2 0 1 4 - 1 5 A l u m n i N e w s l e t t e r A Ye a r i n R e v i e w

“There Has Never Been a Better Time to Be a Crusader!”
about ourselves. With higher ACT scores than
any other boys school and among boys at area
co-ed schools, more AP scholars and National
Merit winners, along with athletic success like
being Chicago Catholic League varsity football
and swimming champions, while quadrupling
the size of our band and music programs, these
facts and much more provide plenty of proof to
today’s prospects that Brother Rice deserves to
remain the number one choice for boys who wish
to attend a Catholic high school.

Rather than an official annual theme, “There
has never been a better time to be a Crusader”
is something that is a recurring observation
made by many Crusaders at the same time, with
diverse emphasis, depending on different parts
of the overall Brother Rice audience. Some say
it to prospective students about current students. Alumni and teachers with more seasoned
perspectives, who have witnessed the positive
changes at Brother Rice firsthand over the years,
like to say it when discussing a comparison of
today and yesterday.

We all agree that being selected as the Best
Private School by the SouthtownStar lends
outside credence to our internal impressions

rendering a calendar of alumni events that fills
every month. It is difficult to imagine any other
high school anywhere offering more opportunities for alumni to come together for themselves
and for today’s and tomorrow’s Crusaders.

National Merit Scholars with proud Principal, President,
and Guidance Chair.

Added to these facts about recent school success
are the steadily growing alumni activities like
BRAIN for Business. Along with the Alumni
Association, it now seems that virtually every
department, coach, and adult club sponsors or
hosts some event that specifically invites alumni,

School leaders believe there has never been a
better time to support today’s Crusaders because
tuition and fees add up to almost $11,000.00 a
year. Seasoned alumni continue to remind their
peers that when they went to Brother Rice, they
all received huge tuition discounts from the
preponderance of Irish Christian Brothers who
took vows of poverty while also proving to be
among the best educators in the world.
The Edmund Rice
Christian Brothers, as
they are known today,
are considerably fewer
in number, leaving their
legacy of excellence to
the predominantly lay
leadership of the Brother
Rice Board of Directors,
Burt Odelson
led by Burt Odelson,
including eleven alumni among 14 members,
and in the administration led by President Dr.
Kevin Burns and Principal Jim Antos.

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2 0 1 4 - 1 5 A l u m n i N e w s l e t t e r A Ye a r i n R e v i e w

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Be a Crusader! Continued from cover

Dr. Kevin Burns

Jim Antos

During his short tenure, Kevin Burns has already
proven to be so well-known among alumni that
many believe he attended Brother Rice before
beginning a career in education that led to becoming District Superintendent of CHSD 218, where
thousands of students and hundreds of teachers
and staff were under his charge. Jim Antos has
become so well-respected, admired, and liked, that
the Alumni Association unanimously voted him to
be inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame as only
the fifth Honorary Alumnus, following
Tom Mitchell, George Sedlacek, Joe Bergmann,
and Brother Tom Collins.
Odelson, Burns, Antos, and many board
members are among the school’s leading
annual donors, at a time when donors have
become a growing source of life for today’s and
tomorrow’s Brother Rice. Many factors have
raised tuition proportionately higher than the
past. Most of today’s excellent teachers do not
take vows of poverty even though their excellence
is not rewarded as much as public school counterparts. Today’s proven technology is expensive,
and so are the continuous repairs and improvements on a building and grounds that are almost
60 years old. This cost burden can no longer be
solely carried by parents who raise families in the
immediate area, where the median home value is
under $200,000 and the median income is under
$100,000. Even if all could afford to pay full
tuition, there would still be a significant shortfall,
if alumni and friends did not support the school.
We therefore thank God for these school leaders
and alumni and friends like (listed alphabetically), the Alumni Association, Terry Bowen
’72, Brother Rice Foundation Members,
the CAAC, Bob Clasby ’69, Pat Condon
’66, the Dads & Alumni Dads Clubs, Paul
Duggan ’68, Brian Farrell ’74, Bill Hite ’66,
Bob Jacob ’67, Shaun Jacob ’93, Jim Kramer

’64, Don Liebentritt ’66, the Mothers and
Alumni Mothers Clubs, Tom Mikrut ’79, Ed
Murphy ’65, the Murrihy Family & Friends,
Ed Napleton ’69, Larry Platt ’68 and Family,
Kevin Ryan ’67, the Sloan Family & Friends,
Mike Vanier ’69 (with family & friends of
Tom Carmody ’69), Dr. John Wakerly ’66,
and Bill Young ’61 for their past, recent, and
ongoing leadership in supporting Brother Rice
over the years.

