

Fourth Wednesday: Distribution at the Civic Association meeting; volunteers will then
work to distribute throughout the neighborhood

We will try to maintain the same amount of content in the newsletter during this adjustment
period, but discussed the possibility of increasing the number of pages so that a larger font
could be used and more white space, photos, and call-outs could be added. Additionally, we

may need to increase the content in the future, depending on how much we need to report
each month. As the web site evolves, longer versions of articles can be made available, with the
print edition directing readers there.

A version of the newsletter with activated links will be published in Scribd and distributed
through the list-serve (Google group) each month, with plans to also link to newsletters from
the web site eventually. We discussed options for reducing the need to print copies as much as
possible. These options will continue to be explored.

We discussed the option of saving some funds so that a publishing shop could be used in the
case of an emergency that prevents the committee members from producing the newsletter.
Additionally, it was expressed that there doesnt need to be an edition every month, under
extenuating circumstances.

We are looking into pricing for heavier-stock paper to print the newsletter on.

Stories to be included in the March edition were finalized. It was suggested that we should
always be thinking two editions ahead (the next one and the following months).

Dialogue kick-off photo, plus call to Action Forum

Live Laugh and Learn profile with photo of owner and mural (or kids if releases are in

Year-in-Review notice (full content will be published on web site)

Contact and submission deadline

Good things are coming Out of the Closet groundbreaking

Third sign announcement

Toys for Tots article

Upcoming events from Wexner, library, and Neighborhood Pride center

Web Site
Barring any objections from the Steering Committee, we will begin immediately converting the site to
Word Press with a transitional look-and-feel, in order to take advantage of some beneficial functionality.
A full redesign will then be finalized at a later date.
Logo Design
We decided to delay discussion of this to a later date. It was relayed that we will continue to use the
handprints for the foreseeable future.

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