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Muhammad Amirul Shafiq Bin Ahamad Zani, Zainab Binti Abd Rahman
Jabatan Bahasa-Bahasa, IPG Kampus Dato’ Razali Ismail,

This research is conducted to improve the spelling of the Year 3 pupils on
occupations using the game called “Misspell and Slide” game. This action
research involved 4 pupils of Year 3 Hijau from Sekolah Kebangsaan Rengas
Bekah, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu. The Research participants were
selected based on observation and document analysis such as exercise books
and worksheets. Here, pupils tend to make mistakes in spelling when writing
the exercise. The instruments used in this study were the observation checklist,
interview and document analysis. Qualitative data was analysed descriptively
according to research participants. Based on the findings, it shows that the
intervention used had successfully helped the research participant’s problem in
their spelling on occupations whereby they showed improvement in their
spelling based on the result after the intervention. The strength of using Misspell
and Slide game is, it is able to create fun and interesting learning environment.
This intervention needs to be improved so that it can be applied to teach other
Keyword: Spelling, Writing, Occupation words, Misspell and Slide Game

The effective teaching and learning session can be conducted if the teacher can plan the
activity that can attract pupils’ attention in the classroom. Based on the third phase practicum
experience at Sekolah Kebangsaan Rengas Bekah, I found that almost all the pupils
regardless of their year had problem in writing especially in spelling. During this phase, I
was assigned to teach Year 3 Hijau. This class was the second of the three classes in this
school. The proficiency of the pupils in this class was from low to intermediate level.
Based on my observation and comments from my lecturer during the practicum, I had found
some problems regarding the English learning. The major problem that I found was their
spelling when writing especially the occupation words. This was because I taught this topic
during the practicum. The pupils had trouble getting the letters right. When I asked the pupils
to spell the words, the pupils would say I do not know or just made a gesture to show that
they did not know. If they were persuaded to spell the words, they would just spell it based
on the sound of the words. For example, the word ‘teacher’ is spelled as ‘ticer’.
As written in Document Standard for Year 3, spelling is included in the writing skill which
is under 3.2.4; ‘able to spell common sight words’. So, pupils should be able to spell the
words that they have learnt. But, what happened here was that the pupils still had problem to
spell correctly.
I also found that the pupils had short attention span during the teaching and learning sessions.
But their attention span will increase if I carry out fun activity such as game in the lesson.

spelling is a person’s ability to spell word. It also the process or activity of writing or naming the letters of a word in the correct sequence. The intervention is adapted from a board game called snake and ladder and is called misspell and slide game. Therefore. Playing games is their nature. 2002:202) shows that in a well-organized atmosphere. a goal and an element of fun. Studies had proven that a game is an effective way to help students with language problems. 2007) As we know. Thus. .Thus. age between 7 and 10 can pay attention for about 20 minutes. according to Johnston (2000). They find it difficult in terms of learning goal or objective but they can respond immediately to objectives such as drawing or colouring a picture. cloth or even stone labels. a total physical response developed by James Asher in 1960 and later it is discussed by H. According to psychology research. age between 10 and 12 last for about 25 minutes. young children find it difficult or impossible to see language as an abstract system. Based on research done by I’in (2012). asserts that writing is such an important tool because it helps students to understand ideas and concepts better. I had invented an intervention based on game. According to a survey (Zhao Chengfu. Thus. English spelling has traditionally been difficult for those who teach it as well as those who must learn it. Nesamalar (2005) believe that games can remove boredom without sacrificing repetition that is necessary for successful learning if language element. 2007). She also claimed that games are able to arouse students’ motivation and improve students’ vocabulary achievement. children’s attention last for different time: around age 5 to 7. and the time of attention of those older than 12 may reach to 30 minutes. independent of communication or enjoyable such as song and rhymes. children are active when playing game. I had done an action research to improve the spelling of occupations by using ‘Misspell and Slide’ game. activity that can attract their attention is needed so that they can remain focus on the class and game is one of the interesting activity. American psychologist and educational reformer John Dewey holds the notion that teaching material must be highly coherent with psychology. If the teaching material accords with children’s psychology. Psychologist also claimed that human’s memory can be increased if it stimulated through an association with physical activity (Brown. LITERATURE REVIEW According to Nesamalar (2005). When playing games. they would be attracted by the interesting activities and accordingly learn and master the teaching material on their own initiative (Cathy. they can pay attention for 10 to 15 minutes. (Voon Foo. This is also supported with Wright (2006) that Games provides intense and meaningful practice of language. 2008). the children get the pleasure and satisfaction so that they are willing to learn English. According to Oxford Dictionary (2014). the important thing that needs to be considered when discussing about writing is spelling. Hadfield (1998) defines that a game is an activity with rules. writing is a system for interpersonal communication using a visible signs or symbol on a flat surface such as paper. Furthermore. Doughlas Brown. They also cannot focus on one thing for a long time. RESEARCH PURPOSE The main purpose of this research is to improve the spelling of occupations of Year 3 Hijau pupils by using the intervention called Misspell and Slide Game. However. to overcome this problem. she stated that the use of songs and game in teaching vocabulary could improve the students’ vocabulary achievement and could involve the students in the process of teaching and learning.

