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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Communications Committee
Notes from Meeting of June 10, 2013
Jennifer Mankin, chair of the committee, called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. at Godman
Guild Association. Present were Matt Adair, R. Anthonio Barno, and Steve Sterrett.
July newsletter stories
Next litter pick up date litter is generally the 1st Sat of every month; Jen will add this to
the Google calendar; the next date will be July 6th. We discussed whether that was too
close to July 4th and decided it should be okay.
Profile The group agreed that profiling Woody and Jos would be ideal; Jen to locate
Steve is awaiting confirmation on updates, if any, regarding late summer or fall sports
Tiffany Allen has provided copy promoting the Art Mix (she is supposed to also send a
photo to Jen by Friday); Jen will confirm the kick-off date
Robert Meeker has sent some photos of the food trucks at Godman, and has confirmed
that they will continue to host them throughout August, though no specific dates or
names were available yet
The Dialogue Circle action teams are meeting tomorrow; we expect an update from them,
especially regarding the Red Circle event from the Public Art group and possibly
more news from the Land Trust group; Steve has sent the scanned version of Lydias
vision board from the Action Forum
Annie E Casey update Steve will confirm whether there are any updates to print; Jen
will contact Martin Weston to see if hed like to provide a description of his trip to
Atlanta as part of the project
Library update Jen will contact Evelyn or Greg Denby to see if there are any
developments worth printing
Susan Colbert sent a summary of 2013 Housing Programs offered by the City of
Columbus; we may want to include some of this info in the newsletter
Steve may have a story on the Conservation District after the Housing committee meets
Barno is going to check in with the Godman regarding any news on the various
summer/youth programs that are currently under way, specifically the Keys program
Barno is going to contact Arch-bishop Cassianas (sp?) to see if he has any photos of the
Memorial Day festival he hosted in the park at Indianola and 9th. We will only use
these in the newsletter if we need to fill some space since it happened in May.
Matt is going to find out if there are any updates that we should provide regarding the
Exterior Home Repair program; 11 applications were submitted so far, and are still
being accepted
Steve will provide the July dates for the festival committee planning meeting, as well as a
possible blurb about the National Night Out that the festival is coordinating with
the Safety Committee
It was mentioned that the Neighborhood Leadership Academy and Citizens Police
Academy should be accepting applications soon, and we want to encourage people to

apply to these programs, and then get involved with the Civic. Jen will check the
dates on these.
Distribution and production of the newsletter:
Our current printing arrangement should continue to work as long as we provide the files
on the Monday before the Civic.
In the future, when the 4th Wed occurs the week after the 2nd Mon, we will move the
Communications Committee meeting up a week to allow time to produce the newsletter.
This will occur again in October.
Regarding distribution, it was suggested that a good idea would be to clearly set a
delivery deadline, follow up with volunteers after that point, and resort to a core group of
back-ups to cover areas still outstanding. Also, wed like to either encourage delivery
volunteers to come to the litter clean-up for coffee and donuts before going out to deliver
the newsletter as a group, or hold a separate group activity for newsletter distribution. Jen
will follow up with Michael, the chair of the Beautification Committee and the person
currently managing the newsletter distribution.
The meeting adjourned about 7:25 p.m.

Notes prepared by Jen Mankin.

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