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RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHER DISCIPLINES:Many new subjects have evaded in recent year due to the

interaction among basic disciplines. While there are many loch new abject
in natural & local licenses. Managerial economics can be taken as the beet
couple of lunch a phenomenon among local licenses . Hence it is
necessary to trace its roots & relationship with other disciplines.

Relationship with economics:- Economic has two aspects.
1). Positive economics:Positive economic M.E depends upon positive economics.
2). Normative Economic:N.E is deals with what ought to be done M.E is related to
normative economic since the firm has to give recognition of what is
good our bad form the point of view of society at large.
The relationship b/w M.E economics theory to may be viewed from

the point of view of the approached to the abject viz…
1). Micro behaviors
1). Micro Economic & 2) Macro Economic Micro Economics is the study of
the economic behavior of individuals M.E is Micro Economic Theory deals
with the analyies of national income the level of Employment general level
Consumption & investment , public finance etc…

Management theory and akin:M.E. has been influenced by the development

in management

theory & acing techniques R.M coyer & J.E have elaborated it further to
give a satiating model where profit maximization is one among several
goals the firm keeps the focus of asking with in the firm is tats changing
from the concept of story keeping to that of managerial decision making
this has resulted in a new specialized area of study called managerial

Managerial economic for managerial


Profit maximization for the firm it is developed to explain multiplicity of goals & lot of concertainity the theory decision making is more prostration than negative economic theories.E & O.E in the field of products development material inventory control quality control marketing demand analysis thus linear programming technique developed by George B.E & statistics:M.E in mating of redacting transportation with & allocation of purchase among different supplier f) M. Most of the economic theories explain a single goal for the consumer i.E application d) M.E & the theory of decision making :The theory of decision making is a new field of knower growth in second half of his century. geometry algebra & calculas are the major branch of mathematics which are of use in M. e) M.E needs the tools satisfies in more than one way A Successful businessmen must correctly established the demand for his product. 2 .E main thing mathematics like logarithms input – out put deferments act… are used game theory inventory models use in M. He should be Abe in incomes on demand only then can abject his out put this is a basically for decision making & use in collecting data & analyzing them to help in the decision making process.The use of mathematics is signification for managerial economics optimum use of recourses the major problem of firm is how to minimize cost how to minimize profit or how to optimize sales mathematical concept & techniques are widely used in economic logic to solve there problem & decision making & forward planning .R the development of techniques concepts game theory programming inventory models this is concepts with the comment problem arising out the men machines materials & money & it helps M. denting in 1947 has proved to be a useful tool for the M.E operation Research :This is major concern of both M.e…..

Problems of Economic:The economic problem emerges because our desire for goods and services to consume is greater than our ability to produce those goods and services. There are 3 types of human wants.E & Computer Science :Computer have changed the way the functioned & economic or business activity is no exception computer are used in data & ask maintenance inventory & stock control & happy & demand prediction in tact computer of business activities on a large scale has reduced the work load of the management personnel M. Economic as that human want posse a critical characteristics 1).g) M. 1) Biological wants are for the goods and services melded to human life these are ford shelter and clothing these goods are after called necessities. Human Wants for Goods & Services to Consumer Are In The Aggregate Insatiable:We lave never seen any human society enjoying wants& actuation including united states today sadly the developed nations of the world after can not ever provide for life sustaining biological wants. 2) Cultural wants for are for goods and services beyond enmities in orders to maintain the socially accepted standard of living the idea of a standard of living will vary with time & place . The demand for goods & services from human wants. 3 . 3) Demon traction wants are for goods and services beyond convenes thanks to moron tale communication we all know about the lifestyles of the rich & famous and would not monitor our self there goods and services are called luxuries.E bridges the goop abstract theory & management practices with the help of other allied science this has been the secret of its because as practices science unlike the mainstream of economic theory.

Labor is all human effort physical & mental used in production the payment for labor are wages and salaries.The supply of good & services results from the production proem in production various are brought to gather and input and combined to create goods & services these input are clarified into three factors of production. 4 . Land is natural recourses or endowment from nature the payment for the use of land is called rents & royalties. Capital is also produced disables the payment for capital are interest for debt capital and profits for equity capital. The factors of production are versatile and may be combined indefinite properties to produce the since thing thru U. The wants of a society for goods and services to consumer will always exceed the ability of that society to produce goods and services This problem Posen sessions policy junction all nations the advanced as well as less developed it is after a cruel dilemma for their economic are after hard proved events to punish the biological necessities.S is capital abundant used machinery inters for farming china is labor abundant and used people intensively for farming. 2. Capital is all goods used to produce other goods and services.