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Motor cycle the name is evolved from motorized cycle. Motorcycle has an
engine, wheels and chain exposed. Moreover it is chain driven. Two wheelers owe
their descent to the safety bicycle. These appeared around 1800, used iron sanded
wagon wheels.
A motorcycle is a single track, two wheeled motor vehicle. Motorcycle vary
considerable depending on the task for which they are designed, such as long
distance travel, navigating congested urban traffic, cruising, sport and racing or off
road conditions.
Motorcycles are the most affordable from of motorized transport in many
parts of the world and for most of the world’s population. They are also the most
common type of motor vehicle.
The German inventor GOTTLIEB DAIMLER is credited with building the
first motorcycle in the year 1885.
The first internal combustion petroleum fueled motorcycle was DAIMLER
petroleum REITWAGEN. It was designed and built by the German GOTTLIEB
It was called as the world’s first motorcycle. One wheel in the front and one
in the back although it has a smaller spring loaded out rigger wheeler on each side.

It was constructed mostly on each side; the wheeler was powered by a single
cylinder Otto cycle engine and may have a spray carburetor.
The first was the French MICHAUX PERREAUX steam bicycle of 1868.
This was followed by the American ROPER STEAM VELOCIPEDE of 1869. One
such machine was demonstrated at fairs and circuses in the eastern U.S in 1867
The popularity of the vehicle grew especially after 1910. During world war
1st all branches of the armed forces in Europe especially for dispatching used the
motorcycle. After the war it enjoyed a port vague until the great depression began
in 1929. After world war 2nd a revival of interest in motorcycle lasted in the late
20th century with the vehicle being used for high speed touring and sport
In 1907 HARLEY DAVIDSON made the first U-twin bike. It distinguishes
itself by climbing hills. The more sophisticated motor scooter originating in Italy
soon after.
World war 2nd led by manufacture of a 125cc model. Despite strong
competition from West Germany. France, Australia, and Britain. The Italian
scooters maintained the lead in the diminishing market.

The Indian two wheeler industry has come long way since its humble
beginning in 1948 when Bajaj Auto started importing and selling Vesap scooter in
India. Since them the customer preference have changed in favor of motorcycles
and gearless scooters has that score higher on technology, fuel economy and
authentic, appeal at the expense of metal bodied geared scooters and mopeds.
These changes in customer preferences have had an impact on fortunes of the
India is the second manufacturer and producer of two wheelers in the world.
It stands next only to Japan and China in terms of the number of two wheelers
produced and domestic sales respectively. This distinction was achieved due to
variety of reasons like restrictive policy followed by the Government of India
towards the passengers’ car industry rising demand for personal transport,
inefficiency in the public transportation system etc.
The India two wheeler industries can be broadly classified into three major
segments. Sector motor cycles and mopeds. The domestic two wheeler sales of
3.778 mn in FY 2000 constitute scooter sales of 33.4% 39% in FY 99. Motorcycles
segment has gradually increased its presence from 27% in FY 92 to 47.7% FY
2000 (motorcycles 47.7% 41% in FY 99) and mopeds 17.6% in FY 99 mainly at
the expense.
The scooter and to some extent moped segment:

The Indian motorcycle industry can be broadly categorized into Indian motors cycles and Indo Japanese motorcycles. GLOBAL SCENARIO  Industry Structure  Indian two wheeler segment  Bajaj Auto Limited  Brief History of Bajaj Auto Limited  Changing Scenario  Bajaj Pulsar Dtsi and Its models . Bajaj and Escorts in collaboration with Japanese vehicle manufactures Honda. The Indo Japanese motorcycles segments are dominated by Hero group. Kawasaki and Yamaha respectively. The Indian motorcycles segment is dominated by Bajaj [M80] escorts and Royal Enfield and Hero Honda.