These alumni have been joined by hundreds of others, (including many who insist
on remaining anonymous and some whom
we innocently omitted) in demonstrating
that Brother Rice can be here for today’s and
tomorrow’s young men who live in neighborhoods like Mt. Greenwood, Oak Lawn,
Evergreen Park, Beverly, West Beverly, Morgan
Park, Palos Heights, Palos Hills, Palos Park,
Orland Park, Washington Heights, Ashburn,
Midway, Gresham, Burbank, Alsip, Marquette
Park, Blue Island, Hickory Hills, Worth, Chicago Ridge, Brighton Park, and Roseland; if
alumni who came to Rice from these neighborhoods give what they can, no matter where
they live today.
Many of our donors now live in areas remote
from Brother Rice. Other donors who still
live in the area may not have sons, but on
a daily basis see firsthand how important
Brother Rice is to what is still good about
the area, as do those paying the increasing
tuition for their sons or relatives, while
also giving more for students they hardly
know. They give out of a sense of gratitude
for what they received from unselfish and
gifted teachers and coaches, and they give
because they know today’s Crusaders need
alumni help. They give because Edmund
Rice foresaw that a “good seed would grow
in their hearts.” They give because they know


“great men exist that there may be greater
men.” Some give as a tribute to their parents
for raising them in such a rewarding culture.
Many give for unspoken reasons, expressing
their appreciation through their gifts.
The list of donors is longer than an economical
printing budget allows, and yet the list must
grow in order for future Crusaders to grow
and for the well-being of what remains one of
the greatest parts of a world-class city. We
can only remain the number one choice for
boys becoming men in a Catholic high school
through a collective response to appeals for
renewed, increased, reinstated, and new donations, large and small. When some of our
guys fall on hard times, we then rely on more
of us who can give more, who remember to
give again, or who give for the first time, while
helping family and friends. Some individuals
are capable of making a huge difference, but if
more of us give smaller donations, we not only
directly help more Crusaders today and tomorrow, but we also indirectly create more support
by impressing private foundations who give
large grants to schools with active alumni.
Now is the time to contact Mike McShane,
Brian Badke, Jim Casey, Jim Antos or Kevin
Burns or anyone at Brother Rice to let them
know you are ready to give what you can. A
Crusader proudly wears the cross of Christ.
He campaigns, champions, advocates, and
gives toward
endeavors. From
Brother Penny
through Dr.
Burns, Brother
Rice continues to
enrich the lives of
young men who
“act manfully in
Christ Jesus.”
There has never
been a better
time to be a Crusader.
(Due to recent and older publicity about the
use of “Crusader” as a mascot, Jim Casey welcomes emails on the topic at jcasey@brrice.org)

R i c e R e v i e w T h e r e H a s N e v e r B e e n a B e t t e r T i m e t o B e a C r u s a d e r ! 2 0 1 4 - 1 5

Bill Young ’61 Connects with Crusaders Today and Into the Future
Like hundreds of fellow alumni last year, Bill
Young ’61, received an email about the 2014
Career Day. Bill replied with a phone call to
Alumni Director Jim Casey ’70, and as soon as
the conversation ended, Jim arranged for Bill
to speak to hundreds of students, separate from
Career Day. Bill flew in from Manhattan Beach,
CA, on April 16, 2014, and captivated three consecutive audiences of mostly seniors and juniors.
Part of what motivated Casey to organize a separate visit for Bill to speak to many students was
what he said about his career – former CEO of
Volkswagen of North America, former CEO of
JD Powers, and current Board Member of Lithia
Motors. But mostly, it was how Young convinced
Casey that the bigger the audience, the better Bill
would feed off them.
A month and a half after Bill’s visit, in his speech at
graduation ceremonies, valedictorian Matt Sweiss
’14 validated the lasting value of Mr. Young’s advice by referring to it. This was two weeks after Bill
also verbally pledged what could turn out to be the
largest single gift in Brother Rice history, but Matt
Sweiss was not aware of this.

success, so be aware of your own prejudice.”
(At that point Bill told a story about how he
prejudged a kid with dyed hair and multiple
piercings before the kid deliberately walked ahead
of Bill in order to hold open the door for him.
Bill hesitated to stifle tears, while admitting his
shame. Then he told a story about how he deliberately purchased a home in a neighborhood that
a banker, using a racial slur, told him to avoid,
and financed his home from another banker after
explaining to the original one why.)
“…Don’t let anger or criticism possess you.”
“…Exceed expectations, yours and others,
because if you exceed them on a regular basis, you
will be rewarded.”
“…Live in the present. Don’t focus on things
you’re not going to get. That’ll drive you bats**t.”
“…When you make a mistake, own up quickly…people who don’t make mistakes are not
“…If you want to be a failure, don’t think of others. If you want to be successful, think of others
first and foremost.”
“…Technology is no substitute for human communication. Tell your girlfriend you love her
with passion.”
“…I don’t care how much you know until I
know how much you care.”
It became clear that it wasn’t just what Mr. Young
said to the young Crusaders, but it was how he
said it that kept them connected with his message. His passion was as genuine as it was wideranging, from laughter to tears. He left time for
Q & A, and when one student asked him what
motivated him to make the trip to Brother Rice,
he again hesitated from emotion, explaining, “I
have 14 stents. I’m dying. It’s time to give back.”

