Buffalo High School


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lOO SpcM'ts
132 .Adv ertiseiiieiAts
500 W. Main Buffalo, Missouri 65622
The Bison Volume 55
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Left: Dylan "passes" the orange at the
Welcome Back Assembly.

Middle Left: Austin Park plays his
guitar at the FC4 5th quarter.

Bottom Left: Jeff, Ben, and Jeremy
pretending to stay out of trouble.

Below: Emily and Becky are excited

about their Hrst spirit week in high

Right: Miranda, Joelle, and Candace

show their spirit by dressing up on
"School Colors" day.

Middle Right: Brett and Lee enjoying
themselves at the 5th quarter.

Bottom Right: Travis telling the
Above: Seniors smile at the


c a m e r a , " Ye a h , V m c o o l U T

"Welcome Back Assembly'^

2nd from last: Freshmen girls dress-

Top Left: Freshmen girls

up for P.J. day.

enjoying their rirst high school

W r ^

Far Bottom: Brandon "posing" for the
c a m e r a .

Middle Left: Juniors Nick, Zoie,
and Amanda say "cheese".
Bottom Left: Dusty and Ben
are enjoying their lunch.

Top Right: Lee B. says ""Peace"
Middle Right: Tara.Anna,

David, and Zoie are shoMnng
their spiiit on "Floatation

Device Da/\

Bottom Right: TessaAtteberry
smiles for the pamera on

If you are a freshman or a graduating senior you make tons of

"Tacky Tourist" day.

I memories every year. Good or bad, the memories will last

Below: Junior girls are excited
about the upcoming game for

' Joke about. In your high school years you can have


I forever. Memories are something you can always talk and
unforgetable times. The memories you have will bring friends
closer together. For some memories you'll laugh and for some
you'll cry. The memories make us who we are. Here at Buf-



. falo High each memory has its own special meaning. Whether
it's chess club, FCA, Mixed Chorus, basketball, or the many
Saturdays you spent with other band members, once you

graduate you'll look back and be thankful for those memories
you've made. So while you have the chance to make memo
ries, MAKE THEM. Each year ends a chapter in your life and

begins another. The memories you made in the last chapter
may help you through the next. For the underclassmen, make
all the memories you can because before you know it your
time is up. Seniors we hope you made


During fourth hour, in 2002, sour milk was

When we were awarded football COC and district

poured in the hallway.

champ titles.

d" in the football team photo in 2001

A live band performed at the homecoming dance in the fall of 2003

The seniors burned their tires on the pavement in front of the school,
The wrecked car demonstrated the result of a crash
caused by a drunk driver.

ing the 2002-2003 school year it was so cold in , ^ tt

school that students almost froze. foo'ba" Homecoming game of 2003.

The administrators rode into the field house on

The first Powder Puff football game was played since

\ Hurley's.

the 80's.

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Memories 5

TqII Mq Your MemonQS

'^B^member 'When....
Ryan Pinkley

Ta r a H i c k s

Tara has numerous mizmoriizs whiliz

b^ing in high school, but one memory stands
out thg n70st is thiz irjOTory o/ how high

J Ryan's most memorab/e moment was

school startizd her frjzshmizn year. §he would

U never forget helping to build the bison car and

hanging out with friends and partying. He'll also

going to the athletic games. Just hanging out in

sit With all the seniors at the end o/ the senior

hall at what they called the "senior bench."

|y| town Ryan has created many great memories

One day the bench broke, but everyone still

for himself and other people.

found a spot to hang out. §he'II never forget
how the seniors took her in and gave her the
greatest memories she'll ever have.

Testing out the bison car, Ryan P/nk/ey,
David Kay, Travis Dill, and Nick

Smiling for the camera,
Tara tries to be a little

HerK/erson, need to watch where they're

bit more seriousn


Miranda Polston

Miranda's most memorable moment

Stephanie Richardson

Stephanie's most memorable moment

is her entire senior year. §he said1 just earrt

was at the football homecoming dance when

wait until graduation." §he has bonded witli a lot

she got autographs from the band "Happy End


of people, made a lot of friends, and shared a lot

ings." She was so excited. While getting the

of memories, but she'll never forget her gradua

autographs she said she even got lucky enough

tion day.

to get their numbers


While practicing for the band's
Hanging out in Mr. Rothdiener's room,

Christmas concert, Miranda

Stephanie gets side tracked by looking

stops for a quick snap shot.

at pictures!

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P r o fi l e

6 P r o fi l e



layout by Anna Craig

Class Clown
David Kay and Lindsay Melton
David was chosen for his outgoing
attitude and the way he makes people

Lindsay was chosen for making
everyone around her laugh, even
when they are down.

ost Likely
To Succeed

Aaron Haley and Erin Lueker

' l things are possible through
mu'.v' strengthens me."

-Aaron Haley

Vote for me! President Lueker
in 2028!"
-Erin Leuker

Mr fr Ms
Dusty Booth and Linzi
L i t c h fi e l d

Dusty and Linzi were chosen for

Mr. and Ms. Bison because they
are well-rounded students.


26 Senior Mugs


SoJllcM MllLls ^

Among Emmy winners were Everybody Loves
Raymond for Outstanding Comedy Series, The
West Wins Outstanding Drama Series, and
The Amazing Race for Outstanding Reality/
Competition Program.

The fifth Harry Potter book was a p
some children to read. The content

870-page Horry Potter and the Ordei
P/ioenixwas not a problem; howeve
younger readers enjoyed the book s
they got headaches and strained nei