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Tukloo Rules:

1. Never eat turtles*. This crime is equivalent to eating the sacred and holy
brothers and sisters of the mighty and powerful God Tukloo.
*Note: only the special priest is allowed to sacrifice and eat turtles when the
all mighty Tukloo telepathically gives permission in order to lead the people
to find honorable death.
2. Must never reproduce. This would disrupt the Living Cycle and thus a very
terrible and dishonorable crime. Committing this crime will result in not only
the mother but both mother and father must share the dishonorable death
3. Must always take care of the priest. Since the priest is the only person
strongly favored by Tukloo and the only one with the ability to directly
communicate with the God, all wishes and wants of the priest must be taken
care of so theyll have more time to translate Tukloos teachings. The priest
must have the best of everything and should live in modern luxury and
4. Always take care of each other. Due to the priests busy schedule, they
should not be expected to take care of the people. The people must
remember this and share the burden. They must gather food every day and
repair their shacks when needed. If found guilty of laziness, Tukloo feels
lenient and the person will only receive a warning. If a second violation takes
place, they will receive the dishonorable death.
5. Never fight. Fighting is illegal and will only split the people. Violence of any
sort will not be taken lightly and any violations at all will result in the
dishonorable death.
6. Everyone must follow the tourism policy. Anyone can leave or visit as
long as theyre on the island. Failing to follow this tourism policy will result in
the dishonorable death.
7. Everyone must be present at roll call. Due to the priest wanting the
honorable and respectable death for everyone, anyone missing without
logical excuse will be deemed a traitor and receive the dishonorable death if
found. Any individual found guilty of conspiring with the traitor will also follow
the traitor to dishonorable death. But if anyone gives information as to the
location of the traitor, they will be rewarded with the honorable death,
effective immediately.
8. Everyone must sacrifice a small animal every month to worship
Tukloo. Tukloo will take the soul of the small animal and use it to guide the
priest into making informed decisions to decide who should receive the
honorable of dishonorable death.
9. Never take part in illegal substances. Illegal substances include
coconuts, pineapples and strawberries. Legal substances such as alcohol and
cigarettes are perfectly fine.