Here is a small sampling of how Bill Young connected with current Brother Rice students:
“…It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you
“…We create our own problems, because 98% of
what I worried about never happened.”
“…After three and a half years at University of
Illinois, I didn’t finish college because of a ridiculous dispute, so when I went to work, I had to
spend too much time explaining myself, and then
I had to work twice as hard.” (Bill added later
that most of his later success stemmed from what
he learned at Brother Rice.)
“…My father taught me to use my own fears to
my advantage.”
“…Let’s get rid of the notion of ‘normal behavior’. There’s no such thing.”
“…Once you judge others, you defeat your own

Matt Sweiss was hardly the only student to derive
lasting value from Bill’s passionate message. After
each of the three 45-minute sessions, Mr. Young
could not catch a break from the young Crusaders, as a handful asked questions after the bell,
while others walked out expressing noticeable appreciation for the presentations, with one student
stating (with passion) that the Class of ’61 grad
“is a cool guy!”
Earlier, Bill joined Casey, President Dr. Kevin
Burns and Vice President Mike McShane ’87
for lunch, and all three came away thoroughly
impressed with the man’s kindness and consideration of others, thrilled to have him speak to the
students without having a clue that his kindness
was going to extend well beyond speaking to a
number of classes.


Later, Bill deliberately engaged Casey and
McShane in a discussion about the needs of
Brother Rice, and they laid it out, emphasizing
how tuition is becoming out of reach for too
many who live in the immediate and surrounding neighborhoods, and how good teachers and
smart technology are more expensive than when
Bill attended Brother Rice and was taught by
good teachers who mostly took vows of poverty.
On May 9, 2014, Bill Young called Casey’s office
and explained, with McShane and Major Gifts
Officer Brian Badke ’92 listening on speakerphone, how he planned to help “fund the future
sustainability” of Brother Rice High School.
Casey described it as the most thrilling phone call
he experienced in 27 years at Brother Rice. Not
only does Bill wish to build a foundation primarily with funds from his own personal portfolio,
he wishes to convince other alumni like him to
make the same commitment and connection to
Brother Rice.
“It’s easier for me to beat up on someone for a big
number, if I give a big number in order to help
sustain the school for the next 30 to 40 years,”
Bill said.
Casey, McShane, and Badke wish every potential big donor could meet or otherwise become
inspired by Bill Young or by their own sense of
giving back at a crucial time. After meeting Bill
and spending time with him again later in the
summer, Dr. Burns and Casey were simultaneously inspired to consider the theme “Forever
Young” for the first Brother Rice Gala Event in
January of 2015 (see Forever Young article).
In the meantime, Bill and his wife have given
generously to the already established Brother Rice
Foundation, while engaging with members from
that board to produce other means for sustaining
the school’s future.
Realizing that some alumni can think bigger and
give bigger than others, sustaining the future of
Brother Rice will require more alumni to think as
big as they possibly can, for Brother Rice to stay
“Forever Young.”
Please contact Jim Casey at 773-429-4456 or
jcasey@brrice.org if you would like to meet with
Bill and discuss the future of Brother Rice. Or
contact Jim, Mike, Brian, or Kevin to recommend someone you believe should meet Bill
Young ’61.

2 0 1 4 - 1 5 A l u m n i N e w s l e t t e r A Ye a r i n R e v i e w

First Forever Young Gala Event a “Great” Launch
for the Brother Rice Foundation

Committee planning Forever Young

To describe the first Brother Rice Foundation
Forever Young Gala Event, many involved
placed the adjective “great” in front of people,
place, music, food, cause, mission, fun, time,
timing, and launch in anticipation of next
year’s “60 Years and Forever Young.”
The great people were gathered by great
committee members and great table sponsors
including the following: Chairs Dr. Laura
Shallow & Dr. Brian Farrell ’74*, along
with Dr. Kevin Burns, Brian Barkowski
’95, Jim Casey ’70, Dr. Jorge Cavero ’77,
Bob Clasby ’69, Nancy Condreva, Mark
Donahue ’74*, Donna Eastman, Tom
Harrigan ’64, Larry Heavey ’71, Shaun
Jacob ’93*, Jim Kramer ’64*, Mike
McShane ’87, Rick Murphy ’93*, Burt
Odelson, Greg Papiernik ’76, Steve
Rosenbaum ’74, Mark ’71 & Joyce* Sterk.
(*Committee Members and Table Sponsors).
The committee selected the great place and
food (Beverly CC), the music (City Lights
– Rich Daniels ’78), and the January 17,
2015, launch date (next year it will be later in
The great cause and mission, to build a Foundation for today’s and tomorrow’s Crusaders,
was not only generously supported by aforementioned table sponsors, some of whom also
provided generous auction prizes and participated with generous bids, but also the event
sponsors – Advantage Mechanical,
Beeline Cleaning, Beverly Bank & Trust
(Dennis O’Malley ’82), again Dr. and
Mrs. Kevin Burns, CEP Exhibit Productions

(Mr. & Mrs. Werner Koos),
Levin & Brend (again Mr. &
Mrs. Greg Papiernik ’76),
Manning & Napier (Mr. &
Mrs. John Marren), 1994
Crusader Basketball Sectional Champs, again Mr. & Mrs.
Burt Odelson, Sheehy Funeral
Home, Dr. & Mrs. Patrick
Sweeney, William Blair &
Associates. Other friends of
the Forever Young Foundation
Inaugural event included
Mr. Patrick Ahern, Mr. &
Mrs. James Antos, Mr. & Mrs. Delano
Brazil ’87, Dr. Joseph Brosnan ’71, Mr. &
Mrs. Marco Corsi, Mr. Jim Cranley ’82,
Evergreen Living & Rehab Center,