For the worksheet. I used the worksheet. It is a board game adapted from snake and ladder game whereby the player needs to move their counter based on the number they get from the dice and needs to answer a question when landed at the question mark circle. The interview session was done with each research participant right after the intervention session ended. The data is collected during the intervention session. In this worksheet. the other researchers helped in observing the research participants and filling in the checklist given to them. There were two boys and two girls. The same type of data is collected during the second intervention session with the same focus whereby the intervention had gone through some amendments in order to improve the results. there were 10 question where the research participants had to write the spelling of the occupations based on the picture. picture cards and four counters. The data was collected right after the intervention session ended whereby I gave the research participants a worksheet in order to assess the research participants’ performance after the intervention was done. This type of data was also collected for both session but the difference was the interview session during the second intervention is done with the purpose of looking on their improvement and positive progress compared to what was done during the first intervention. The instrument used to collect this data was observation checklist. a dice. their writing skills. I could see clearly the improvement made by all the research participants after the sessions and to see whether the intervention helped them in spelling. The second type of data collected is interview. INTERVENTION SPECIFICATION The intervention is called “Misspell and Slide” game. Qualitative data were analysed descriptively according to research participant.RESEARCH OBJECTIVE To find out whether Misspell and Slide Game can help to improve pupils spelling of occupation among Year 3 Hijau in Sekolah Kebangsaan Rengas Bekah. RESEARCH QUESTION How does “Misspell and slide” game improve year 3 Hijau pupils’ spelling of people’s occupation? RESEARCH METHODOLOGY This research involved four pupils from 3 Hijau. In this intervention. The worksheets were marked and the right answers were counted to see the improvement made by the research participants. interview and document analysis. In the intervention session. The checklist was designed to observe four aspects which are participants’ confidence when answering the questions. their errors in spelling and their behaviours and reactions during the game. The third type of data that I had collected was called document analysis. For this of data. The role of the game master was to show the picture card to the player and make sure the player wrote the spelling into the . The instrument for data collection were observation checklist. It consists of a board. The first type of data collected is through observation. The interview was done in Bahasa Malaysia so that the participants could clearly express their thoughts or feeling about the intervention sessions. The research participants were selected based on my observation and the document analysis. the game was conducted by a game master which was the researcher itself.

It has 42 squares altogether. This picture cards are used to show the occupation needed to be spelled by the player. When the player answers the question wrongly. If the player moves the counter to the square with the circle. if the question answer was right. For the ladder. It varies from each turn which is from 1 to 6. Picture The board Card The counter is used as an indicator for the player at the board. Dice and Counter . The board During the intervention session. The dice is the thing that is used for the player to get the number they can move. the player needs to answer the question. The board is the most crucial thing for this intervention.answer sheet and check the answer. on one side is the picture and on the other side is the name of the occupation. It was made from a mounting board. The size of the picture card is 7. the player needs to slide down the counter. 10 picture cards had been used. The counter is a button like a cartoon character. Then it was pasted with square colour paper to make the big square. The board also has slide and ladder picture in certain squares. In certain squares there are small circles with question marks. The picture cards contains two side. In each square there are numbers from 1 until 42. Both of the items were bought at the book store. The card are made from plain white paper pasted on manila card to ensure its durability.5cm height and 22cm width. the folded side will be opened so that the player can check their spelling. the game master would allow the player counter to move up the ladder and if the answer was wrong the game master would ask the player to slide down the counter. The name of the occupation is folded so that the player only sees the picture and after the player has finished writing the word. the player can climb the ladder. If the answer was correct.

He also liked the new activity which is the word formation. Mat said that he loved the new activity introduced. The research participants need to rearrange the letters to form a word. This research was conducted in three intervention session. He could play rearranging the letters which increase his focus on the game. Based on the interview conducted after each intervention session. Word Formation The intervention was done in three sessions. So. the materials used was envelope containing printed scrambled letter. For the word formation. The objective of this session was to increase the spelling of occupations of all the research participants. I had made amendment to the game and conducted the second session. During the third session. The third session was implemented so that the result of the second session could be improved. For the second session. he hesitated to spell the occupation word when he landed at the question square. Before the research Mat was reluctant to participate actively in English lesson. He was lazy to write any word during the lesson and he also loved to disturb his friends during the lesson. he said that he did not remember the spelling of the occupations. based on the feedback of the interview. On this finding I will focus on a research participant called ‘Mat’. This word formation activity was the amendment made to improve the result of the game. Then in the third session. But. In this session of the second intervention. He was also not focused on the game as he disturbed his friends and looked around the place. When I checked his worksheets he made many spelling mistakes and he was not motivated to learn as for him English was a tough subject. For the second session. From the observation during the first session. As Mat said after the first session. he knew how to spell the words. The intervention was done by using a board game called “Misspell and Slide” game. he had shown improvement where he looked confident to spell the word. Mat looked excited to play the game. But. This was proved when he took less time to arrange the letter and he could focus on the game. he took longer time than the other research participants to arrange the letters. Although he liked the new activity. RESEARCH FINDING The research question was aimed to investigate how the use of game improve the spelling of ten occupations. I found that this game had helped Mat to improve his spelling. he said that. It means that the research participants had to rearrange the letters and then write the answers in the worksheet provided. the objective was not achieved and after getting the feedback from the research participants. he looked eager to play the game. I had made amendment and the amendment was conducted in the second and third session. in the first session all the research participants participated in the game and they were required to answer all the questions prepared in order to finish the game.There was amendment made which was an activity called word formation. He also said that my pronunciation was not clear for him to spell the words. . the amendment made was by adding an activity called word formation.

