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0 Introduction
Guidance and Counseling is an essential component in every school in Malaysia. It
is in line with the Malaysia Educational Philosophy which is developing the potential
of individuals in a holistic and integrated approach to create stable and harmonious
intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially. Guidance and
Counseling is one of the responsible parties that could help us to achieve this
effectively. Each Malaysian school has their own counselors to help in developing
students in very aspects. Professional school counselors serve a vital role in
maximizing student success (Lapan, Gysbers & Kayson, 2007)
Counseling is best defined as a process of giving help to one another in
making choices and adjustments if individuals are having problems. It is the face-toface relationship with the counselor and clients. Counseling is a process in which
clients learn how to make decisions and formulate new ways of behaving, feeling,
and thinking. Counselors guide their clients to achieve their goals in solving the
Usually, there are two types of counseling which are individual and group counseling.
Individual counseling focuses on the individual's concerns. Individual counseling is a
one-on-one discussion between the counselor and the client, who is the person
seeking treatment. Group counseling on the other hand involves multiple individuals
facing a similar concern. The strength in group counseling is that if you have 3, 5 or
10 people together all facing the same issue or similar issues, then they can work
To sum up, the purpose of counseling is to provide help to those who
need it. It embraces the saying that 'an ounce of prevention is equal to a pound of
cure' or in a simpler words prevention is better than cure. It helps the client to
prevent things from becoming much worse.
2.0 Background of the SK. Pekan Putatan
SK. Pekan Putatan is one of the schools monitored under the Penampang District.
The school is chaired by Abdul Kassim Hj. Binsin, the headmaster. The school has
two teaching and learning (T&L) sessions which are the morning session and
afternoon session. The school consists of 700 males and 1370 females.
This school has always given high attention to the development of the
students in all aspects as stated in the National Education Philosophy of physical,
emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social (JERIS). To ensure the holistic
development of students, guidance and counseling service in this school is led by 3

counselor which are Norbani @ Noridah Salim, Mrs. Maslinah Bt. Mohd. Rosmilih
tariff and Mrs. Hj. Sakmud. The teachers at this school counseling given the
responsibility to provide guidance to all the students.
5.0 References
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benefits all students. Jefferson City, MO: Missouri Department of Elementary and
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