Pat Elwood ’85 MC

Flo & Santos Pizzeria & Pub, Rev. Joseph
Hardy, Mrs. Eileen Neary, Mr. Eddie Olczyk & Mr. Rick Olczyk, with Tom Killoran
donating beautiful photographs of guests.
Ed Sochacki ’91 produced a
wonderful and memorable
Forever Young Video and
Patrick Elwood ’85 from
WGN Channel 9 News displayed an absolutely perfect
pitch as Master of Ceremonies
and Auctioneer. Band Director Dan Briggs conducted two
beautiful performances from
the Brother Rice Saxophone
Quartet and Bella Suono


Quintet before and during dinner, before
Dean Rolando led the always entertaining
City Lights Orchestra for dancing that filled
the floor well until midnight.
In typical Crusader friend and family fashion,
the great party and camaraderie continued
until the workers at Beverly simply had to go
home. The video, auction, and music set a
unifying tone, with everyone sharing in the
good feeling of making money for today’s
Crusaders. The always generous Pat Folliard
’73 added even more excitement when he
won the biggest bid in the live auction.
With one appeal and two events, the Brother
Rice Foundation is already giving back to
support today’s Crusaders, while positioning
themselves to be there for tomorrow’s Crusaders. Foundation Members Patrick Condon
’64, Thomas Gorman ’85, Thomas Harrigan
’64, James Kramer ’64, James McCord ’67,
Greg Papiernik, ’76, Bill Young ’61, and Ex
Officio member Dr. Kevin Burns, are joined
by Board of Director members, Odelson,
John Birney, Br. Dan Casey ’69, Cavero,
Brian Coughlin ’74, Donahue, Elwood, Farrell, Jacob, Kramer, Br. Dominick Murray
’63, Mike Petrik ’75, Rosenbaum, Mr. Steve
Ruff ’64, Shallow, and Joyce Sterk to support
a full calendar of events and donation appeals
throughout the year for many years, and we
have already learned in 2015 that their lead
in remaining forever committed will keep
Brother Rice High School forever young.

Forever Young Committee at event

R i c e R e v i e w T h e r e H a s N e v e r B e e n a B e t t e r T i m e t o B e a C r u s a d e r ! 2 0 1 4 - 1 5

Hite ’66 With Kosar Hand Off to Casey ’70 & Gallagher ’81
Friends of Ireland, as reported on www.BrotherRice.org last March, which can still be found at

In establishing the Bill Hite Scholarship for
the sons of union construction workers attending Brother Rice, Bill Hite ’66 handed over a
$30,000 award to Brother Rice from the DC

In September of 2014, Alumni Director Jim
Casey ’70 met with Bill Hite ’66 and Local
597 Business Agent Tim Gallagher ’81 at the
Tri-Partite Conference of the United Association
(UA) of Plumbers, Fitters, Welders, and HVAC
Service Techs, which represents 370,000 members in the U.S., Canada and Australia, along
with Contractors and Owners at Local 597 training center in Mokena. While introducing Casey
and Gallagher to former NFL quarterback Bernie

Kosar, Hite handed the ball to them to promote
the building of the Bill Hite Scholarship.
Since then the biggest additional donors have
come from William Blair & Associates, Bob
Brooks ’72, and Governor Pat Quinn. Casey
and Gallagher look forward to contacting locals,
contractors, building associations, and investment firms interested in helping Bill Hite provide
scholarships to Brother Rice for the sons of union
construction workers who could not otherwise
afford today’s tuition.

See more about Bill Hite on page 11

Murphy, Coughlin, Ferrick, & Antos to be Inducted into the Alumni Hall at
All-Alumni Dinner November 13, 2015 - 5’s and 0’s to be Featured
Ed Murphy ’65, Brian Coughlin ’75, and Joe Ferrick ’75 will be inducted into the Alumni
Hall of Fame as Men of the Year in front of classmates celebrating their 50th and 40th anniversaries and alumni from all years, and Jim Antos will be inducted as only the fifth Honorary
Alumnus in front of hundreds of alumni and colleagues who remember him as one of the finest
educators in Brother Rice history.

Alumni Board with Joe Ferrick ’75

All four men will be honored for different and extraordinary examples of what it means to be a
Crusader as part of the All-Alumni Reunion Dinner on Friday, November 13, 2015, at the Carmody Center (BRHS cafeteria). Please contact Jim Casey (jcasey@brrice.org) or Donna Eastman
(deastman@brrice.org) if you wish to receive an invitation to this event. Classes ending in 5 and 0
will also receive special reservations, with the Class of ’65 also enjoying a special reception.

