New Moon: Edward's POV Ch. 6

New Moon: Edward’s POV I hold no rights to anything.

Based on “New Moon” by Stephenie Meyer Chapter 6: Where do I start? How do I even begin? Victoria could be anywhere….she probably doesn’t have any intentions of going back to Forks. I wish I would’ve paid more attention to her mind that day in the clearing. That would definitely help in trying to track her. She may not even want to avenge James’s death. His tie to her wasn’t that strong. Maybe her tie to him was equally as weak…..But if there’s even a slight possibility that she would return to Forks……just the fact that she even knows Bella, and could easily find her was all the motivation I needed. I need to concentrate. I was still in the Denali Wilderness, contemplating my next move to try to find Victoria. I need to try to channel all of my pain and suffering and rage into determination to finding her. And making sure that she would never even have the chance to even get close to Bella, whether she intended to or not. She would definitely pay for even thinking of trying to hurt my Bella and for helping James hurt her. I took a couple of slow deep breaths while on the forest floor sitting Indian style. I tried to think about that day in the clearing. Once I recalled the memory, of us all in our protective stances in front of Bella, preparing to fight, I recalled the thoughts that were going through James’ mind: ‘Mmmmm, her blood is so sweet. Why do they protect this fragile little human? Why are they ready to fight for a defenseless little girl?.....Interesting……’ I let his thoughts trail off as I tried to concentrate on the thoughts around me that were not my family’s at the time: ‘This is a strange clan. How strange that they would fight their own kind for this human? Why does James have to act like a total savage all the time? He is really starting to annoy me….Their lifestyle is intriguing though……………..’ Laurent thought. He was embarrassed my James and curious about us. I saw no danger to Bella. Now I need to try to remember if I heard anything from Victoria that will give me some clue. Hmmmm…I concentrated and focused on all the voices that were going through my head at that moment in the clearing.......and then, I heard it. “I’ll take the blonde first. She won’t have a chance to hurt a hair on James’s head. I could care less about Laurent. We’re going to drop him soon anyway and head back to Texas……..Mmmm, her blood does smell absolutely delicious. She’s mouthwatering…’ as I recalled and distinguished her thoughts, a growl escaped from my lips as I heard how she imagined tasting

Bella. This only fueled my motivation even more. I opened my eyes and stood. Even more determined now than ever. Where to start? Texas? She did say in her mind that her and James we going to head back there. Only one way to find out. I took off running through the woods until I came upon the road that would lead me to Denali airport. I needed to get there as soon as possible. Victoria was a nomad. If she is in Texas, she won’t be for long. I slowed my pace as I spotted the entrance to the airport and I strolled in. I walked up to the clerk while she was still typing away on her computer not paying any attention to me. I waited with baited breath for her to acknowledge me. When she didn’t I cleared my throat to get her attention. “What now? Can’t they see I’m working?” she thought. She stopped typing to look at me with annoyance. “May I help…..” her voice trailed off as she met my eyes. “Oh my God. He is absolutely gorgeous. Okay, Tiffany work your magic” she thought as she continued to stare at me. I inwardly cringed. It was awhile before she finally spoke. “Ahem, I’m sorry for staring like that. Forgive me. What can I do for you?” she said while batting her eyelashes. “Um..yes. Can you tell me when the next flight is scheduled to leave for Texas?” I asked her. Wanting to hurry this up. “Yes, just give me one moment while I look that up.” She started tapping away on her keyboard while sneaking glances at me. “Will you be going for business or pleasure, Mr…..” she trailed off. “Mr. Cullen and it’s for business” I told her, my voice void of any emotion, although it would bring me a lot pleasure. “Hmm..I see” she mused. I really didn’t have time for this. “Okay we have one leaving out in about 15 minutes if you can catch…” I cut her off before she could finish her thought. “I’ll take it” As soon as she handed me my ticket, I sprinted off before she could say anything else. It was really hard for me to keep at a normal speed when I knew that I could most likely miss the plane going at this speed because the terminal was at the other end of the airport. When I made it, I went through the tedious process of checking in and boarding the plane. It went quicker than usual since I didn’t have any baggage with me. As soon as the plane descended, I felt a surge of something I couldn’t quite put a name to course

through me. It was far from relief. On a different continent from happiness. I don’t know, but whatever it was had to do with the fact that I was actively doing something for Bella. Ensuring her safety from my kind. Even though I couldn’t be there with her. I lay my head back on the seat, closed my eyes, and let the mindless chatter of the people around me invade my thoughts. I need to stay focused on making sure no harm comes to Bella ever again. I start to think about where I’m going to look first. Texas is a big state. She could be anywhere. But as I know all too well from Jasper, the vampires there feel less restricted. They only come out at night. And at night is when I will hunt. Destroying anything in my path to get to Victoria. I heard the low growl that escaped from my throat at the thought of her and looked around to see if anybody else heard it. I looked at the man seated next to me. Although he seemed very interested in his window at the time, I heard his thoughts. “What the hell was that? Did he just make that noise? They always sit me next to the freaks? I’m flying first class next time…..” I let his thoughts trail off. He didn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary. I let my head fall back on my headrest and let everyone’s thoughts invade my mind once more. For once, I will let everyone’s thoughts serve to keep me from thinking too much about…..things. I need to stay focused. I can’t afford to be distracted. Before I knew it, we were landing at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas. As I was getting off the plane and heading to the doors of the airport, I started to think about where I’m going to start first. Walking out the doors I decide head east. As I am walking and getting further and further away from the airport I come up to a sign that says the Sam Houston National Forest in 50 miles. Thinking this is as good as place as any to start and not be seen I take off towards the forest. Entering the forest, I find myself in a clearing about 25 miles from the road. I stop and close my eyes to let my senses take over me. I listen for any thoughts of anyone nearby. I don’t hear anything which means that people don’t live near here. I open my eyes and start to walk around to see if I can pick up any scents, human or vampire. I can tell right away that humans don’t visit this forest frequently, if at all. Which tells me two things: one, there is more than enough wildlife here to feed on because that would be the only reason humans would stay away. Also because I don’t know how long I’ll be here and I will need to feed eventually, and two, I smell the strong scent of other vampires which means that this place will be crawling with them come nightfall. I continue to sniff around. Focusing on one scent and one scent alone. A scent that I will never forget. Victoria. I’m pretty sure that if this a hangout for vampires of some sort than she will undoubtedly end up here if she came to Texas.

Walking around and smelling the wildlife inhabitants, my mouth starts to water. I can’t even remember that last time I went hunting. That’s just how long it’s been. Logically I know that I will need all my strength if I do stumble upon Victoria. The last thing I need is to finally find her and then let any nearby wildlife distract me because I haven’t hunted. Deciding that I need to hunt because I probably won’t get anywhere in the daytime, I take off to find my prey. I come across a herd of mountain lions and overindulge myself just in case I don’t get to feed anytime soon. I’m gonna need my strength for when I catch up with Victoria. As I am finishing up, I hear bushes cracking in the distance. I whipped my head around just in time to see a flash of red hair. I immediately take off in that direction at the same time an involuntary growl escapes from my chest surprising even me. I have one thought and one thought alone in my head as I’m running, Victoria, pray I don’t find you……………

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