choice of products including capacity mix and technology. Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices (MRTP) and Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA) were aimed at regulating monopoly and foreign investment respectively. which ultimately took a more prominent shape with the introduction of the New Economic Policy (NEP) in 1985. all critical areas of functioning of an industry. The industrial policies shifted from a regime of regulation and tight control to a more liberalised and competitive era. the share of two-wheelers in automobile sector in terms of units sold was about 80 per cent during 2003-04. Two major results of policy changes during these years in two-wheeler industry were that the. Amongst these policies. The two-wheeler industry has been in existence in the country since 1955. entry of firms. capacity expansion. the major set of reforms was launched in the year 1991 in response to the major macroeconomic crisis faced by the economy. Recognition of the damaging effects of licensing and fettering policies led to initiation of reforms. (b) under-utilisation of capacity. This controlling mechanism over the industry resulted in: (a) several firms operating below minimum scale of efficiency. motorcycles and mopeds. scooters. and (c) usage of outdated technology. weaker players died out giving way to the new entrants and superior products and a sizeable increase in number of brands entered the market . According to the figures published by SIAM.EVOLUTION OF TWO-WHEELER INDUSTRY IN INDIA Two-wheeler segment is one of the most important components of the automobile sector that has undergone significant changes due to shift in policy environment. The lapses in the system had invited fresh policy options that came into being in late sixties. It consists of three segments viz. In the initial years. This high figure itself is suggestive of the importance of the sector. were effectively controlled by the State machinery. However.

9 mn units by March. The total sale of two wheelers in India has touched a figure of 7.that compelled the firms to compete on the basis of product attributes. Over the past decade.8 mn units.000 – Rs 40. starting from the entry/economy class (Rs 30. executive class (Rs 40.000 mn.4% from the previous fiscal figure of 7. In terms of sales and market share the major players of the industry are Hero Honda.000). 2012. Other players include Kinetic Motors. deregulation of the industry has not really resulted in higher level of competition.1 mn units. scooters and mopeds. The composition of the industry consists of motorcycles. Yamaha Motor and Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI). Finally. Since . there has been a consumer preferential shift from mopeds to scooters and now motorcycles. Indian two-wheeler industry: Rural India to drive industry's growth The Indian two-wheeler industry has come long way since its humble beginning in 1948 when Bajaj Auto started importing and selling Vespa Scooters in India. The motorcycle segment is further sub divided into 3 classes. up 11. entailing a demand ratio of 72%. the two-¬wheeler industry in the country has been able to witness a proliferation of brands with introduction of new technology as well as increase in number of players. However.000). Bajaj Auto and TVS Motors.000) and the premium class (>Rs 50. though the degree of concentration has been lessened over time.000 –Rs 50. with various policy measures undertaken in order to increase the competition. the motorcycle segment dominates the two wheeler industry with a market share of close to 80%. Production during the period reached 10. INDUSTRY STRUCTURE India is the 2nd largest two-wheeler market in the world with a size of over Rs 100. On account of the shift.

However rural areas and smaller towns still remains considerably underpenetrated market. changing social philosophy and broad-mindedness. higher loan tenure and loan-to-value offered by the financing companies have all fuelled the growth of two-wheeler demand. The authors foresee rising income levels combined with increase in finance penetration in rural areas and smaller towns. The erstwhile leaders have either perished or have significantly lost market share. Sighting this huge growth opportunity two-wheeler manufacturers have started launching models catering to the needs of rural demand. fuel economy and aesthetic appeal. with increasing women working population. the penetration of two-wheelers in target population has increased significantly during last one decade especially in urban areas. reducing excise duties. Furthermore. These changes in customer preferences have had an impact on fortunes of the players. the customer preferences have changed in favour of motorcycles and gearless scooterettes that score higher on technology.then. The authors have developed a statistical model that attempts to forecast the domestic two wheeler sales on the basis of ownership cost and the target . Rising income levels. the demand for two-wheelers will grow swiftly in short to medium term period. at the expense of metal-bodied geared scooters and mopeds. Besides. whereas new leaders have emerged. mounting traffic chaos and limited parking space has also increased the demand for two-wheelers from households that can afford or actually do own a car.

After a strong recovery industry posted in FY10. . would become limited in days to come. willingness of vehicle financers to finance TWs. Nevertheless the industry would register a healthy growth during FY10-FY15 period. which was continued even in first quarter of FY10. have also been quantitatively built in demand forecasting model. etc. consumer confidence. According to this report. Other qualitative factors like macro-economic outlook. especially bigger cities. rural India would drive the growth. whereas the opportunity in urban India. the authors foresee the high growth levels witnessed currently would stabilise in next 2-3 year period.population that includes young populace that can afford but do not own a two wheeler.