Kamin, Elwood, Rosenbaum & Mikrut Inducted into Alumni Hall at
All-Alumni Dinner November 14, 2014 - 4’s and 9’s Featured
On Friday, November 14, 2014, the following alumni were inducted into the Brother
Rice High School Alumni Association
Alumni Hall of Fame: Mike Kamin ’64, for
his extraordinary and continuous service in
defense of our nation, Mike Elwood ’74,
Steve Rosenbaum ’74, and Tom Mikrut
’79 as 2014 Alumni Men of the Year for

their extraordinary and continued service to
Brother Rice.
Mike Kamin ’64, Alumni Hall of Fame
It has been the custom of the Brother Rice
Alumni Association to honor alumni veterans
of military service, especially those who died
while in service of our country, but also those
whose extraordinary service deserves special
recognition. On the occasion of his 50th
graduation anniversary, Mike Kamin ’64 is
clearly among those alumni who deserve special recognition. Please go to http://Alumni.
BrotherRice.org/ for more biographical
details about Mike, but suffice it to say that it
is difficult to imagine any alumnus from any
high school with a more impressive resume of
crucial intelligence experience at the Pentagon
and in the middle of every major war zone
since Vietnam.

It is because Mike Kamin ’64 has provided
non-stop expertise in dangerous
places around
the world in
defense of our
nation for over
40 years, that
the Brother Rice
Alumni Association proudly
inducted him
into the Alumni
Hall of Fame.
Kamin holds framed flag
Mike took a
moment after
being honored to also honor fellow Crusaders
who served in Afghanistan.


Kamin ‘64 Meets Konstant ‘99


2 0 1 4 - 1 5 A l u m n i N e w s l e t t e r A Ye a r i n R e v i e w

Alumni Hall of Fame and Anniversary Classes Continued from page 4
Mike presented a framed flag, which he
personally commissioned, from the embassy
in Kabul to Alumni Hall of Famer JJ
Konstant ’99, who earned two Purple
Hearts and one Bronze Star for his heroic
duty there and in Iraq.
Mike Elwood ’74 2014 Man of the Year
and Alumni Hall of Fame

him to name them all, “since there are now so
many ways for alumni to become involved.”
It is because Mike Elwood has been a leader
in inspiring alumni and others to come
together and build Brother Rice that he was
a 2014 Man of the Year, and was thereby
inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame.
For more on Mike’s path toward becoming
Alumni Association President, go to http://
Steve Rosenbaum ’74 Man of the Year and
Alumni Hall of Fame

Steve Rosenbaum ’74 embodies the true
meaning of Brother Rice Crusader as much
as anyone does or has throughout the history
of the school. Among the synonyms for
Crusader are “proponent,” “advocate,” and
“protagonist,” all fitting descriptions of this
man, who never stops working and leading
others in a worthwhile cause - the advancement of Brother Rice High School. Many
times we have said that honors are past due,
but none has been more past due than this
one to Steve, who is especially glad to have
waited and to be honored in front of his
1974 classmates as a 2014 Man of the Year
and thereby inducted into the Brother Rice
Alumni Hall of Fame.
For more on Steve’s path to Brother Rice and
back again, go to http://Alumni.BrotherRice.org/
Tom Mikrut ’79, 2014 Man of the Year and
Alumni Hall of Fame

Elwood and Casey

Throughout his years as an alumni volunteer,
Mike Elwood ’74 enjoyed connecting his
family with Brother Rice events, bringing his
dad to dinners and games, especially when
there was a post-game pizza party. To this
day, he enjoys attending events with fellow
Elwood Crusaders, Tom ’68, William ’78,
and Patrick ’85, who serves on the school’s
board of directors.
Mike wanted to build upon the opportunities
for all alumni to come together, so he became
involved in the Alumni Association, first as
the ad book chairman and the vice president
of alumni events in 2001, two positions he
held until 2008. When Jim Cannon ’63
died suddenly in 2008, Mike was a natural
and unanimous choice to fill mighty big
shoes as president of the Alumni Association,
a position he still holds. During his tenure
as president, he continued to also lead as ad
book chairman until last year, when Terry
Barton ’69 took over.
Always thinking of others, Mike cites Cannon,
Casey, and the late Tom Carmody ’69, as alumni
leaders who initially inspired him along with his
parents, but now there are too many alumni for

Rosenbaum and Burns

Steve Rosenbaum ’74 first became an energetic Crusader while in grade school, citing
the atmosphere of varsity basketball games as
“electric.” Anyone who knows Steve and who
has experienced that atmosphere in the gym
will agree that he has recharged that energy
and more back into Brother Rice ever since,
virtually non-stop for 44 years.
Steve has been an ubiquitous member of
the school’s Board of Directors since 2009,
continuously serving on committees that
build momentum for Brother Rice. Added to
that, Steve plunks down his money for and
faithfully attends virtually every Alumni Association event sponsored every year, and no
school has more alumni events than Brother
Rice. He is so faithful, that when a conflict
prevents him from attending something, he
feels genuinely bad about it. If the event attracts couples, Steve and Sharon Rosenbaum
are among the first to make reservations,
while encouraging others to do so as well.


Mikrut ‘79 & O’Connell ‘03

Tom Mikrut ’79 does “not recall having
much of a say in the matter” in choosing
Brother Rice. His classmates from Kolmar in
Oak Lawn went to Richards, but his parents
insisted on Catholic education, so he ended
up following the footsteps of his brothers,
Joe ’75 and Mark ’76, but he recalls that he
could have gone to Marist.
Fortunately for some recent and current
students, memories of Brother Rice, combined with Tom’s incredible generosity, have
led him to significantly help many Crusaders
afford tuition.