All the research participants in this research had successfully made improvement in their spelling of occupations words. During the first session. This happened as the pupils were attracted to the game which was interesting. Two of the research participants managed to spell all the 10 words correctly. he made 9 mistakes in the worksheet provided after the intervention session. . Conclusion The finding revealed that the pupils who had learnt through game can improve the spelling of the words. he had made improvement in the second session whereby he made 4 mistakes and made another improvement in the third session where he only made 2 mistakes. we can see that Mat had made improvement in his spelling. The spelling had improved for all the research participants after playing the ‘Misspell and Slide’ game. Then. one managed to spell 9 words correctly and one manage to spell 8 words correctly.Number of mistakes in the worksheet 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Mat Session 1 Session 2 Series 3 From the chart above. The result of the exercise is shown on the graph below. This result had shown that the game had helped improve his spelling of the occupations. it was clear that game had helped the research participants to solve their spelling problem in writing. They had all shown improvement in the worksheet given after the sessions. In this research.

This is because. From the research. As children love to play. I could identify problems that occur among the pupils. I needed to ensure that the problem faced by the pupils could be solved with the best solution. Other than that. I could also identify the problems related to pupils’ behaviours. The board is big and it has a lot of things such as dice. In order to solve this problem. This research has motivated me to do more research on the future. In addition. During the intervention session. during the process of action research. I think of the best ways that I could do in order to help the pupils solving their problem. I played an important role especially when interact with the pupils. Thus. picture cards and counter that come with it. By doing this. I found that this intervention also had weakness in it. Thus. . this action research found to be very helpful in enhancing the professionalism of the researcher as a teacher-to-be. Apart from the problem on the topic or syllabus. The strength of my research is the intervention attracts the pupils with fun and interesting learning environment. when the pupils feel motivated. It is because I used game with the element of fun learning. Besides the strength. my communication skills have improved as I needed to communicate with teachers and pupils in order to conduct this research. I feel satisfied with this research as it has successfully improved my pupils’ ability to spell the words on occupations. game is the most suitable approach to get them to learn. the motivation and confidence level of the research participant had increased from the first session to the second session.Marks for Spelling Exercises 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Amira Ain Session 1 Alif Session 2 Mat Series 3 The game also increase the motivation and confidence of the pupils. Khan (1991) asserts that the usefulness of the game is because of its motivating importance. it can increase the board mobility. Therefore. I think that I can use a bag to put all the materials for the board or make the board with material that can be folded. their confidence level will also increase. This intervention has also helped to solve the spelling problem in a fun way. The weakness is the board is hard to carry. This action research is a research that can increase the professionalism as a teacher to be. In conclusion. I’in. Bhd. Elementary Vocabulary Games. H.oxforddictionaries. Oxford Dictionary. English Education Study Program Language And Arts Education Department Teachers Training And Education Faculty Tanjungpura University 2012. "Student Psychology". (2012). Spelling. (2007). Spelling exceptions: Problems or possibilities? The Reading Teacher.& Teh. (2005). Nesamalar. Shtml Teaching: Hadfield.htm Instruction on the Expository Essay of ESL Students in a Malaysian Secondary School.. Teaching by Principles: An Interactive Approach to LanguagePedagogy.REFERENCES Brown.). Shah Alam: Oxford Fajar Sdn.essex. ( 2002 ).C. S. Universiti Sains Malaysia. S. F. ELT Methodology : Principles and Practice (2nd Ed. Malaysia. Pearson Education Limited. Chitravelu. Retrieved from Oxford Dictionary Online: http://www. S. (pp.cersp. Penang. Harlow Voon Foo. Jill (1998). New York: Pearson Educatio. (2000). Inc. (2014). Retrieved from Using Games in English http://eblog. Shandong People's Publishing House . (2007) The Effect of the process-Genre Approach to Writing Zhao Chengfu. 372-378. 54(4). T. Improving Student's Vocabulary Using Song and Game. Saratha . E. (2008). C. 110 – 120) Johnston.