 Total investment for new capacity generation in two-wheeler segment is likely to be more than $2.85 million units by 2011-12. 000 crore). Bajaj Auto Limited  The global economy and the market are growing faster than ever.42% from the previous fiscal figures of 7.Some of the features that deserve attention in respect of the Indian two wheeler segment are as mentioned:  The total sale of two wheelers in India has touched a figure of 7.78 million in 2006-07. The change has become so inevitable that without it a company . more than double of the current production level. 2007.86 million units by March.  The two-wheeler production capacity is to reach 22. Bajaj Auto and TVS Motor remain the leading players in terms of sales and popularity of their two wheelers. up 11.000 in 2006-07.39 million two-wheelers in 2011-12 compared with 590.31 million units in 201112 compared with 10.  India is likely to export 1. Production during the period reached 8.  Hero Honda. The current business situation is in a state where they need to reshape their ideas constantly.63 million units.2 billion (INR10.  The production of two wheelers in India is expected to reach a staggering 17.05 million.

Brief History of Bajaj Auto Limited  The Bajaj Group is one of the top 10 business organisations in India. methodical application of the from the management who are implementing it and another form the employees who undergo it. it is a gradual process of transformation that can affect the entire structure. home . reduce cost of sales. The affect of a change can be felt in global way just like the current financial crunch that is happening around world. Change is the process of taking a company from current position (state) to a desired or expected position (state) and at the same time dealing with the problems that arise in the process. then change is about the management. (Gill. Change management is an organized. 2003). But change management is not a distinct discipline with rigid and clearly defined boundaries (Burnes. With effective management of change we can easily achieve a better turnover.couldn't survive in this competitive world. 2004).  Organisations may not get their desired outcome if the change management is not effective. In the past. Change is something that cannot force upon. Bajaj Auto Ltd. and resources of change that provides organizations with a key development to achieve their business strategy. the agents that could lead into organizational change also increased. tools. expand the business. There are two angles in which a change can be viewed . maximise profit and even retain the same employee satisfaction. The Bajaj Group has a wide range of industries such as. the affect of change agents on a business organization was very small but as and when the business transactions started to happen on global basis.

wheeler manufacturer and is well-known in over a dozen countries in Europe. it went in collaboration with Piaggio to manufacture scooters and marketed under the brand name Vespa. the US and Asia. Latin America. the company started manufacturing its own scooters under the brand name Chetak which pushed the Indian market to top boom and stayed as market leaders in scooter industry for a long period in India. the competition faced by Bajaj was severe. so common people prefer it. Another factor for the market dominancy was the restriction for international brands in the Indian market. which did mainly import and sell two or three wheelers. By the end of the 10 year agreement with Piaggio. insurance.and three. Hence the company faced no much competition. In the year 1959.  After the effect of globalisation when international organisation started to enter the Indian market. the company secured a license from the government of India to manufacture two and three wheelers. The international companies had invested a lot in Research and developments and had better features and fuel efficiencies and this started to trouble the Baja's rule over the Indian market.  Jamnalal Bajaj founded Bajaj Auto Ltd in the year 1926. the company started to grow and in the same year. From this license. But the group's main focus is Bajaj Auto which is ranked as the world's fourth largest two.  The scooter made a strong brand image among people especially the middle class families who longed to have their own transport which was economical. The cost of motorcycles was 30% high when compared with scooters.appliances. When the price gap between motorcycles . lighting. durable and easy to maintain which was the key factor for their dominancy in market. iron and steel. travel and finance.

which dramatically improved the quality of motorcycles available in the Indian market. Fuel efficiency of scooters were comparatively less with motorcycles. the turn over market dominancy and overall market value of the company starts declining constantly. styling and greater fuel efficiency. When banks started to give loans to own vehicles it was a dream come true for most of the Indians and thus the consumer preference shifted to motorcycles rather than scooters. When banks started financing for buying new vehicles common people shifted to motorcycles which can save a fortune in fuel. . etc. This period also saw a steep rise in fuel prices.and scooters narrowed consumers started to shift to motorcycles because they were more able to travel on a terrain and had much greater ground clearance. Soon the foreign companies started introducing more new models with contemporary technology. To conclude the situation created because of the company's lack of interest in R&D. All these joint ventures were in the motorcycle segment. TVS.  Japanese companies like Honda motor co. Changing Scenario  In the early 1990s. Escorts. the market saw a great recession in the Indian two wheeler sector. Suzuki and Yamaha started their operations in India through joint ventures with Indian companies like hero Cycles ltd. which resulted in consumers placing greater emphasis on fuel efficiency when purchasing a new two wheeler. The foreign firms came with the latest technology and efficient production systems. ltd (Honda). overall sales of two-wheelers declined by 15% in 1991 and 8% in 1992.