R i c e R e v i e w T h e r e H a s N e v e r B e e n a B e t t e r T i m e t o B e a C r u s a d e r ! 2 0 1 4 - 1 5

The Joseph Mikrut Scholarship, named after
Tom’s dad, has, to date, impacted over 50
students who graduated from St. Catherine
of Alexandria in Oak Lawn: “My Dad was a
dedicated family man – hard working, blue
collar electrician for forty years at Western
Electric, who not only put a roof over our
heads and food on the table, but he also
provided an education for his three sons,
even though his education was limited. One
way to recognize his sacrifices and efforts was
to name the scholarship after him, and it

meant a lot to him (and my mother) before
he passed. The parish of St. Catherine of
Alexandria and Father Pat were extremely
important to both of my parents, so it
made sense for the scholarship to meld my
appreciation for BRHS with their appreciation for Father Pat and St. Catherine.”
Tom’s assessment of his own generosity is
strikingly humble, but since it is difficult to
imagine where Brother Rice would be today
without alumni writing checks, we do not

share Tom Mikrut’s humble comparison of
himself. Alumni writing checks and urging
others to do so are today as significant as any
other part of the Brother Rice Family, so that
is why the Brother Rice Alumni Association
is proud to honor major donor Tom Mikrut
’79, as a 2014 Man of the Year and induct
him into the Alumni Hall of Fame.
For more on Tom Mikrut’s return to
Brother Rice, go to http://Alumni.BrotherRice.org/

Classes of the 4’s and 9’s Celebrate Anniversaries at Alumni Dinner

Drum Major Leads ‘84 Grads in Fight Song

MC Tom Gorman ‘85

Class of 64 50th

Bros. Casey, Hayes, and Collins

Kramer, Weimar, Dooley, Malee, Ruff, & Rice 1964

Harrigan, Phelan, McCann 1994

Class of ‘64 on tour

Barton ‘69 & Jacob ‘67 With Crusaders

Class of ‘64 Learns Physics

Ken Furlough ‘09 with Mr. Dolan

Pat Hosty ‘15 & John Walsh ‘61


2 0 1 4 - 1 5 A l u m n i N e w s l e t t e r A Ye a r i n R e v i e w

Alumni News and Calendar of Alumni Events
Monthly Board Meetings-Second Monday or Tuesday of the Month
• Please contact Donna Eastman
(deastman@brrice.org) for exact date
and time.  Contact Jim Casey (jcasey@
brrice.org) if you have any questions.

• Post-game Receptions After Varsity
Basketball or Football Games

Alumni News Throughout the Year

• Go to website - http://Alumni.Brother

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Shaun Jacob ‘93

Circle of Champions 2015 April 18th at Brother Rice High School
prestigious fraternity.  The Class of 2015 will
be inducted Saturday, April 18, 2015.

The Circle of Champions, the Brother Rice
athletic hall of fame, is welcoming its fifth
class of dedicated coaches and athletes to this


The members of the Class of 2015 include
Tom Barry ’71, Tom Dwyer ’04, John Fazy
’71, John Flynn ’61, Bobby Frasor ’05,
Dennis Harrigan ’69,  Bill Kazmierczak
’82, Mark Klutcharch ’82, Tim Lawrence
’76, Br. James McDonald, CFC, Jim
McElroy ’69, Mike McGrath ’69, Brian
McShane ’03, Brian Roll ’73, George Roll
’80, Steve Roll ’72, Ed Sinkus ’74, Dave
Telander’04, and the 1981 IHSA State
Champions Football Team.

R i c e R e v i e w T h e r e H a s N e v e r B e e n a B e t t e r T i m e t o B e a C r u s a d e r ! 2 0 1 4 - 1 5

Brother Rice Supports “Get Behind the Vest” for CPD Officers
As part of our Catholic Schools Week celebrations, Brother Rice hosted a “wear blue” dress
down day to support “Get Behind the Vest,” an
initiative sponsored by the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation that works to raise funds to
replace worn out bulletproof vests for Chicago
police officers.
A bulletproof vest has a life of about 5 years,
and the replacement cost is approximately $500;
police officers are given a vest when they initially
join the force, but they must replace their vests
on a regular basis because the materials wear
out and break down. A bullet will permanently
damage a vest, thereby making it unusable.
Therefore, it is vital that police officers have
updated bulletproof vests to remain safe while
on the duty.
Kate McMahon, a representative from “Get Behind the Vest”, contacted Brother Rice President
Dr. Kevin Burns to ask if BR would be willing
to come on board and support this initiative.
The date was set, the press was contacted, and

ten CPD officers who are also Brother Rice parents came out to be a part of the day. WGN’s
anchorman Robert Jordan also stopped by to
interview and film the BR CPD dads and their
sons and to discuss why Brother Rice chose
to support this cause (see the video footage at
This event revealed that over 100 of our Brother
Rice students have a parent or other close family
member who is a CPD officer, and our alumni
statistics showed that approximately 220 Brother
Rice alumni are CPD officers. It truly brought
home the close ties that Brother Rice shares with
the Chicago Police Department. Since Catholic
Schools Week asks students to reflect on how
they serve their community, it seemed most
appropriate that the Crusader family step up to
support the men and women of CPD who serve
and protect that same community.
The Brother Rice “wear blue” dress down day
netted $1,000 for this campaign, which will

CPD Blue Fundraiser 2015

purchase 2 bulletproof vests. The goal of “Get
Behind the Vest” is to raise enough funds to
purchase 8,000 vests. If you would like to contribute, please go to http://www.getbehindthevest.org/ for more information.
(A second fundraiser on February 11 added
another $4,800 (totaling $5,800), including a
match from Dr. Burns and another donation,
providing a total of 14 vests for CPD officers.)