more fuel-efficient and was capable to ride with ease in any terrain. but it was in vain as Bajaj had not once thought of modifying their scooters or thought of bringing new motorcycles into market and ultimately Bajaj had to give up its throne of the largest two wheeler company. Hero Honda was the company the Bajaj had to compete. The consumer preference shifted from scooters to motorcycles. Then. the entire Indian market witnessed a change that was not at all foreseen by the company. In addition the motorcycles became cheaper. In the year 2005-06 with the entry of gearless scooters Bajaj lost its dominance over the Indian market to the gearless scooter named Activa from Honda. This was because the difference in the ratio of youngsters and mature adults. The arch rivals.  The model Bajaj was rolling out of the company was a geared scooter. . which was more comfortable for old people as well as women and even men have started to use Activa for their short errands because of its ease of use. which affected the company drastically in a much big way.

Company Profile History : The Bajaj group is one of the top 10 business concerns in India its foot point stretcher over a wide range of industries. travel. lighting iron and home appliances insurance. It was founded in 1926 at a height of India’s movement for independent from the birth the group has on illustrious history the integrity dedications resourcefulness and determination today are often traced back of its bitch during there days of relentless devotion to a common case.18 billion (US $ 936 million) its product portfolio has expanded from one to and the brand has found a global market. This close relationship and his deep involvement in the independence movement did not leave Jamalal Bajaj with much time to spend on his newly launched business venture. He is one of the Indian’s must distinguished business leaders and internationally respected for his business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. spanning automobiles 12 wheelers and the three wheelers. About their brand identity . His son Kamalanayan Bajaj when he was 27 took over the rains of business in 1942 he to be close to Gandhi and it was only after independence in 1947 that he was able to give his full attention to the business. Jomanlar founder of the group was a close confident and discipline of mahatma Gandhi in fact Gandgiji had adopted him as his son.47. Kamalanayan Bajaj not only consolidated the group but also the flagship companies has gone up form 72 million to rs. and finance.

they ensure a special place for themselves in the hearty and the minds of the customers. Brand values: .  Brand essence is excitement  Bajaj strives to inspire confidence through excitement engineering.  It is the singular representation of our term of endearment with the customers and also it provides the basis on which we grow profitably in the market.  In doing these.  It conveys to everyone our intention to constantly inspire confidence.  It can do this by living brand essence and by continuously seeking to enhance the customer’s experience.  Indeed. our brand identity is shaped as much by their belief in Bajaj as it by our own vision. Brands Essence:  Brand essence is the soul of brand.Brand identity:  Brand is the visual expression of our thoughts and actions. It encapsulates the mission at Bajaj.  Customers are the primary audience for our brand.

Speed:  Speed is how we convey clear conviction. reasoned and decisive actions.  It is a value that keeps us sharply responsive. mirroring our commitment towards our processes.  It is a value that provokes us to reach behind the obvious in pursuit of that which exceeds them ordinary. . Transparency:  Transparency is how we characterize ourselves.  It is a value that embraces knowledge as the platform for building well informed. Perrfection:  Perfection is how we set new standards.Learning:  Learning is how we ensure proactively.  It is value that exhibits our determination to excel by endeavoring to establish new branch marks all the time. Innovaton:  Innovation is how we create the feature.

 We respect sound theory and encourage creative experimentation.  We organize ourselves for a transparent and harmonious flow of work.  We make our work place a source of pride We Believe In:  FAIRNESS. It is a value that makes us worthy of credibility through integrity of trust through sensitivity and of loyalty through interdependence.of all relevant financial and non financial information in on easily understood manner. but especially to minority shareholders. Management profile: Rahul Bajaj Chairman Madura Bajaj Vice chairman .  Disclosure.To all shareholders in the co. Philosophy:  We approach our responsibilities with ambition and resource fullness.  Supervision of the company’s activities by a professionally competent and independent board of directors.

H. Godrej Director S.Podar Director Shekar Bajaj Director D.J Bajaj Roa Director J.Rajiv Bajaj Executive director Sanjiv Bajaj Executive director D. Suman kirloskar Director Naresh Chandra Director Nonoo panmai Director Manish Kejriwal Director P.N. Mehta Whole time director Kantikumar R. Khan Director Mrs. Murari Director Niraj Bajaj Director .S.D.