Filan, Fahey, Knoell and Barkowski, Lost But Will Be Remembered
By: Joe Swiatek ’15

The year 2014 has been a most difficult year
for the Brother Rice family. Starting with the
passing of Mr. Al Filan in January, followed
by student Cameron Fahey ’15, Mr. Andrew
Knoell, and Mrs. Eileen Barkowski, Brother
Rice has been continually coping with losses.

in the Brother Rice main gym. Everyone also
came to know more about Cameron Fahey’s
passion for learning, justice, and enjoying
life with friends and family, as he too was
remembered in the main gym and at a packed
St. Barnabas funeral Mass.
We remember these teachers as leaving indelible marks on the lives of their students, but
the same can also be said about young Cameron, so we urge alumni to read more about
their rewarding lives if you have not already
done so.

Mr. Filan, Mr. Knoell, and Mrs. Barkowski
certainly had different teaching styles and
personalities, but they shared a passion for
their students that came through in the many
positive experiences remembered by students,
alumni, and colleagues at memorial services

Brother Rice may have suffered too much
loss for one year, but it can also be said that
because of Al, Cameron, Andrew, and Eileen
we will all be better for the lives they shared
with us.
More about the lives of these three faculty
legends and the amazing Cameron Fahey can
be found at http://Alumni.BrotherRice.org/


For A Listing of
Deceased Alumni,
Relatives and Friends
Go To

2 0 1 4 - 1 5 A l u m n i N e w s l e t t e r A Ye a r i n R e v i e w

Career Day XXI Scheduled for Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Brother Rice High School Alumni Association will join forces with the faculty and
IA staff, along with the administration, to
host the 21st Annual Alumni Career Day on
Wednesday, March 11, 2015. Between 80 and
100 alumni, spanning fifty years of graduating
classes (1960 – 2010) will tell their true stories
about their various career paths from Brother
Rice to where they are today.

Brother Rice Alumni Director Jim Casey calls
Career Day his favorite event of the year. “Everybody loves it - the faculty, the students, the staff,
and the alumni express as much gratitude to us as
we do to them for the experience,” Casey said.
Last year 100 alumni were scheduled for
Career Day and 80 of them made it even after
an incredible snow storm delayed the start of
school by 90 minutes.

Almost 400 alumni from many walks of life
have participated in various Career Days
throughout the years and all are welcome
to join us again, or join us for the first time.
Please contact Jim Casey at jcasey@brrice.org
or Donna Eastman at deastman@brrice.org if
you would like participate in Career Day XXI.

BRAIN for Business Synapses Firing with Alumni 30th Annual All-Alumni
Doing Business with Each Other
Golf Outing is Friday,
We urge you to contact Jim Casey at jcasey@
June 19, 2015
brrice.org to learn more about how Gary
Stubits ’82, the brains behind BRAIN, Jim
Walsh ’86, and others are continuing to grow
this original and dynamic concept for alumni.

The acronym stands for Brother Rice Alumni
Interactive Network and the pun about “synapses firing” alludes to more than 200 alumni
meeting at various times throughout the last
two years, at various businesses run by fellow
alumni, making business connections with
each other.

BRAIN Leaders Stubits & Walsh with Rodriguez,
Coghlan & Farrell

Please go to http://Alumni.BrotherRice.org/BrainForBusiness/ for
online information or contact Jim
Casey for current information.


Bill McNulty ’63 and Gleneagles CC in
Lemont will again join the Alumni Association
in hosting the 30th Annual All-Alumni Golf
Outing on Friday, June 19. Consecutive shotgun starts are scheduled, the first at 8:00 A.M.
and the second at 1:00 P.M., so we recommend that you gather your foursomes of fellow
alumni now, and also other friends and family
members. Make it an outing within an outing
and let us do the organizing for you. Contact
Jim Casey (jcasey@brrice.org) or Donna Eastman (deastman@brrice.org) if you have any
questions at this time.

R i c e R e v i e w T h e r e H a s N e v e r B e e n a B e t t e r T i m e t o B e a C r u s a d e r ! 2 0 1 4 - 1 5

Alumni Moms Host Third Trivia Night
Brother Rice’s Alumni Mothers Club hosted its
3rd Annual Trivia Night on January 24.  The
event was a great success, with over 200 people
(a nice mix of alumni, alumni parents, current
parents, faculty, administration, and friends)
enjoying a night of challenging trivia questions
and lots of laughs. The team captained by Leo

Schmitz ’77 won for the second consecutive
year. Leo himself could be the answer to the
trivia question, “Who is the first Brother Rice
graduate to be named as the Director of the
Illinois State Police?” Pictured are alumni
moms Anne Minella, Anne Girzadas, Darlene
Folliard, and Marlene Mrozek.

Reprinted and edited in part from The Standard (May 6, 2014)

Brother Rice Adding (Adds) a New Production Studio
By: Mitch Strahlman ’14

The broadcast journalism class was introduced to students at Brother Rice during
the 2013-2014 school year.  The brainchild
of Mr. Barkowski and Mrs. Van Assen, Ms.
Pacetti agreed to teach this new class. 
Ms. Pacetti knew that next year’s (current
year) class of 28 would need to find a bigger,
more permanent home.  Room 100 was the
only classroom in the school that would really work as a production studio. The room
was being used as a math classroom, and was
originally renovated because of the generosity of the Odelson Family.  Ms. Pacetti asked
Brother Rice President Dr. Kevin Burns if it
would be possible to repurpose this room,
creating a classroom that could turn into a
production set. He thought it was a great idea
and suggested she contact Mr. Burt Odelson,
the Chairman of the Brother Rice Board of

Directors, to make sure he was comfortable
with the repurposing of the room.  Not only
did Mr. Odelson approve of the idea, he
wanted to be “on board” with the creation of
the production studio.  Mr. Barkowski then
contacted architect Mr. Paul Aubin, father
of Marcus Aubin, who generously created a
virtual prototype of the forthcoming renovation, and who also donated a green screen,
while Martin Murray ’75 donated an iMac
to enhance the refurbishment and other improvements donated by Mr. Odelson.

broadcasting opportunities next school year. 
The studio should attract expanding interest
from alumni, prospective students, and professional sponsors of student-created videos,
at a time when this technology and broadcasting skill is expanding into every advancing
enterprise in the world.

The production studio is now available to the
broadcast journalism, yearbook/journalism,
and marketing classes not only during class
time, but also before and after school. The
broadcast journalism class is already working
to expand and enhance their High School
Cube broadcasts and intend to create more

Boy Scouts of America, TEEU Irish Union, and Chicago St. Pat’s Parade
Unite With Hite ‘66
The Boy Scouts of America Chicago Council
has partnered with the Plumbing Council of
Chicagoland to honor UA General President William P. Hite as the recipient of the
Inaugural AFL-CIO George Meany Award on
January 20, 2015, at the Sheraton Hotel &
Towers in Chicago.
Bill Hite ’66 is the first to receive this award
because of his internationally recognized leadership in growing the UA, at a time when most
unions are in decline. The UA’s emphasis on
offering the best training and continued partnerships with owners and contractors appeals
to the Boy Scouts as a way of preparing their
members for careers with a future.

For much more on this, Google Bill Hite
and Boy Scouts. The following is a Youtube broadcast of Bill’s speech upon receiving the award: https://www.youtube.com/
In addition to UA of United States, Canada,
and Australia, the UA is now among the most
significant labor unions in Ireland, as the UA
Irish Counterpart, the Technical, Engineering,
Electrical Union (TEEU) General Secretary
Eamon Devoy met with Bill Hite to officially
begin their partnership in enhancing skills, ensuring safety, and expanding job opportunities
for their members. See the following for more
on the TEEU and UA partnership.


As the leader of UA and as a personal friend
to labor, business, and political leaders, not to
mention a 2005 recipient of the Rerum Novarum Award alongside Cardinal George, it
is more than fitting that Bill Hite should also
be the Grand Marshall for the March 14th St.
Patrick’s Day Parade in downtown Chicago.
See more about this at…

US Postage
Bedford Park, IL
Permit 160

Brother Rice Drone on Duty

Brother Rice Announces Google Chromebook Initiative
Information technology isn’t just about devices; it’s also about the software and the Internet
that connects the two. It’s about finding the
best solutions for the school. It’s about thinking forward, yet being diligent in finding the
right tools to use. Seven of the eight Ivy League
universities and 72 of 2013’s top 100 U.S.
universities have gone Google with Google
Apps for Education.

This school year, Brother Rice has chosen
four classes to run a pilot program using
Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education.  Beginning in the 2015-2016 school year,
all freshman and sophomore students will be
required to purchase a Chromebook for use
throughout their time at Brother Rice.
Chromebooks fill three big needs – they’re easy
for students and teachers to use, they’re easy to
share, and they’re easy to manage. Some of the

features that Chromebooks provide over other
device options include, but are not limited to:
• Full version of the Internet,
not limited to an app
• Creation vs. consumption
• Google Ecosystem for Collaboration
(Docs, Sheets, Slides)
• Reduced cost with eBooks
According to IDC’s latest report on tablets and
laptops in K-12 education, Chromebooks are
the best-selling device in the U.S. this year.

Wrestling Room Completed: New Locker Rooms On The Way
Thanks to the efforts of many alumni and
parents who support wrestling and other athletics, Brother Rice will have new facilities for
athletes in time for the entire 2015-16 school
year. The Wrestling Team coaches, along with
many supporters, raised funds and donated
hundreds of hours of expert skill to complete
the room (located between the library and
fitness center) in time for this season. Various coaches and CAAC leaders, along with
many others have also donated thousands of
dollars and discounted services to rebuild and
renovate the locker rooms for all students,
athletes, and coaches, which are expected to
be completed by the end of this school year.