Company's History Type Founded Headquarters Key people Revenue Net income Employees Website Bajaj Auto Ltd Public 1945 Pune.32 billion Rs. India Rahul Bajaj (Chairman). Maharashtra. The company is headed by Rahul Bajaj who is worth more than US$1. motorcycles and the auto Bajaj Auto is a major Indian automobile manufacturer. Over the last decade. Scooters and Motorcycles. Its product range encompasses Scooterettes. Its real growth in numbers has come in the last four years after successful introduction of a few models in the motorcycle segment.Waluj (near Aurangabad) and Pantnagar in Uttaranchal. The Forbes Global 2000 list for the year 2010 ranked Bajaj Auto at 1946.and three-wheeler maker].016 billion 10. with plants in Akurdi and Chakan (near Pune). Bajaj Auto makes and exports motorscooters. the company has successfully changed its image from a scooter manufacturer to a two wheeler manufacturer. It is based in Pune. 81.bajajauto. It is India's largest and the world's 4th largest two.063 billion (2012) or USD 1.250 (2011-12) www. 11. Rajiv Bajaj (Managing Director) Rs.5 billion COMPANY'S HISTORY .

With Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Japan. Bajaj manufactures state-of-the-artrange of twowheelers.and three-wheelers and it went public in 1960.000th vehicle.Bajaj Auto came into existence on November 29. it managed to produce and sell 500. The brand. is the largest exporter of two and three wheelers.000 vehicles in a single financial year. it managed to produce and sell 100. it started producing at Wale in Aurangabad. In 1959. 1945 as M/s Bachraj Trading Corporation Private Limited. It started off by selling imported two. In 1986. Its Discover DTSi is also a successful bike on Indian roads MISSION AND VISION STATEMENT Mission Focus on value based manufacturing Fostering team work & enhancing the capability of the team Continual Improvement Total elimination of wastes Pollution free & safe environment Vision To attain World Class Excellency by demonstrating Value added products to customers . Pulsar is continually dominating the Indian motorcycle market in the premium segment. In 1970. it obtained license from the Government of India to manufacture two. it rolled out its 100. it rolled out its ten millionth vehicles and produced and sold 1 million vehicles in a year.and threewheelers in India. In 1977. In 1985. Bajaj Auto Ltd.000 vehicles in a single financial year. In 1995.

the Company sold 2.9% last year. sales growth fell very sharply in Q3 FY2012 and Q4 FY2012.566. As mentioned earlier. to eventually clock 11.9% in FY2012. BALW has been producing the catalogue products to cater to the changing market requirements.757 motorcycles during FY2012. Both urban and rural markets were affected by high consumer interest rates. increasing petrol prices and overall inflation. improvements are being made continuously in the existing products. Sale of motorcycles in India was no exception. FY2012 has been a year of lower growth for the domestic economy.Objective Bajaj Limited is to cater the market needs of transportation by providing 2 wheeler and 3 wheeler vehicles. Based on the customer feedback. That was 6.9% growth was severely skewed across quarters as well as segments. Sales of models belonging to the . with almost all sectors reporting subdued numbers.3% higher than the sales in the previous year. After two good quarters. Awards 2011-12 Outstanding Business Leader of the Year NDTV Profit Business Leadership Award Young Business Leader Auto car Awards 2012 Kawasaki Ninja Premium Bike of the Year Ernst and Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” Business Transformation Award India In India. Goal To catapult Bajaj Auto as the country‘s largest automobile company. Even the 11. versus 22.

contribution of the more powerful 125cc+ has nearly doubled to .619 bikes. Pulsar is the only brand in the Performance segment whose cumulative sales have crossed the 5 million mark. With a substantial proportion of Bajaj Auto’s business coming from the Performance segment. with a market share of 44%. Pulsar 200 NS is expected to re-define motorcycling just as the original Pulsar s did in 2001. despite the segment being most hotly contested by every major twowheeler company with a large number of models fighting for market share. Within Discover. KTM is Europe’s second largest motorcycle manufacturer and dominates the off-road segment across the world. Bajaj Auto launched the KTM Duke 200 in January 2012. The first offering from the KTM stable in India. As evidenced in the first two months of ongoing financial year 2012-13. launched earlier in June 2011. Pulsar . we expect an acceleration in growth in the second half of the fiscal year 2012-13. The Company’s key brand in this segment. the Company’s sales growth by volume was more muted at 6%. the growth continues to be muted.upper end Performance segment remained flat year-on-year. is being retailed through dedicated KTM stores. This. However. Bajaj Auto unveiled the next generation Pulsar 200 NS in January 2012. Industry growth for H1/FY2013 is expected to be in the range of 6-7% only. is now into its 10th year. with annual sales of 1. Both the KTM Duke 200 and the Kawasaki Ninja 650R. have received excellent response. To increase the momentum in the Performance segment.279. It sold 716. To dominate the high end. Known for their legendary racing achievements. the Duke 200. the Discover range in the mid-Commuter Deluxe segment has sold more than a lakh motorcycles every month. The good news is that Bajaj Auto continues to dominate the performance segment. In FY2011-12.267 motorcycles in this segment in FY2012.

ZigWheels Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle of the Year .Bike upto 125 cc NDTV Profit .53% of the brand portfolio this year. Reflecting the changing dynamics in the motorcycle market during FY2012.Car & Bike Bajaj Discover DTS-Si Motorcycle of the Year .TopGear Bajaj Pulsar Hall of Pride Awards CNBC –Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS Bike of the Year Bike India Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS Bike India upto 150 cc Bike India Bajaj Avenger 220 2011 Mc of the year upto 250cc NDTV Car Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS "Golden Steering Wheel" for Executive Motorcycle Auto Build Discover 150 DTS-I Best Value for Money Vehicle of the Year .ZigWheels Kawasaki Ninja 250cc Bike of the Year ET NOW .ZigWheels Pulsar 135LS 4-V Technology of the Year ET NOW . AWARDS AND ACCOLADES 2011-12 Product Award Award Body Kawasaki Ninja Bike of the Year IMOTY Pulsar 135LS Bike of the Year ET NOW .ZigWheels Discover DTS-Si Most Value for Money-Bike of the Year ET NOW . Discover is set for further growth. With several product and marketing initiatives planned for FY2013. the Commuter Standard segment grew the fastest. Bajaj Auto also clocked healthy growth here with an annual volume of 570.871 motorcycles — contributed largely by the Platina.ZigWheels Pulsar 135LS 150cc Bike of the Year ET NOW .Bike upto 250 cc NDTV Profit .Car & Bike Product Award Award Body Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS Bike of the Year 2010 BBC .ZigWheels Discover DTS-Si 100cc Bike of the Year ET NOW .Car & Bike Kawasaki Ninja Two Wheeler of the Year NDTV Profit .

FIRM PROFILE Engineering support Marketing . Ltd.ORGANIZATION CHART OF THE COMPANY Chairman & Managing Director Executive director Whole time director Vice chairman President Company Secretary Vice president Finance Insurance Material Project Business development & marketing Operator General Manager Production & engineering Production Engineering 3-wheeler 3-wheeler Marketing Corporate officers Finance Information marketing Management& Information service Over seas manufacturing Machine tool division Finance Motor cycle division Corporate Finance Supreme Auto Dealer’s Pvt..

Power : the total electric power used by the firm is 600 units per month & the same is supplied by K E B Machinery: The firm is well equipped with all required tools. this department includes both two and three wheeler vehicle. but later the partnership firm turned in private limited. work shop & spare parts section. Infrastructure facility: Land and building: the firm has its own land whose room. Ltd. Service department 3. Sales Department : Here the vehicle is sold to the customer as their wants. Ltd.Supreme Auto Dealer’s Pvt. First it was established as Nandi motors that it is named as Supreme Auto Dealer’s Pvt... They are 1. Spares department 4. The office staff includes 4 departments. MAN POWER AND OFFICE STAFF OF THE FIRM The firm has sufficient staff there are 100 employee in the firm. There are require for the servicing of all vehicles. has become .. Sales department 2. The monthly sales are 80 of three wheeler and 300 of two wheeler. the firm was establish in 1989 the firm is located in Shankar mutt road in Shimoga. Ltd. Now the Supreme Auto Dealer’s Pvt. have been incorporated as a partnership. Accounting department 1.

of 2009. An advertisement was given in local news paper like Navika & janavarthey about the care camp. Ltd. Separate stall are installed for new vehicle displays. Ltd. which gives you Manager best quality which gives you best quality in best price. And also it was awarded for excellent service twice. In this care camp. 4. Accounting Department : Works Accounts Dept Spares Sales Manager Manager This is the main and financial departmentManagers of the firm here we Manager can came to know about the sales volume of the year accounting concerns the accounting Supervisor department. In this department the customer never had to complaint about the firm. the Supreme Auto Dealer’s Pvt. they have hi-tech work shop for motor cycle. the customer wants friendly service by the firm and it is in Supreme Auto Dealer’s Pvt.. as already they have hitech work shop. held motor cycle care camp in Shimoga. Every day 20 men enrolled. In January 24th. tshirts key broachers & pens. number of respondents chosen was 50. 25th. Board of Directors 3. it has well trained mechanic and they will fulfill customers complaints or problems regarding this a sample survey was made and the Supreme Auto Dealers Pvt. Head Mechanics Accounts Computer Operator Assistant Computer ORGANISATION Operator CHART Sales Executives Sales assistant Assistant mechanics Receptionist Helper . The highlight of the care camp is costrol had give.. Ltd. Spares Department : In this department. we getBranch all spares part of the vehicle easily.highest selling two dealer in Shimoga city.. the vehicle attends in large number. Service Department After the sales of the product. 2.


 The physical product itself  Brand name  Package  Colour. . In case of the product concept not only the physical attributes are accountable but also other attributes like presale & service are considered some of which may be as following.Marketing Mix Strategy Marketing is analysis planning and controlling the firm activities with a view of satisfying the needs wants of the chosen customer can be attracted by the following four ways namely. A product must be satisfactory to the consumer because it is to be who is the ultimate user. Product It is first ‘p’ of the marketing. Promotion 4. 1. Product 2.  Price  Service offered  Safety  Corporate image as well as the brand image. size shape etc. It consist of bundle of utilities and expected to customer. 1. Price 3. Physical distribution These four are called 4 PS of marketing are the marketing mix strategy.

2. Thus in case of bajaj auto ltd. dealers & sales promotion. Promotion It is activity concerned with the market communication. It is a form of publicity. they have fixed responsible price for their vehicle & thus their great demand in the market. Advertising means nothing but a form of non-personal presentation & promotion ideas. Price means the exchange value of an article in terms of money without it we cannot buy or sale anything. . Price of a product consist of the physical product plus the bundle of expectations the product should be worth the price only then will be the consumer is satisfied. Sales promotion plans are required to attracted the attention of the consumer & create demand for the product. Good services by an identified sponsor. Promotion involves advertising personal selling . 3. Price Price is a very important factor..

Ltd. The receptionist or sales executives attend the customer & give complete information about the product which product do they want and also they try to motive the customer to buy their prodct. d) Tele. c) Direct Marketing It is also a kind of marketing here sales executives of the firm meets the customer face to face and give full information about the product and also collect their opinion towards the product. a) Advertising policy The advertising policy is to be adopted by the Supreme Auto Dealer’s Pvt... b) Counter Sales Counter sales is nothing but sales department sales their product their customer when the customer came to his show room. Ltd.Marketing strategy adopted by Supreme Auto Dealer’s Pvt.Marketing It is also a kind of marketing here some employees in the firm call to many people and give detailed information about product in sometimes the company gives marketing responsibility of their product to BPO . as follows  Demonstration of the vehicle in rural areas through mobile service van by the cable t v advertisement  Through hording boards  Advertisement through media like news paper etc.

Some of the channel s are :  Manufacturers  whole sellers  retailers  consumers  Manufacturers  sales man  dealers  consumers  Manufacturers  retailers  consumers  Manufacturers  consumers In case Supreme Auto Dealer’s Pvt. shivamogga district. they are the authorized dealer’s of bajaj auto ltd. .e) Mela’s This is a outside marketing it is conducted by the firm or company. Distribution It is flow of goods the producer or the manufacturers to the ultimate consumer. Distillation channels represent a chain of middle man participating in the transferring of goods.. This letter contains detailed information about their new offers and their new products. 4. The firm can arrange exchange and loan mela that provides an opportunity to exchange their old bike and also provides loan for purchasing new bike... F) Invitation Letters This letter send to many customer or people who are located near to show room. Ltd. products after receiving from the manufacturer that is bajaj auto ltd. The main objective of these kind of marketing is to do publicity about our product & firm.